what are the ways to ensure security for your n.
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What Are The Ways To Ensure Security For Your E-Commerce Business? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Are The Ways To Ensure Security For Your E-Commerce Business?

What Are The Ways To Ensure Security For Your E-Commerce Business?

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What Are The Ways To Ensure Security For Your E-Commerce Business?

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  1. What Are The Ways To Ensure Security For Your E-Commerce Business? Security is the first and foremost thing for any organization, it is not fair to say that this specific industry needs security protocol and that one doesn't require. So, remember that security is very important aspect for every industry and e-commerce is one of those industries which require advanced security features. Security protocols of e-commerce portal involve various guidelines. So, first, you need to understand some of the most distinguished and common threats that hamper merchants from doing business effectively. Online security There are lots of security threats that hamper the e-commerce business, the main reason behind these security threats is to exploit the victim in terms of money. It includes credit card frauds, malware, phishing attacks, hacking, spams, and many more. System reliability There three major types of issues are arises within the system reliability such as  The Internet Service Provider (ISP) server could crash  The online payments should show errors  The e-commerce plugins could have bugs Privacy issues

  2. We cannot even quantify how many product catalogs, user IDs, personal information, and financial information such as credit card details an e-commerce portal stores. That's why it is so attractive and appealing to hackers, they can use the customer's data for spamming, identifying theft, and unsolicited marketing. Payment frauds Sometime hackers could get access to details of your credit cards by introducing themselves as a financial institution, in these situations it is tough to avoid the payment frauds. Intellectual property issues If someone copy the product descriptions, images, logos, even music, and videos and use it for their own purposes, then these type of issues come under the intellectual property issues. Now you learned about the major threats so, here we are going to discuss the prevention methods for your business. Get SSL Certified SSL certification is important for any site, it is used to protect the data transfer, credit card transactions, and login information. Basically, SSL certificates are records of data which digitally bind a cryptography key to an organization's details. When deployed on the server it activates the HTTPS protocol and activates secure connection from a web server to the browser. When SSL certification is used, the information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server, this approach protects from potential threats and notorious elements. Become the PCI compliant PCI compliance stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the PCI DSS is a security standard for the organization that handles branded credit cards from the major card schemes and it can be applied on any size of businesses that accepts card payment. Remember that getting the PCI compliant can be the demoralizing task, especially for the startups or the small business owners. To get it done successfully, make the checklist which must include the following:  Use firewalls for payment card data and public networks, and keep the firewall

  3. updated.  If your business need to store the card's data, then make sure you use strong encryption. There are several platforms available that you can use to shift the storage of cardholder data.  Use encryption to secure all the transactions over any public network.  You have to ensure that your card processing systems must have a vendor supplied security patch installed.  Limit access the cardholder data to as few people as possible.  Regularly test your security systems and network environment.  Establish an effective and efficient security policy and make sure that all personnel is aware of it. Check customers are human or bot The bots are the most significant contributors to e-commerce frauds and it happens because everyone wants traffic for their portal as much as possible. As an owner, you have to ensure that all the traffic is legitimate and comes from a verified buyer. For protecting your business against the threats of the bot, you can employ a series of effective steps such as:  Analyzing and detecting legitimate traffic should be the first priority. Bot detection tools can differentiate between human traffic from non-human traffic. Non-human traffic patterns could be detected by employing logical puzzles and security questions on pages that involve cash flow.  When you successfully implement step 1, then bot traffic has been identified and the next step includes classifying the type of traffic. If the bot traffic is from a known source such as search engine bots should be allowed to pass through but the others shouldn't be allowed to pass through.  The third and the final step involves controlling the malicious traffic which would depend on the intent of the bot. These are the ways you can secure your e-commerce portal and its benefits are not only limited for you, even your users and clients also get the major benefits. The secure environment provides an amazing experience to your users and vendors. If you think that these type of security features only possible in theories, then you have to check Waki. It is the e-commerce portal which provides a safe and secure interface for both customers and vendors. So, if you want to explore the amazing world of online shopping where you can get a wide range of products and amazing features and functionality, then must go and check WAKI.