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Best of AppMaven. PC/iPad Tools and Apps that Deliver on a Shoestring Budget. Overview. Review and demo free and paid applications PC and iPad Useful for business development, capture, and proposal development stages (and daily life!) Discuss:. Type Vendor Cost. Purposes

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Best of AppMaven

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  1. Best of AppMaven PC/iPad Tools and Apps that Deliver on a Shoestring Budget

  2. Overview • Review and demo free and paid applications • PC and iPad • Useful for business development, capture, and proposal development stages (and daily life!) • Discuss: • Type • Vendor • Cost • Purposes • Similar tools • Website

  3. PC applications • Prezi (cloud-based presentation software works across web, PCs, Macs, mobile devices (with apps)) • Evernote (idea, projects, & notes management across web, PCs, Macs, mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows) ) • Microsoft OneNote 2010 (planner & note taking software, capture text, images, & video & audio notes across PC, web, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Symbian) • Dropbox (cloud storage for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry) = will show iPad version too 3

  4. PC applications (cont.) • Citelighter (cloud-based in-browser research tool to find content, automatically cite sources, & provide organizational framework for writing documents) • Priority Matrix (task management & prioritization paradigm based on 4-quadrants method (cloud sync between iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Windows)) • Acronyms Master Pro (acronyms & abbreviations list generator) • SnagIt 11.0 (screen, text, video capture, markup, and management utility) 4

  5. PC applications (cont.) • NXPowerLite (on-the-fly file compression) • X1 Professional Client (enterprise-class desktop search application ) • everystockphoto (search engine for freely licensed photos) • Wikimedia Commons (database of 12,597,248freely usable media files) 5

  6. PC applications (cont.) • Creative Commons (CC) Search (search tool for accessing multiple content search services) • Trello (project collaboration tool) • WinZip ZipSend (large file transmission) 6

  7. Prezi • Type: cloud-based presentation software works across web, PCs, Macs, mobile devices (with apps) • Vendor: Prezi • Cost: free web-based core features & service with 100MB storage, $59 - $159/year for private and desktop capabilities • Purposes: presentation hybrid between whiteboards and slides • Similar tools: MS PowerPoint • Website: http://prezi.com

  8. Prezi http://prezi.com/x1oi8ioeerty/unboxing/

  9. Evernote • Type: idea, projects, & notes management across web, PCs, Macs, mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows) Phone 7, WebOS) • Vendor: Evernote • Cost: free (basic), $5/month or $45/year (premium) • Purposes: • Create text, photo and audio notes • Clip web pages including text, links, and images • Synchronize your notes across your devices • Search for text within snapshots and images • Similar tools: MS OneNote • Website: http://www.evernote.com

  10. Evernote

  11. Microsoft OneNote 2010 • Type: planner & note taking software, capture text, images, & video & audio notes across PC, web, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Symbian • Vendor: Microsoft • Cost: included in most MS Office versions • Purposes: • Work seamlessly across applications • Discover new ways to organize your information • Quickly file information into the right places • Stay on top of changes to group projects • Gain instant access to your information • Access your notebooks from virtually anywhere • Similar tools: Evernote • Website: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/onenote/meet-onenote-HA101807936.aspx

  12. Microsoft OneNote

  13. Dropbox • Type: cloud storage for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry • Vendor: Dropbox • Cost: free (2GB), Pro 50 (50GB) $99.99/year, etc. • Purposes: any file saved to Dropbox will automatically save and sync to all your computers, mobile devices, & Dropbox website • Constant access to files • Add files to "Favorites" for fast, offline viewing • Easily save photos and videos to your Dropbox. • Share docs & photos with teammates • Save email attachments straight to Dropbox • Similar tools: iCloud • Website: https://www.dropbox.com

  14. Dropbox

  15. Citelighter http://vimeo.com/37037157 • Type: cloud-based in-browser research tool to find content, automatically cite sources, provide organizational framework for writing documents • Vendor: Citelighter • Cost: free • Purposes: organize research, add notes, create bibliography, format citations (MLA, Chicago, APA), export (to MS Word, Google Docs, or email), view projects • Website: http://www.citelighter.com

  16. Citelighter

  17. Priority Matrix • Type: task management/prioritization paradigm based on 4-quadrants method (cloud sync between iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Windows) • Vendor: Appfluence • Cost: $20 single license/$50 family license • Purposes: • Plan, track, and organize multiple projects • Organize tasks into 4 customizable quadrants • Track project progress • Use recurring tasks • Cloud sync among platforms and devices • Email project summary & reporting • Similar tools: spreadsheet • Website: http://appfluence.com

