messenger bots a recent addition by facebook n.
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Messenger Bots – A Recent Addition by Facebook PowerPoint Presentation
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Messenger Bots – A Recent Addition by Facebook

Messenger Bots – A Recent Addition by Facebook

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Messenger Bots – A Recent Addition by Facebook

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  1. Messenger Bots – A Recent Addition by Facebook Social networking sites have gained outstanding popularity in recent times. Be it a school kid or a retired member of the society, all can be found almost equally engrossed in using the social sites that keep them connected with people all around the world irrespective of any barriers, especially, geographic .one such social networking site is Facebook. As more than half the world’s population is busy using this site, therefore it has become necessary for its owners to keep upgrading this application. Advancing the features of Facebook is of utmost necessity to keep people attracted towards it. Out of all the up gradations it has been undergoing through, messenger bot is one of the prominent features. View more information visit: Bot is an automatized program built for doing a specific task, usually over a network connection. It performs a task more speedily compared to a man. Maximum use of it is made in web crawling. Bots are where human imitation is required. Most common example where these are found and used are the chat bots where it helps to easily automate a repeated online interaction. These are quite easy and simple to create and implement having the capacity to be utilized as the most powerful tool with the ability to influence each and every stratum of the World Wide Web. Facebook messenger provides both text and voice communication on the site itself or through the mobile phone and at present its vital feature is that it supports chat bots. After going through several changes, Facebook has finally launched a messenger

  2. platform service in the month of April, 2016 that facilitates the developers to create bot accounts that can interact with the Facebook users. These bots are inclusive of weather services, CNN news, 1-800-flowers and interactive fiction adventure zork. A month later, that is, in May2016, it announced an encrypted version of its messenger bot. With all these advancements there is not an iota of doubt that Facebook messenger is doing its best to provide efficient service to make conversations convenient for people. It is providing people with all the new styles to connect more quickly.