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  1. Organizing Best Practices when Mock Boards

  2. What are Mock Boards • Cadets who apply for National Summer Training Courses are required to sit for a personal interview, called the Scholarship Review Boards • Mock Boards are intended to mimic the atmosphere the cadet will experience in the actual Board, thereby preparing the cadets for the actual Review Boards. • They are not intended to “teach” cadets the subject matter of the questions, but rather the way in which the questions are asked, and the procedure to expect. .

  3. Important facts to remember • Who is responsible for Mock Boards? • It is the Squadron Sponsoring committee’s responsibility to coordinate the Mock boards. • Date of Mock Boards • Usually 1-2 weeks prior to the actual Review Boards The closer to the Review Boards the better it is for the cadets • Location • Depending on the number of cadets and the number of panels, you will need 1 room per panel for interviews and any additional space for cadets to congregate

  4. Schedule dates for Mock Boards in advance with the CO to be included in the training calendar Secure location Request the CO to put the event on the MRO’s Have the event announced at the cadet’s parade and include it in the newsletter Coordinate review Board interviewers with the CO Create questions on current events (Current events are for the year prior to the boards) Ensure Mock Boards is conducted as a panel interview (Interview Board should consist of 3 people unfamiliar to the Cadets) Checklist

  5. What to wear? • To ensure that cadets treat the Mock Boards as the actual Review Boards, the panel must ensure that both partners are dressed professionally, ie Officers in uniforms and civilians in professional attire. • Cadets must attend in their C-2 uniforms without any decorations or other accessories, as they would when attending the actual Review Boards. Provide a professional environment!

  6. The Interview Panel Each panel should have at least: • One Officer • Two Civilian Volunteers • Preferably people from the community, who the cadets are not familiar with. This sets the stage and prepares the cadets in a more formal environment. • Try to coordinate inter-Squadron Mock Boards.

  7. Helpful hints… • Talk to the CO about circulating a study guide to cadets applying for scholarship camps. Ask CO to debrief on the interview process • Make sure that your questionnaire includes answers to questions that you will be asking cadets • Go through the Cadet handbook provided by the BCPC/RCSU(Pac) on Review Boards for information. You will know what to expect from cadets(The handbook is available on the BCPC website for all cadets) • Remember: Any members of the Sponsoring Committee who participate in this event must be screened

  8. Conclusion • Remember that the interview panel at the Review Boards are impressed with cadets who project confidence and self assurance. You would help them achieve this by ensuring that your Squadron provides Mock boards for your cadets! See how you helped create a perfect candidate?

  9. Questions may be directed to the Squadron’s League Representative or Wing Chair. (Please note that League representatives should not be asked to sit on Mock Boards as they are often participating in the actual Review Board process.