  18. Priority Matrix

  19. Acronyms Master • Type: acronyms & abbreviations list generator • Distributor: Plimus • Cost: Lite $49, Pro $85, free trial • Purposes: • Analyze documents • Findacronyms and their abbreviations (meanings) • Generatelist of acronyms and abbreviations • Built-in database of 50,000 acronyms/abbreviations (Pro) • Find & highlight first instance of acronym • Black list/white list/project list support and sharing • “Search the Web” option in results table • Similar tools: Acrowizard • Website: http://acronyms-master.com

  20. Acronyms Master

  21. Snagit 11 • Type: screen, text, video capture, markup, and management utility • Vendor: TechSmith • Cost: $49.95/person, 30-day free trial version (Windows, Mac) (English, German, French versions) • Purposes: • Screen capture utility useful for solutioning, storyboarding, writing, graphics • Take a photo of your computer screen, including long webpages. • Create quick demo videos to share with anyone.  • Enhance images with stamps, text, and effects. • Organize your screen captures with easy auto-storing and tagging features. • Share your images and videos to presentations, social media sites, and more. • Similar tools: MWSnap, Windows Snipping Tool (via PC Start menu), CNTL + PrtScn • Website: http://www.techsmith.com/snagit.html 21

  22. Snagit 22

  23. NXPowerLite • Type: on-the-fly file compression • Vendor: Neuxpower • Cost: $49.95, free 30-day trial • Purposes: • Compress MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel, JPEG, and PDF files by up to 95% • Compress files from within MS Office, or integrate with email client to compress email attachments automatically as they are sent • Files remain in original format (they look and function identically to originals, but are much smaller) • Website: http://www.neuxpower.com/products/nxpowerlite-desktop/ 23

  24. NXPowerLite 24

  25. X1 Professional Client • Type: enterprise-class desktop search application • Vendor: X1 Technologies, Inc. • Cost: $49.99, free 14-day trial • Purposes: • Indexes and searches +500 file types (all major e-mail clients, local and networked drives, folders, and files) • Finds e-mail messages and attachments, system files and documents, appointments and calendar entries, contacts, pictures, music, and Web sites • Suitable for small and large companies, corporate networks, and individuals • Similar tools: dtSearch, Windows Start Button Search • Website: www.x1.com/products/professional-client 25

  26. X1 26

  27. everystockphoto • Type: search engine for freely licensed photos • Vendor: Vibrant Software • Cost: free • Purposes: • Millions of freely licensed photos from many sources • All images are license-specific – most are free to use, under specific conditions • Free membership allows you to rate, tag, collect and comment on photos • Similar tools: Mike Parkinson’s Top 13 Websites for Low-Cost Business Graphicsarticle; 24 Hour Company eZine; Lohfeld Consulting Group News & Knowledge Center and Insights BlogWebsite: http://www.everystockphoto.com

  28. everystockphoto

  29. Wikimedia Commons • Type: database of 12,597,248freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute • Vendor: Wikimedia Foundation • Cost: free • Purposes: • Media file repositoryof public domain and freely-licensed educational media content (photographs, scanned images, diagrams, animations, audio (e.g. music, spoken dialogue) and video clips) in multiple languages • Copy, use, and modify files freely following terms specified by authors • Searchable and organized by topic, location, type, author, license, and source • Similar tools: ? • Website: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

  30. Wikimedia Commons

  31. Creative Commons (CC) Search • Type: search tool for accessing multiple content search services • Vendor: Creative Commons • Cost: free • Purposes: Search the following for images, media, music, videos • Similar tools: ? • Website: http://search.creativecommons.org • Europeana (media) • Flickr (images) • Fotopedia (images) • Google (web) • Google Images (images) • Jamendo (music) • Open Clip Art Library (images) • SpinXpress (media) • Wikimedia Commons (media) • YouTube (video)

  32. Creative Commons (CC) Search

  33. Trello • Type: project collaboration tool • Vendor: Fog Creek Software • Cost: free • Purposes: • Organizes your projects into boards • Provides at-a-glance project status • Works on just about any device…smartphones, tablets, laptops – point browser to trello.com • Nothing to install or update • Use for event planning, software development, to-do lists, tracking writing assignments, recruiting, consulting management, sales, customer support • Similar tools: ? • Website: https://trello.com

  34. Trello

  35. WinZip ZipSend • Type: large file transmission • Vendor: WinZip • Cost: free • Purposes: • Send large files (up to 50MB) free • Works behind the scenes with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, & Hotmail • Similar tools: ? • Website: https://zipsend.com

