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  1. Duncan “I’m the King.” View Duncan's latest blog entry Last Login Act II Scene ii Duncan's blurbs: All Hail Me About me: I’m very trusting. Who I’d like to meet: Good Soldiers General Hometown: Scotland Status: single Books: How to be a King (for dummies) Television: The Simpson's Movies: Grumpy Old Men Hobbies: Hanging out with my good friend, Macbeth Duncan’s friends English Dr. Fleance Caithness Young Siward Murderer 3 Hecate Murderer 2 Murderer 1 Angus boy Macbeth Banquo Lady Macbeth Lennox Malcolm porter Lady Macduff Donalbain Macduff Menteith old man Captain Scottish Dr. Seyton Ross witch1 witch 2 witch3

  2. View Angus’ Latest Blog Entry Angus “We are sent to give thee from our royal master thanks; only to herald thee into his sight not pay thee.” View Angus’ Comments Last login: Act I Scene iii Angus’ Blurbs About Me: Hi. My name is Angus. I’m very faithful to my king. I promise to make sure nothing happens to him. Who I’d Like To Meet: I would like to Queen Elizabeth. General: I am a calm person who defends their king. Hometown: Scotland Status: Married Books: Harry Potter Television/Movies: Save the Last Dance. Hobbies: Sword Fighting Angus’ Friends Macbeth Banquo Lady Macbeth Lennox Malcolm Duncan

  3. Angus Act: I Scene: iii Title: Angus Category: war stuff Last updated: Act I Scene iii Blog 1 Gender: Male Status: Divorced Age:32 Sign: Libra Today I’m going to get shotgun lessons. By next week I will be a pro at shooting. I wouldn’t mess with me if I were you.

  4. Angus Angus’ Friends’ Comments Act II Scene iii Hey! We are going to find the person who killed king Duncan. They have something coming very soon. Take Care. Macbeth I believe that Macbeth will help us find the one who killed our king. He is a worthy Thane of Cawdor. Banquo How are you? Now you have to take care of your new king! Lady Macbeth

  5. View Boy’s Latest Blog Entry Boy View Boy’s Comments “Stop calling me Boy.” Last login: General: I’m Macduff’s son. Hometown: Socttland Status: Dating Books: The Giver Television/Movies: South Park Hobbies: Horse Riding Boy’s Blurbs About Me: I’m Macduff’s son Who I’d Like To Meet: A nice girl Boys’ Friends Macbeth Banquo Lady Macbeth Lennox Malcolm Duncan

  6. Boy Act: II Scene: iv Title Category Last updated: Blog 1 Gender: Male Status: Looking Age: 16 Sign: Scorpio I’m bored here in Scotland. I wish that something exciting would happen.

  7. Boy Boys’ Friends’ Comments Act II Scene iv Macduff Hey, I’ll be home soon. Clean your room.

  8. Donalbain View Donalian’s Latest Blog Entry View Donalbain’s Comments “There’s daggers in men’s smiles!” About me: Well my name is Donalbain and I love myself I will someday take over being the king and until then u will be forced to like me because I will one day be your master… Who I’d like to meet: I would like to meet someone that looks half as good as me . Last Login: Act ll, Scene iii General: Son of King Home Town: Scotland Status: To good for any women Books: How to be a King for Dummies Television/Movies: South Park and Jack Ass Hobbies: Killing people and laughing at things that aren’t funny,,,, Donalbain’sHomies… Malcolm LadyMacbeth Lennox Duncan Old Man

  9. Donalbain ACT: II Scene iii TITLE: CATEGORY: “There’s daggers in men’s smiles!” Last Updated: Act ll, Scene iii BLOG 1: General:Son of King Home Town:Scotland Status:Too good for any women Books:The play “Macbeth” Television/Movies:South Park Hobbies:Laughing at things that aren’t funny,,,, Today my father has died and now me or my brother will be taking over as king. This is the worst day of my life, now I have to plan my fathers funeral learn how to take over as king because I will be the next king, not my worthless brother. I hope that they find my fathers killers because they should never be able to see another day in their lives. While I sit here at my computer and morn over my fathers death, there are killers walking out there free and nothing will get done while I set here on my butt, so off I go.

