things to look for and avoid when hiring n.
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Things To Look For And Avoid When Hiring A Criminal Lawyer PowerPoint Presentation
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Things To Look For And Avoid When Hiring A Criminal Lawyer

Things To Look For And Avoid When Hiring A Criminal Lawyer

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Things To Look For And Avoid When Hiring A Criminal Lawyer

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  1. Things To Look For And Avoid When Hiring A Criminal Lawyer

  2. Many public defenders have the ability to defend you, but they do not have the time or staff to be able to use this ability. Most public defenders are bogged down with too many cases and cannot devote the time necessary to help you obtain a good result in your case. You do not want to use an attorney who doesn’t have time to adequately prepare your defense

  3. Experience In Orange County Courts Not only should you hire an experienced attorney who has successfully defended hundreds of clients, you should also seek to find an attorney who has experience in the local courts where your case is pending. Orange County judges are very strict, so it will be important that your attorney is well versed in the procedures and people in these courts.

  4. Look For A Law Firm Instead Of A Lawyer Hiring a one-man lawyer to defend you is like having only one player on defense on your football team. You should look for a law firm that employs a team of attorneys and staff members that can help you at a moment’s notice.

  5. Past Reviews Are An Indication Of The Future One of the best ways to find out about lawyers before you hire them is to look at reviews from previous clients. There are many sites that specialize in lawyer reviews, including AVVO and You can also browse general review sites such as Yelp.

  6. Avoid Lawyers Who Guarantee You A Result It is against California State Bar rules for an attorney to guarantee you a result in your case. If a lawyer that you are speaking to gives you a guarantee, you are probably talking to someone who is unethical, and you don’t want that kind of person representing you.

  7. Schedule An In-Person Appointment And Make Sure To Attend After you’ve narrowed down your list of potential attorneys, set up an in-person meeting with your favorite prospective lawyer. At a face-to-face meeting, your attorney can begin to explain what defense strategy he or she will be using in your case. Missing your meeting with your lawyer or rescheduling it to a later day will only set back your defense.

  8. Communication And The First Impression Your first conversations with an attorney are a good indicator of what’s to come. Are you able to speak to the lawyer directly? How was the attorney’s attitude towards you? Did the lawyer provide you with a way to contact him or someone else after business hours? These initial conversations are important.

  9. Set Realistic Expectations If you’re being charged with a serious crime and the evidence is stacked against you, you should probably not expect to get a sentence that involves no jail or prison time. An attorney can help you obtain a positive, favorable result, but can’t work miracles.

  10. Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late Although you want to make the best decision possible, do not take too long to hire an attorney. This could put your lawyer behind and make it difficult to strategize your defense. Speak to an Orange County criminal attorney right away if you’re accused of a crime. S So ou ur rce ce U Ur rll::- - h ht tt tp ps s:/ ://st /stor orify ify.c .com/W om/WKL KLaw/ aw/10t 10things hings- -to to- -lo look ok- -f for or- -a and nd- -av avoi oid d- -w whe hen n- -hi hir rin ing g- -a a- -cri crim mii

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