  36. WinZip Send

  37. Your PC favorites? • Share your favorite productivity apps • TweetChat • Tablet • SnapIt • Print Tree • ? • ? 37

  38. iPad apps We’ll review AppMaven’s favorite iPad apps in these categories: Reference Utilities App reviews, discovery Maps, travel, dining Drawing, photos, color management, fonts Social media, blogging Entertainment News Games • Productivity (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itUMO7VLl0M&feature=related) • Note taking, meeting management • File download, storage, search, compress • Browsers, search • Book readers, library books • Magazines Get AppMaven’s list of 300+ favorite iPad apps at www.LohfeldConsulting.com 38

  39. iPad apps – productivity • CloudOn (MS Office in the cloud), free • iThoughts HD (mindmapping), $7.99 • Priority Matrix (project planning/schedule management tool), $3.99 • iAnnotate PDF (PDF reader/organizer with annotation capability), $9.99 • PDF Expert – Fill forms, annotate PDFs (PDF reader/organizer with annotation capability), $9.99

  40. iPad apps – productivity (cont.) • Microsoft OneNote for iPad (note-taking), free • Evernote (note-taking, project mgmt), free • MemClip (web clipping to Evernote), $1.99 • Skitch for iPad (mark up photos, screenshots, maps, and webpages), free • Whiteboard Share (capture and share whiteboard discussions), iPhone, free • Prezi Viewer (Prezi viewer and editor), free

  41. iPad apps – productivity (cont.) • Drop It Off (Shipping resource locator), $1.99 • Slideshark: PowerPoint Presentations on the iPad (PowerPoint converter), free • X1 Mobile Search (search PC or Mac), free • Teambox HD (task management and project collaboration), free • SG Project (project schedule management), $9.99

  42. iPad apps – productivity (cont.) • Pomodoro App for iPad (time management), $5.99 • Index Card (organize thoughts, storyboards), $4.99 • Mindjet for iPad (mindmapping), free • Soundcloud (royalty free music), free • Instaviz (diagram & flowchart sketching), $9.99

  43. iPad apps – note taking & meeting mgmt • Notes (note taking), iPad built-in • Notebooks for iPad (note taking), $8.99 • Penultimate (handwritten notes), $1.99 • Simplenote (note taking that syncs to cloud), free ($19.99 premium) • MagicalPad (outlining, mindmapping, note taking), $.99 (80% off sale)

  44. iPad apps – file management • Filer (manage, view, and share files; extract files), $3.99 • Dropbox (sync and share files online and across computers), free • X1 Mobile Search (search email, attachments, & docs on desktop), free • GotoMyPC (connect to PC remotely), free app (requires GoToMyPC subscription) • WinZip (open zip or RAR files), free

  45. iPad apps – browsers/search • Google Search (image recognition searching, voice search), free • Firefox Home (syncs Firefox desktop history, bookmarks and open tabs), free • Photon Flash Player Browser for iPad (view Flash apps/web pages), $4.99 • Puffin Web Browser (view Flash apps/web pages), $2.99 45

  46. iPad apps – book readers, library books • Kindle (ereader, online bookstore), free • Nook (ereader, online bookstore), free • Bluefire Reader (read Adobe DRM ebooks and library books, online bookstore), free • OverDrive Media Console – Library eBooks and Audiobooks (borrow library books), free

  47. iPad apps – magazines • Zinio (magazine newsstand and reader), free, (charge for magazines, some available for free) • Newsstand (magazine newsstand and reader), iPad built in • Magazine apps (SpinKnit, Colorways), generally free apps with paid subscriptions or individual issues

  48. iPad apps – reference • EasyBib, for iPad (create MLA, APA, Chicago style citations), free • Encyclopaedia Britannica (complete Encyclopaedia Britannica), free app ($1.99/month subscription) • Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus, $24.99 • WolframAlpha (expert knowledge and computation), $2.99 • Computer Desktop Encyclopedia (CDE) (Computer concepts and terminology), iPad/iPhone/PC, $4.99 • Wiki Offline – A Wikipedia Experience (offline full text of all Wikipedia articles), $9.99

  49. iPad apps – utilities • Digits Calculator for iPad + iPhone (correctable calculator), $1.99 • Converter for iPad (unit and currency converter), $.99 • ParkBuddy (parking spot locator), $.99 • Nightstand Central for iPad (clock, alarm, lullaby, white noise, weather, wallpaper), $2.99 • 1TapAlarm (timer, reminder), $1.99 • Cox Mobile Connect (manage phones, VM, TV, DVR, etc.), free

  50. iPad apps – app reviews, discovery • AppAdvice (advice and reviews of apps and info about iDevices), $1.99 • Appolicious (advice and reviews of applications and info about iDevices), free • Discovr apps (discover new apps), $1.99

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