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  1. SOCKS By: Beverly Cleary Presentation By: Destiny Hooker

  2. Chapter 1 • A girl named Debbie was selling kittens. She didn’t want to sell one of the kittens. The kitten she didn’t want to sell was named Socks. Debbie hid him because she loved him the best and didn’t want to sell him.

  3. Chapter 2 • This family named the Brickers saw the Socks Mr. Bricker always wanted a kitten when he was little. So the Bill Bricker paid 50 cents and they got Socks. After a wile Mrs. Bricker had a baby. Socks did not know what it was. Then Socks figured out what the thing was. It was at first.

  4. Chapter 3 • The Brickers family came over to see Charles William. Charles William is the new baby. Socks still didn’t like Charles William. Its now Socks new top enemy.

  5. Chapter 4 • Mrs. And Mr. Bricker Went out for the night. They called a babysitter. She was an elderly. Her name was Mrs. Risley. She had a survival kit.

  6. Chapter 5 Mr. Brickers mother came over to visit they call her nana. She did not like cats. Nana asked if I was a great idea to have a cat in the house when there's a baby in the house. Mrs. Bricker says she's always in the room with Charles William and Socks. The next morning Socks woke up he was glad nana was still asleep. So he saw a peace of hair he played with it. Then nana woke up. She yelled. Then Mr. and Mrs. Bricker woke up and ran to the living room. They all went to the kitchen to feed Charles William and the family. Socks bit Mrs. Bricker then nana yelled your bleeding. Mr. Bricker threw Socks out.

  7. Chapter 6 • Socks got into a fight with a cat named Old Taylor. It was raining out side so it was muddy. Old Taylor bit Socks and scratched Socks. Then he yelled Mr. and Mrs. Bricker came outside to see what was happening. They saw the blood on his fur they took him in the house. They wiped of all the blood.

  8. Chapter 7 • Charles William and Socks got stuck in the bedroom. Mrs. Bricker tried to open the bedroom door. Mrs. Bricker went outside to check on them. Mrs. Bricker peeked inside the window. There neighbor Tiffany asked what Mrs. Bricker was doing. Mrs. Bricker said she was trying to get Charles William and Socks out of the bedroom. Mrs. Bricker went to get a step ladder.