  10. Donalbain Donalbain’s Friends Comments Last Updated: Act ll, Scene iii To my son that will be inheriting everything when I die including taking over king-- you do spend a lot of time on this myspace, so sign off and start thinking about when your king… Love, Your Father Duncan Duncan Donalbain, how are you on this sad day? I’m sorry to hear about your father’s death. It is a tradgic loss and I wish there was something I could do! I hope they found the person responsible for this crime! Best wishes Lady Macbeth Lady Macbeth

  11. Macduff View Macduff’s Latest Blog Entry View Macduff’s Comments Page “Tis not for you to hear what I can speak” About me:: I have a crazy wife and tons of little monsters. I have lots of grey hair and don’t even ask me why. I have fought for my country and went to war for the people that matter most to me. This is all I think you need to know about me but if you insist on knowing more I guess you can email me. Who I’d like to meet: The best divorce lawyer on the face of this earth. Last Login: Act ll, Scene iii General: Soldier. I would die for my country and King Home Town:Scotland Status: Married Books: Webster’s Dictionary Television/Movies: Hobbies: Fight for my country and listen to my wife yell… Macduff’sHomies… Duncan Lady Macbeth Murder 2 Banquo Lady Macduff Porter

  12. Macduff ACT: TITLE: CATEGORY: “Tis not for you to hear what I can speak” Last Login: Act ll, Scene iii General:Soldier “I would die for my country” Home Town:Scotland Status: Married Books:Webster’s Dictionary Television/Movies: Hobbies:Fight for my country and listen to my wife yell… BLOG 1

  13. Macduff Macduff’s Friends Comments Last Updated: Act ll, Scene iii Hey darling I love the way you set up your myspace it looks neat… I don’t like you calling me crazy but you don’t tell me what to write on my myspace! --Love your wife Lady Macduff-- Lady Macduff Man this town is coming to an end and we all need to get out of here… I know that you are a good soldier and I can count on you for any thing! You’re a good friend… Porter Porter

  14. Lady Macbeth “Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent underneath” View Lady Macbeths Latest Blog Entry View Lady Macbeth’s Comments page Last login:Act ll, Scene iii About me: I am lady Macbeth, and I am happily married to a wonderful man! My home place is Scotland. A beautiful place it is here! General: Hometown: Scotland Status: I am married, to the most wonderful man Macbeth! Books: I like evil and mystery books. Something to keep your heart pounding. Television/movies: I don’t really watch to much T.V. but when I do I like it to be scary movies or shows. Hobbies: Don’t have any! Who I’d like to meet: I’d like to meet those witches my husband has been telling me about… Friends: Macbeth Banquo Duncan Porter Oldman Macduff Malcolm Witch 1

  15. Lady Macbeth Act: ll Title: Theking is coming to visit! Category: The kings arrival. Last Updated: Act ll Scene ii Blog 1 The King is coming! We need to get the place cleaned up before he arrives. I’m so excited! Gender: Female Status: Married Age: 28 Sign: Cancer

  16. Lady Macbeth’s Friends’ Comments Macbeth The king is coming, this is a wonderful thing! Lady Macbeth Act: l Scene: ii Duncan Yes I shall be their today, I hope this will be a great visit! Have a Good day! Act: l Scene: ii

  17. Menteith “Fight the battle and the war” View Menteith Latest Blog Entry *The king is dead! Last login:Act ll, Scene iii Menteith’s comments page About me: General: Live for the war Hometown: Scotland Status: Married Books: Macbeth (the play) Television/movies: Simpsons, King of the hill, ect. Hobbies: NONE! I am and ordinary man who likes to fight a good war! Who I’d like to meet: The killer of the king!! Friends: Lady Macbeth Macbeth Lennox Witch 2 Banquo Porter Malcolm Angus Duncan

  18. Menteith Act:II Title:The king is dead Category:The king. Blog 1 Last updated: Act: ll Scene:ii The king was found dead, I have know Idea who did it, but If I find out that person will be the next dead!

  19. Menteith’s Comments Page Macbeth What should we do! I have no idea who could have gotten in and killed him! I feel so bad about this! Act:II Scene:ii

  20. captain View Captain Latest Blog Entry View Captian’s comments page Last Login: Act I Scene iii Captain’s Blurbs About Me I am the best of the best Who I’d like To Meet: Michel Jackson General I'm 5’5 and 169 lbs Hometown: Scotland Status: Not Married Books I read everything Television/Movies: All soap operas Hobbies Reading and talking Captain’s Friends Lady Macbeth Malcolm Macbeth Lennox The old man Duncan

  21. Captain Act: Title: Category: Last updated: Act I, Scene ii Blog 1 Can someone get me some medical attention? Please? I told you all about how great Macbeth is. Now I need some help. Gender: Male Status: Not Married Age: Sign:

  22. Captain Captain comments from friends Act 1 scene 4

  23. Lady Macduff “ I’m Macduff’s wife “ View Lady Macduff’s latest blog entry View Lady Macduff’s comments Lady Macduff Blurbs About Me : I am married to Macduff. We live in Scotland. I have two sons. Who I’d like to meet: Queen Elizabeth Last login: Act I, Scene iii General: Hometown: Scotland Status: Married Books: Romantic/novels Television/movies: Not big on TV but I like comedies/ drama movies Hobbies: sewing, cooking, going for walks. Duncan Lady Macduff’s Friends Lady Macbeth Macbeth Macduff 3rd witch Donalbain

  24. Lady Macduff Act: Title: Category: Last Update Blog 1 Gender: Status: Married Age: Sign: I can’t believe those guards killed our great king.

