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social marketing for small businesses

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wallpaper media

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  1. social marketing for small businesses wallpaper media

  2. our mission about no matter how small your brand or business you can make a HUGE impact through social marketing THINK BIG and you will reap the benefits drive awareness drive engagement drive SALES (more importantly)

  3. why do you care? about North America 220 million on Facebook 114 million on Twitter Europe 231 million on Facebook 48 million on Twitter Asia 215 million on Facebook 13 million on Twitter 40% of the world’s online population use social media every day. Start targeting your local community and get your small business heard South America 112 million on Facebook 10 million on Twitter Africa 39 million on Facebook 1 million on Twitter Australasia 13 million on Facebook 3 million on Twitter

  4. why do you care? about • social marketing • targeted – little to no wastage • cheap • traditional marketing • untargeted – lots of wastage • expensive I own a Beauty Salon in Loughton I’m a Cake Maker in Brentwood we’ll target women 18+ within a 10 mile radius we’ll target engaged women & mothers within a 10 mile radius

  5. what we do for you about 1 – we build your social brand build an engaging Facebook Page build an engaging Twitter Page consistency of your brand messaging online we also build YouTube & Pinterest Pages for total brand awareness your pages should look just as professional as big brands

  6. what we do for you about 2 – we generate fans and followers through advertising target a relevant Facebook audience targeta relevant Twitter audience loyal customers that will engage with your business and recommend you to their social connections! @flybarbath why are fans and followers important? low numbers are a poor representation of your business aim for at least 500 to kick start your social media marketing

  7. we advise on how to keep your new base about 3 – YOU keep your audience engaged post relevant content at least twice a week every interaction a fan or follower has with your brand is seen by all their online connections this organically increases your exposure with no cost involved it’s so important to keep your existing base engaged through posting

  8. ‘essex’ is a brand about - TOWIE -920k Fans - FACES -14k check ins - #REEM - top 10 trend in 2011 - JoeyEssex – 1.3m Followers

  9. why not embrace that? about local businesses are selling themselves short - promote new product lines / events / menus / offers - encourage ‘word of mouth’ by unlocking offers once shared

  10. the potential (even locally) is huge about how many Facebook Fans / Twitter Followers do you have in comparison?

  11. our start up package about 1. engaging Facebook Page & Twitter Page 2. minimum of 500 targeted Fans /Followers (incremental on any existing) 3. complete within 30 days 4. training on how to continue growth(1 hour) all for just £1,000 Youtube / Pinterest services also available upon request

  12. contact us - let’s get started about 8 years of digital experience across brands like these we are the only social media company that bring big brand strategy to small businesses email/ sales@wallpapermedia.co.uk phone/ 0787 901 8992

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