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Video Production Companies San Francisco PowerPoint Presentation
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Video Production Companies San Francisco

Video Production Companies San Francisco

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Video Production Companies San Francisco

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  2. .COM Video Production Companies San Francisco

  3. About Us

  4. ActivEFilMMakerS With Some Different Ideas or Excellent Way

  5. Cali Bondad Cali Bondad is a Director/Editor based in San Francisco. She is an active filmmaker and yields an amazing sense of framing and rhythm. She uses bright, bold imagery and inventive camera/editing techniques to tell interesting narrative. Her style is influenced by a combination of street photography and surrealism. She has worked with brands such as The North Face, Muscle Milk, Ralph Lauren, Ben & Jerry's, and Nordstrom Rack.

  6. Plummer / Strauss Justin (the Plummer) and Martin (the Strauss) are directing partners based in San Francisco, CA. With a focus on visual storytelling, they use classic cinematic techniques to create stylized images.In 2014, they were featured in SHOOT Magazine’s 2014 New Director Showcase and shortlisted for a Young Director Award in Cannes. Since then, they haven't gotten any better at writing bios.

  7. Tony Benna Tony Benna has an insatiable need to create. He began making stop motion animations and skateboard videos at a very young age with his big brother and the other neighborhood kids. It was these childhood productions that taught him look at things not for what they are, but what they could be. Basements became production studios, cardboard boxes became sets, and cotton balls became clouds. Today, Tony brings his stop motion background and live action storytelling together, to create distinctive heartfelt films, both in and out of the commercial world.

  8. RANDY SCOTT SLAVIN Randy Scott Slavin is a Director based in New York City, NY. He has a photography background and has earned a name for himself through powerful music videos and branded production, combining clever concepts with bold imagery and channeling the energy of pop culture.. His style is based in documentary brand films, as well as aerial drone photography. His photography can be found in publications including Time Magazine, The Washington post, Gizmodo, Mashable and Fast Company Design, among others.  He is the recipient of the SXSW Special Jury.