  25. Lady macduff Banquo’s friends’ Comments Act I Scene vi We need to talk about the witches.

  26. View Witch 3’s Blog View Witch 3’s Comments Witch 3 “Fair is foul, and foul is fair.” About me? I like to eat hog legs and pig eyes for dinner General: Time to cast spells on you. Hometown: Scotland Status: Looking Books: casting spells for dummies. Television / movies: teenage witch Hobbies: Killing animals. I would like to meet the devil because I feel he is just like me no one would trust him and no one like him i like eating all types of animals & casting spells Witch 3’s Friends Porter Witch1 Witch2 Old men Malcolm Duncan

  27. Witch 3 Act: 1 Title: vi Category: The way we live Blog 1 Gender: Female Status: No Age:103 Sign: Libra I can’t believe those guards killed the king. Why can’t we get a man? I know where not ugly. We should put a spell on one of the fighters and make them our man.

  28. Witch3 • Witch3 friends’ comments May be I can open the door for you I need more ingredients. Do you know the full moon spell.

  29. Macbeth Is this a dagger I see before me? View Macbeth’s Latest Blog Entry View Macbeth’s comments Last Login: Act II, Scene iii Macbeth’s Blurbs About Me: I am a nobleman soldier of Scotland. I will defend for others. I am married to Lady Macbeth and I will kill for the king. Who I’d like To Meet: I would like to meet Mel Gibson and Jennifer Lopez General: Short brownish blonde hair, brown eyes, 5’7’’ 147 lbs Hometown: Scotland Status: Married Books: Warrior and Soldier books Television/Movies: Braveheart, Gladiator Hobbies: I like to fight on the battle field and defend other people, especially my King. Macbeth’s Friends Witch 1 Witch 3 Macbeth’s wife Witch 2 Murder 2 Duncan

  30. Macbeth Act: Title: Category: Last updated: Act III, Scene i Blog 1 I can’t believe I killed Duncan. He was my friend. It’s really Lady Macbeth’s fault. She called me a wuss. Plus, I don’t even want to be the king. I’m starting to feel weird about this whole thing. And what should I do about Malcolm and Donalbain? Gender: Male Status: Married Age: Sign:

  31. Macbeths Friends comments We need to talk about witches. Banquo Can you believe that those evil guards killed Duncan? Lady Macbeth

  32. Banquo “Have we eaten on the insane root that takes the reason for prisoner” View Banquos’ latest blog entry View Banquo’s Comments Banquos Blurbs About Me : I am the best friend of Macbeth. I am a soldier. I want the best for everyone. I try to do good when I can. I have a son and a wife. Who I’d like to meet: Julius Cesar Last login: Act 2, Scene iii General: I'm ready to stand up and fight for my king and defend my family and friends. Hometown: Scotland Status: Married Books: Mystery/war books. Television/movies: Pearl Harbor, The Savior Hobbies: sword fighting, hunting Banquo’s Friends Duncan Mac duff Lady Macbeth 3rd witch Macbeth Donalbain

  33. Banquo Act: Title: Category: Last Update Blog 1 Gender: Male Status: Married Age:32 Sign: Capricorn Those witches seem to be on to something. The King is dead.

  34. Banquo Banquo’s friends’ Comments

  35. Malcolm “ I’ll to England “ View Malcolm’s Latest Blog Entry View Malcolm’s latest comments Last Login: Act 2 Scene 3 Malcolm’s Blurbs About Me I am a warrior who enjoys life and would do anything for the well being of my family. I am 25 years old. My birthday is September 9. Who I’d Like To Meet: I would like to meet the Prince Of Egypt. General: life and excitement, ready for adventure Hometown: Scotland Status: Happily married and with two loving children Books: Romeo and Juliet Television/Movies: Western Shows, The Patriot Hobbies: swords, spending time with family, going to see plays Malcolm’s Friends Macduff Lennox Donalbain Macbeth Banquo Duncan

