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Native Ads: An Approach by Digital Marketing Agency in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Native Ads: An Approach by Digital Marketing Agency in India

Native Ads: An Approach by Digital Marketing Agency in India

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Native Ads: An Approach by Digital Marketing Agency in India

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  1. Native Native Ads Ads An An Approach Approach by by Digital Digital Marketing Marketing Agency Agency in in India India In this ever competitive digital world brands need to carefully plan how to engage with the audience in a meaningful way not only to increase conversions but to develop brand reliability as well Throughout the day people consume content from news portals blogs and social media channels etc And digital digital marketing marketing service service providers maintain that all of these platforms are potentially rich for native ad placements If you are not yet introduced to this trend it’s time to learn all about it and beat your competitors So keep reading ➢ Native Native Advertising Advertising – – As As Defined Defined by by a a Leading Leading Digital Digital Marketing Marketing Agency Agency in in India India Native advertising is a paid advertisement that harmoniously blends with the feel and function of the content media and platform where it appears The publisher controls and is deemed responsible for rendering the ad A native ad doesn’t look like an ad Rather it seems to be a part of the editorial flow of the respective web page For instance such an ad may show up within an article you’re reading on an online news portal or as a post on your Facebook feed The professionals at any esteemed digital that are intentionally more contextual and non disruptive than any other forms of digital marketing marketing agency agency in in India India prefer such ads ads ➢ Types Types of of Native Native Ads Ads

  2. Interactive Advertising Bureau or AIB categorizes native ads into six types These are as follow 1. Paid integral part of it Paid Search Search ads ads appear at the top of a Google search result and appear to be an 2. Recommendation recommended products or content related to the article you are already consuming Recommendation widgets widgets appear on a publisher’s website and showcase 3. Custom Snapchat Custom ads ads appear within your app interface for example a new filter in 4. In In Ads Ads with with native native elements elements seem like typical ads but are contextually more related to the site where they appear 5. Promotion browsing experience Promotion Listings Listings or sponsored content are designed to seamlessly fit into the 6. In In feed feed ads ads appear directly on an article or blog post Quick Quick Fact Fact According to a study by Marketing Land native ads have higher CTR Click through Rate than other display ads No wonder that in the US two thirds of the total ad spent in the last year was spent on native ads ➢ Is Is Native Native Ad Ad Programmatic Programmatic It varies Programmatic is an automated manner of buying ad placements Programmatic marketing uses real time systems and algorithms to automate either the targeted placements or creative experiences of the ads As you can guess programmatic native ads are created by leveraging contextual signals and machine learning These ads are customized and placed at the proper platforms to obtain quality leads However not every native ad is programmatic and you have to manually set it And it’s the time like this that you should engage professionals from any agency

  3. offering digital digital marketing marketing services services India India With long experience and expertise the professionals can serve you the best ➢ Is Is Google Google Display Display Native Native Ad Ad Yes Google Display and Video have native creative formats that you may integrate into any display campaign The native creative may target Site creative – Square or rectangular display format App install – Google Play Video – Similar to site creative but uses video instead of an image A native creative may include various components like a headline an image or video body text logo or advertiser brand and Call to Action CTA ➢ Brand Brand Reliability Reliability is is Key Key to to the the Success Success of of Native Native Ad Ad A native ad is indeed a popular way to engage the audience and connect brands to the consumers effectively But if potential consumers don’t trust a brand the money spent on creating such an ad may lose its worth So make it a point to establish and maintain the audience’s trust Reliability credibility and relevance are the three key aspects to establish a powerful brand image You must ensure to develop secured sites listen to and act on the customer feedback and offer relevant solutions and interact with the audience Also among numerous available offerings it’s crucial to choose the right internet internet marketing marketing agency agency in in India India that can help you get the best return on your investment Conclusion Conclusion Start using native ads as a means for your brand to make an effective connection with the consumers earn their trust and achieve higher conversions Our pro suggestion Focus on developing trust with supreme user experience success will chase

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