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General Services Administration PowerPoint Presentation
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General Services Administration

General Services Administration

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General Services Administration

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  1. General Services Administration Doing Business with GSA and the Mentor Protégé Program

  2. Doing Business with GSA and the Mentor Protégé Program

  3. Purpose • Identify Important Sources of Support • Understand How and What GSA Buys • Discover new Business Opportunities with GSA • Learn more about the Mentor Protégé Program

  4. Intro • GSA’s mission is to use expertise to provide innovative solutions for our customers in support of their missions and by so doing foster an effective, sustainable, and transparent government for the American people. • Our goal is to lead federal agencies in the economical and efficient management of federal assets by spearheading effective policy development and by the exemplary management of the buildings/workplaces, motor vehicles, and personal property provided by GSA.

  5. Important Sources of Support

  6. Important Sources of Support • Small Business Events A calendar of events that are hosted or attended by GSA nationwide to support small business. • Small Business Help An information site to help small business get started with partnering with our agency and more. • Small Business Publication Several publications from across the nation designed with small business in mind.

  7. Important Sources of Support • Small Business Administration • SBA provides business counseling, training and business development specialists providing free and low-cost services in your 1-800-U-ASK-SBA (1-800-827-5722) • The Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers PTACs are dedicated to assisting businesses seeking to compete successfully in federal, state and local government contracting. •  Federal OSBU Agency Offices • The Small Business Act as amended by Public Law 95-507 established the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business (OSDBU) to promote the maximum practicable use of all designated small business categories within the Federal Acquisition process. •

  8. How GSA Buys • Schedules • Long-term governmentwide contracts with commercial firms providing access to over 11 million commercial products and services. • Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) • GSA has awarded several Multiple Award IDIQ contracts to procure technical expertise in areas such as cost estimating, architect/engineer services, seismic/structural/blast services, construction management and inspection, general construction, repair and alteration, design-build, demolition and remediation services.

  9. How GSA Buys • Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) • Provides easy access to repetitive needs for supplies or services • Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) • Access to the most innovative Information Technology sources. • Global Supply Program • An easy and flexible requisition-based ordering for office supplies, tools, computer products, safety gear and cleaning products.

  10. What GSA Buys • GSA uses a variety of contracting vehicles to effectively manage procurement for both its own operations and its government customers.

  11. New Business Opportunities • Sustainability and GSA • • Opportunities to partner with GSA are expanding as we move toward a healthier planet. • Environmental Programs • Sustainable Design • Water and Energy Conservation • Products • Services • Vehicles

  12. New Business Opportunities • Mentor Protégé Program (Tony Eiland – Program Manager) • • GSA’s Mentor-Protégé Program is designed to encourage and motivate GSA prime contractors to assist small businesses and enhance their capability of performing successfully on GSA contracts and subcontracts. • Mentor a Small Business • Learn from a Successful GSA Prime Contractor • Develop Long Term Relationships • Access New Opportunities • Grow into a Future Mentor

  13. Mentor Protégé Program • GSA established the Mentor Protégé Program in the fall of 2009. Since that time, the program has afforded many small businesses new opportunities to grow and participate in the government opportunities. • GSA’s goal is to increase these opportunities for small business by encouraging the development of relationships with our prime GSA contractors.

  14. Mentor Protégé Program Benefits • Encourage and Motivate Small Business Growth • Enhance Protégé Capabilities & Capacity • Foster Long-Term Relationships • Increase Access to Small Business • Increase Opportunity to Existing Small Business Schedule Holders to increase work

  15. Why Mentor a Small Business • Allows for teaming opportunities with the Protégé firms to win new contracts and opportunities • Benefit of learning from the Protégés about new and innovative products and services • Assistance in fulfilling subcontracting plan (Prime contractors’ subcontracting plans containing Mentor-Protégé Agreements can be evaluated more favorably than subcontracting plans without Mentor-Protégé Agreements)

  16. Benefits From GSA for Mentors • Evaluation factor credit on GSA opportunities • Eligible for an annual non-monetary award presented to the Mentor firm providing the most effective developmental support to a Protégé • Being recognized as a “corporate mentor” within the GSA procurement system and capable of using this as a marketing tool with Contracting Officers

  17. Value for the Protégé • New teaming opportunities • Enhance business capability and success • Increased supplier/distribution • Opportunities to perform as a subcontractor or supplier • Long-term business relationships

  18. Eligibility Requirements For Mentors • Mentors can be either Large or Small Businesses • Mentor must have either a GSA Schedule or an active GSA contracting vehicle (BPA, GWAC, etc.) • Large Businesses must be performing under an approved subcontracting plan (not applicable if Mentor is a Small Business) • Have capability and capacity to Mentor • Must be eligible for the Award of Federal contracts • Not listed on the “Excluded Parties List”

  19. Eligibility Requirements For Protégés • Protégé must be a small business according to the SBA size standards in the North American Industrial Codes (NAICs) • Mentorship would be constructive and practical • Be eligible for the award of Federal contracts • Not listed in the “Excluded Parties” List System • Not barred from participation in Mentor-Protégé Programs

  20. Program Details • GSA DOES NOT MATCH - Mentors and protégés must select each other for the program • Mentors are permitted to have more than one Protégé in the Program at one time (A separate Mentor-Protégé Agreement must be submitted for eachMentor-Protégé relationship) • Protégés are allowed to only have one Mentor while in the Program at a time • The GSA Mentor-Protégé Program is a non-credit, non-reimbursableprogram • GSA will not provide the Mentor firm with monetary reimbursement for the cost of developmental assistance incurred supporting the Protégé firm

  21. Application Requirements All Mentor-Protégé Applications mustcontain the following to be considered for approval: • A signed Mentor-Protégé Application (GSA Form 3695) • A signed Mentor-Protégé Agreement • Protégé Needs Assessment performed by the Mentor Firm (recommended) Applications will be evaluated for approval by the Mentor-Protégé Program Manager based on the extent to which the Mentor plans to provide developmental assistance to the Protégé

  22. Application Requirements (Cont.) After a Mentor-Protégé Applications has been approved, the following items are highly recommendedfor performance success in the Program: • GANTT Chart to explain and track the critical path (e.g. projected tasks, timelines and milestones) of the Protégés developmental progress • Schedule a formal kick-off meeting with the Program Manager (this can be in person or over the phone via conference call)

  23. Application Process • Mentor identifies a potential Protégé • Mentor enters into a Mentor-Protégé Agreement with Protégé • Mentor submits application – The approval process takes approximately 30 business days • Acceptance into Program – After the application has been reviewed and approved, the Program Manager will alert the Mentor firm, in writing, as well as provide them with an Acceptance Letter that can be used in proposals and to market to potential customers

  24. Christy Jackiewicz and Tony Eiland Office of Small Business Utilization 1-855-OSBUGSA Small Business Solutions