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Wedding planner - wedding Aaha PowerPoint Presentation
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Wedding planner - wedding Aaha

Wedding planner - wedding Aaha

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Wedding planner - wedding Aaha

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  1. Wedding Aaha A5 Ganesh Apartments, 52, N Mada St, Mylapore, Chennai – 600004 Wedding Planner

  2. Wedding Planner Wedding Planner Our team has extensive experience and collaborates with the best event specialists, which allows us to create flawless weddings. It is also very important for us that your preparation for the wedding is pleasant and easy. All organizational issues will be resolved by us. Only pleasant chores will remain for you. The organization of the wedding involves a full range of services to support and control your wedding celebration. This saves your time and pleasant work with experienced professionals who know how to make your day unforgettable. This is a selection of everything you need: developing the concept of a wedding, working with the venue for the ceremony and wedding dinner, working and monitoring all the invited specialists, accompanying the wedding day with a team of coordinators and much more. The cost of organizing the wedding "turnkey" depends on the complexity and richness of your wedding day, the number of guests and the venue of the wedding. The main points for organizing a perfect wedding 1.Venue/ Mandap selection for the grand reception / wedding dinner 2.Development of areas on site (welcome area, visiting the ceremony area, the optimal location of the banquet tables and seating guests) 3.Creative and stylistics of the wedding 4.Selection of the artists, photographers and other entertainment for guests 5.Technical equipment of the site 6.Delivery of star artists / presenters. Execution of technical and domestic riders / script writing 7.Detailed study of the on-site ceremony / rehearsal 8.Organization of transfer and accommodation of guests 9.Assistance in coordinating the banquet menu 10.Calculation, purchase and delivery of food and beverages 11.Developing and writing timing of the wedding day 12.Optimization of the total wedding budget 13.Preparation of work plans for all contractors 14.Transport of flowers and gifts at the end of the celebration 15.Working in team’s coordinator wedding day Let’s create a beautiful wedding of your dreams together Phone: + 91 9940662455 Website: E-mail: wedding Planners in Chennai – Devaraj Ramasubramanian