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Road Traffic Signs - LED blinker Signs PowerPoint Presentation
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Road Traffic Signs - LED blinker Signs

Road Traffic Signs - LED blinker Signs

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Road Traffic Signs - LED blinker Signs

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  1. Welcome to Warning Lites of Southern Illinois LLC. Most important road traffic signs that you must respect to be safe on the roads Road traffic signs are an important aspect of safe driving. Sadly, quite a number of drivers are ignorant about their function or just ignorant to respect the instructions they convey. There is nothing that ensures safe driving like road traffic signs and when respected, they have the potential to avert danger as well as provide safety to not only the driver but the pedestrians. Today, we look at some of the most important road signs on roads as indicated by the Traffic and Road Safety Laws & Regulations. Zebra crossing This is made out in a stripe format crossing through the road. This is a pedestrian crossing point and it expected that every motorist should give way to pedestrians once at this point.

  2. However, even at this point, there should be cautious as this is one of the road traffic signs that are most abused motorists in Uganda. A motorist who knocks a pedestrian at the zebra crossing point, whatever the circumstances, is adjudged as being in the wrong. Speed limit This specific sign generally has the legal maximum speed at which one should drive in a given area. These signs display the speed restriction in kilometres per hour and put into the consideration traffic flow, road design and such related dangers. This is another road sign that is mostly abused in Uganda and it is a result of this abuse that different reports have attributed many of the accidents in the country on over speeding. Small stop sign A small stop sign is usually designed in a red cut-out emboldened on a white background. Calling out drivers to stop before proceeding is the very purpose of this sign. The small stop sign is usually erected around junctions, accident scenes on the road and at checkpoints.

  3. Roundabout This is illustrated by arrows drawn inside a white background in a circular manner. The roundabout sign alerts drivers to respond to with slowed speed in order not to run into other cars. Humps ahead It particularly warns chauffeurs to slow down. Such LED blinker signs are common around trading centres or busy streets or dangerous spots. The signs are placed about 50 meters away from the humps. Speed bumps are an effective way of forcing driving into avoiding speeding. LED blinker signs are being used for humps because of their visibility at night. One way Some of the roads have been changed into one-way routes. However, it is not a surprise to find a cyclist riding in one way. This is quite an important road sign that cautions drivers of the dangers of driving in one way. The one-way road sign is drawn out with an arrow pointing in a single direction. Climbing lane This is usually illustrated by two arrows drawn out on a white background. The climbing lane provides for an extra lane in areas that are prone to slow traffic due to the hilly nature in such road areas. Such lanes are usually on highways where two lanes are provided for slow and speeding drivers. Most regulatory authorities recommend we of LED blinker signs at different lines so the driver can be attentive to them and lane jumping can be prevented. If you are looking to purchase any of these at an affordable cost, contact WLSI at

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