bulk sms solutions for retail sector n.
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Sms retail marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Sms retail marketing

Sms retail marketing

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Sms retail marketing

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  1. Wegus Infotech Private Limited Inspiring Business Performance Bulk SMS Solutions for Retail Sector

  2. Understanding The Dynamics Of Retail Marketing Retail Marketing refers to the set of activities that a retail organization undertakes in order to promote its products and services. This involves; • Defining merchandising strategies • Positioning brand effectively • Utilizing consumer responses • Monitoring shopping behaviour • Planning advertising campaigns and • Everything else which helps retailers in selling a finished product to the consumer or end user.

  3. Role of Bulk SMS in the Retail Market • Bulk SMS is the practice of sending text messages to a selected group of recipients simultaneously with minimum effort and maximum benefit. • It is considered to be one of the most effective techniques of mobile marketing.   • Retailers utilize the benefits of the bulk SMS service to build long term trust and relationship among its consumers. • Retailers are intent on focusing their efforts in bringing back customers to their stores. As part of their effective customer retention policy, retailers have engaged in loyalty programs through bulk SMS services.

  4. Role of Bulk SMS in the Retail Market • Most of their bulk SMS is promotional in nature where they send out the following notifications to their customers: • Promotional offers on products • Special discounts • Launch of new products • Launch of new stores • Exhibitions or displays of their products • Updates on price changes • Special rate cards for festivals and special occasions • All of these contribute sufficiently to increase product awareness among consumers and also result in drawing old customers as well as entice new customers to visit the stores.

  5. The Benefits To Retail Sector • Send automated SMS reminders to franchises/dealers to improve the account receivables situation. • Franchises send order confirmation over SMS to reduce the lead time and inventory holding cost. • Customers receive loyalty coupons over SMS and these SMS are scanned by a barcode reader during redemption. • Customers send SMS to a short-code and a company representative calls backIntimate customers about new, exciting and relevant offers based on their past purchase history.

  6. The Benefits To Retail Sector • Provide SMS-based comparison tool to customers so that they compare the prices with other stores. • Customers use mobile phone as loyalty cards instead of expensive to plastic cards. • Launch customer referral program over SMS. • Send a viral SMS to opt-in list who will then forward the SMS to their friends. • Promote the keyword in print/TV media for the purpose of lead generation. • Management can receive SKU-wise periodic sales over SMS. • Management can query Region/SKU wise performance over SMS.

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