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Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore

Webi7 Digital Media is more than just a digital agency,weu2019re a trusted collaborator and partner.We develop results-oriented growth strategies and continuously fine-tune your marketing campaigns for best results.<br>More Details : https://webi7.com/

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Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore

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  1. What not to do in Digital Marketing When it comes to digital marketing, certain mistakes can cost you not only in terms of money but also in terms of growth and reputation. Here are the mistakes to avoid at all costs in digital marketing - 1.Focusing only on social media: While social media is effective in brand awareness and lead generation, it is not the only channel with those benefits. There are potential customers outside social media and could be missing out on your products and services. Avoid using all social media channels for marketing because it may not suit your marketing goals. LinkedIn is not for every brand and similarly, Pinterest may not work for some of them.Choosing the right platform saves time and money spent on marketing and advertising campaigns. 2.Using out-dated SEO: Search engine optimisation is a continuous process, and to assume it is dead is a big mistake. Google and social media algorithms are always changing, impacting SEO as well. SEO is always being renewed and new tactics are either invented or discovered often. Top digital marketing agencies in Bangalore use fresh SEO techniques and even stay ahead of the trends.If you are not staying updated, you could be missing out on new SEO techniques that could take your marketing to a higher level and deliver better results. 3.Disregarding mobile marketing: The number of smartphone users in 2021 is expected to cross 3 billion. 57% of mobile users stated that businesses that have poorly designed websites are not likely to be recommended. Google might discard your webpage from ranking in mobile search if it is not mobile- friendly. Hence, optimizing your website for mobile use is an important factor in successful marketing campaigns. 4.Delivering poor-quality content: Content is still an important element on a website or any other online presence. Bombarding customers with ads will drive them away. Instead, focus on creating quality content packed with value and deliver it to the right customer. Always deliver content that is fresh, if not, something better or different from other similar content.

  2. 5.Not using visuals: The attention span of an average user is now 11 seconds. They no longer read lengthy content that is bulky and hard to grasp. Visuals like infographics and data visualizations provide clear information that is easy to digest and saves time spent reading it. Not implementing visuals in content is returned with a bad bounce rate.On social media especially, it is critical to provide visually- pleasing, informational visual content so people can read it quickly and relate to it better. It can be videos as well which works better than text and image. It improves engagement as well. 6.Avoiding social media: While relying only on social media is a mistake, not using it at all is also a mistake. Social media is a gold-mine for finding and reaching thousands of potential customers daily.What’s more beneficial is that it allows you to interact with them directly and build a relationship which could positively impact your business. But figure out which social media is right for your kind of business and target the right audience.

  3. 7.Targeting everyone: Not everyone would be interested in your business as your products or services may not be useful or entertaining them unless it is something of necessity or needed in everyday life. Marketing meat to vegetarians or vegans is useless.Also targeting everybody would be a waste of time, money and resources, so finding the right audience to target saves a lot of time and money. 8.Not focusing on retention: Having a strong, large customer base keeps your business thriving! Not just surviving! When a customer is familiar with your brand, they are more likely to trust you and buy from you again. New customers are hard to convince to buy from you. So invest in retaining old customers and remarketing to existing customers. Keep them coming! 9.Ignoring your website: Not promoting your website is a costly mistake you need to avoid. Just having a great website isn’t even nearly enough. Keep adding content like blogs regularly to attract new traffic and convert that traffic into customers. Promote your website on social media like LinkedIn, create banner ads, write guest blogs, and try other strategies.The best digital marketing companies in Bangalore can promote your brand to go viral! 10.Not validating leads: Where are your leads coming from? Are you segregating them? Or just assume they all come from one place? Some businesses have more leads coming from different sources and validating them will prevent miscalculations in ROI. When you fix one of these problems, you will also be able to fix other problems connected to it and improve your overall marketing campaigns.Nobody gets it right and they all make mistakes. Were you making any of these mistakes? Were you able to identify which? Do let us know! Contact us Webi7 Digital Media Contact No : +91 7760720004 Email : info@webi7.com Website : https://webi7.com/

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