  36. Malcolm Act Title Category Blog 1 Last Updated Act 2 Scene 3 My dad is dead and things are looking shady. I’m out. Gender: male Status: Married and have children Age; 45 Sign: Aquarius

  37. Malcolm’s Friends Comments Malcolm We have been through a lot of hard times. -Macduff Hey dude, it’s cool being able to have some one to look up to. -Lennox Always keep in touch old man. -Donalbain

  38. Murderer # 2 View Murderer # 2’s Latest Blog Entry View Murderer #2’s comments “Murder was the case that they gave me.” Murder # 2’s Blurbs About Me I am 52 years old and i have my own little cottage by a swamp. I don’t get along with normal people. I like people of my own kind. Last Login: Act 2, Scene 2 General: Ready to kill when ever I need or want to. Hometown: Scotland Status: single and interested Books: not interested Television / Movies: Married with Children Hobbies: practicing killing people. Murder # 2’s Friends Duncan Witch # 3 Witch # 1 Witch #2

  39. Murder # 2 Act Title Category Blog 1 Last Updated: Act 2 Scene 2 I wish someone would give me some work. Gender: male Status: Single, but looking Age: 52 Sign: Capricorn

  40. Murder # 2 Friends’ Comments Murder # 2 Hey man! We got a lot in common and you’re a real cool guy. -witch #1 Good having you around. Don’t ever change. -witch # 2 It’s always nice having someone to talk to. -witch # 3

  41. Old man Who are you View old mans latest blog entry View old man’s comments General: old and lonely Hometown: 188 old lane Status: was married Book’s: Dating for Dummies Television/movies: almost @ south park Hobbies: long slow walks along the beach Old man’s blurbs About me: I like to pizza on Monday and Friday. Who I’d like to meet: steve-o Old man’s friend Angus Malcolm Lennox Macbeth Captain Duncan

  42. Old mans’friend comments Ross Act II Scene vi What happened? Can someone tell me?

  43. blog Old man Act: Title: Category: Last up date: Act: scene: Gender: male Status: I was. Age: 89 Sign: leo Blog 1 I don’t know.

  44. Porter Faith, sir, we were carousing till the second cock and drink, sir, is a great provoker of three things. View porters latest blog entry View porter’s comments Porters blurbs About me: I’M just the dude that opens the door at Macbeth’s castle Who I’d Like to Meet: the darkest person in Scotland. Last login: Act 2 scene 4 General: welcome to the castle Home Town: Scotland. Status: lonely Books: Dr.Seuss Television / Movies: That 70s show Hobbies: Drinking and eating candy Porter’s friends Old men Witch 1 Witch 2 malcolm Macbeth Duncan

  45. Porter Act Title Category Last Updated: Act 2 scene 2 Blog 1 Big Party last night. Then some people had to wake everyone up early. Gender: Male Status: no Age: 43 Sign: Libra

  46. Porter Porter’s friends’ comments • Act 1 scene vi Witch 1 Hey porter I have a crush on you! just messing with you. I just made my own brew. I think you would like it. Witch 2 So, I’m not so happy, yet much happier. Malcolm What’s good porter? get back at me Old Men I see you sonny.

  47. Ross View Ross’s Latest Blog Entry View Ross’s friends comments Macbeth’s Blurbs About Me: I’m 6’. I have brown hair and blue Eyes. And My best buddy is Macbeth Who I’d Like to meet: Other people like me General: I like to fight. I Have a wife and kids. Hometown: Scotland Status: Married Books: Mystery Television/movie: The knight in shining armor. Hobbies: Fighting Ross’s Friends Duncan Macbeth Witch 1 Lady Macbeth Lennox Old Man

  48. Ross’ Friends’ Comments Act I Scene iii Macbeth If I become King anytime soon, I want you to still Be my best friend. Hey maybe I’ll let you be king for a week. LOL!

  49. Ross Act: II Title: Macbeth Category: Being King Last Updated: Act II Scene i Blog 1 It’s not fair the witches decided to say that Macbeth should be King. That should have been Me as king. Gender: Male Status: Married Age: 35 Sign: Aquarius

  50. Seyton I work for Macbeth View Seyton’s Latest Blog Entry Last login: Act V scene iii View Seyton’s comments Seyton’s Blurbs About Me Who I’d Like To Meet General: I’m a hard working soldier, I never give up. Hometown: England Status: Single Books: The lost Ship Television/Movies: War in Iraq Hobbies: Rugby Seyton’s Friends Macbeth Doctor Malcolm Porter Murder 2 Duncan