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How to Increase First Call Completes PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Increase First Call Completes

How to Increase First Call Completes

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How to Increase First Call Completes

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  1. How to Increase First Call Completes Feb 26, 2014

  2. How do you make money on a service call? Pricing Repairing the equipment and/or customer in a “PROFITABLE AMOUNT OF TIME” By increasing your company’s first call completes, you free up time.

  3. Time is our only commodity! How much time or MONEY can you give to each customer? When do you start to lose your “PROFITABLE OPPORTUNITY”? Profit: excess of revenues over outlays and expenses in a business enterprise over a given period of time….. Opportunity: the benefit that could have been gained from an alternative use of the same resource “Excess Revenues that could be gained by Increasing First Call Completes”

  4. Influences on Time Dispatching Techniques Computers in the field Inventory control Part ordering process Prescreening calls Training Technician Tools

  5. Best Dispatching Practices Routing to decrease mileage/ windshield time Dispatching based on experience/brand Time spans based on zip codes/counties/cities GPS… Know where techs are Dispatch is not always aware of where calls are in relation to service techs Visual impact Dispatch report Arrival Times Job Times Travel Times

  6. Computers in the Field Handwritten invoices Bad Handwriting Not Complete Not Professional and time consuming Difficult to look at history Computer Generated Invoice Professional Legible Sales recorded faster Accurate Reporting and overall much faster looking up history

  7. Inventory Control Is it clean and organized? How often do you do inventory? Do you use universal parts? How do you determine what to carry? How much do you carry? Does the size of you truck matter?

  8. Part Ordering Process Do you have a parts runner? Courier service? Do you run fewer calls expecting the techs to run to the part store? Do you run more calls requiring all parts to be ordered? Do you ship parts or pick up?

  9. Prescreening Calls Who does it? Who should do it? Do you prescreen COD calls or just go? Do you take parts for a ride?

  10. Training ASTI… Who brought employees? RSM/RSTI Management Ride along? Part supplier training? In house training? Soft skills/Technical

  11. Tools All dolly Microwave lift table Floor protectors Step stool Pull straps Air Sled Hand truck Vacuum Proper test equipment Manometer

  12. Creating The Tech “Number” In the haste to improve, many servicers make the mistake of measuring too many elements or not measuring at all. Measure what is beneficial to your customers and your company. Creating the “ What's inspected becomes expected” culture. The Tech number should simply be the numbers that drive you to success. 3- 5 items are perfect • Maintenance Plan Conversion • Sales Lead Conversion • Average Service Ticket Revenue • Total Revenue • Trip Charge % • Technicians First Call Complete % • Call takers FCC • Pre-screeners FCC • Most common Parts used on FCC • Brands or Product FCC percentage • COD or warranty FCC percentage

  13. Motivation There is nothing that drives behavior better than a little old fashion competition with your peers. Management tool, there is no hiding low performers and will weed them out in a hurry. Along with measuring, sharing, and celebrating, a monetary reward helps.