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Political Advocacy & Your Bottom Line: The Importance of ACEC/PAC to Your Firm PowerPoint Presentation
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Political Advocacy & Your Bottom Line: The Importance of ACEC/PAC to Your Firm

Political Advocacy & Your Bottom Line: The Importance of ACEC/PAC to Your Firm

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Political Advocacy & Your Bottom Line: The Importance of ACEC/PAC to Your Firm

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  1. Political Advocacy & Your Bottom Line: The Importance of ACEC/PAC to Your Firm

  2. Supporting Your Industry • The American Council of Engineering Companies Political Action Committee (ACEC/PAC) – is your national PAC, supporting your firm’s interests in Congress. • ACEC/PAC raised over $1.16 million for the current (2007- 2008) election cycle to support pro-business House and Senate candidates, putting ACEC in the top 3% of all PACs nationally!

  3. ACEC/PAC = Legislative Success Legislative Success = Bottom Line Benefits • New 9% tax deduction for A/E firms. • Eliminated “opt out” that allowed DOTs to cap overhead and require multiple audits. • New student loan forgiveness program ($10,000 over 5 years) to attract more young people to engineering. • Fair Labor Standards Act reforms to ease compliance and avoid costly lawsuits. • Protected transportation funding levels authorized in SAFETEA LU from cuts. • New $24 billion Corps projects bill (WRDA). • New energy bill stimulating power/petroleum sector. • Defeated major anti-outsourcing measures.

  4. Priorities for 2009 • Secure timely passage of SAFETEA LU reauthorization bill. • Repeal 3% withholding mandate. • Pass major water and airports infrastructure legislation that boosts funding, expands QBS. • Promote cash accounting and other industry tax priorities; Tort Reform, including passage of a national Good Samaritan bill. • Funding and incentives to promote energy sector.

  5. ACEC/PAC may give up to $10,000 to federal candidates per election cycle. ACEC/PAC is bipartisan -- issues determine financial support, not political party. ACEC/PAC is governed by committee of PAC Champions. Employees of ACEC member firms with a current prior approval form may contribute to ACEC/PAC Individuals may contribute up to $5,000/year. No corporate checks! Personal checks or credit cards only. Corporate funds can be used to offset PAC fundraising costs. Ex: sponsoring golf tournaments or donating items for ACEC/PAC auctions. How Does It Work?

  6. ACEC Strategic Plan Goal “Grow ACEC/PAC to a $1 million-per-year PAC by 2010, while ‘capturing’ the influence of our most politically active individual members.”

  7. ACEC/PAC Needs Your Help Today! • Overall target for 2009 - $900,000 • STATE’s state goal = $XXXX • State commitment is vital to achieving our industry goal. • Help STATE cross the finish line!

  8. ACEC/PAC Supports Candidates whose Positions and Decisions Greatly Impact the A/E Industry. Contributions to candidates are based on: • Their position on A/E issues; • Committee assignments and leadership position; • A candidate’s voting record • The opinion of ACEC/PAC Committee members, executive directors, and PAC contributors 93% of federal candidates supported by ACEC/PAC were elected to the 111th Congress.

  9. ACEC/PAC Works for STATESupporting Your State’s Congressional Delegation • Senators • Congressmen

  10. How We Compare 2007-2008 Election Cycle

  11. Millennium ClubHow It Works • ACEC/PAC’s $1000/year donor club. • Members receive recognition at the Annual Convention and Fall Conference, complimentary invitations to events with congressional leaders, priority seating at Conference sessions, and photo opportunities with VIP speakers.

  12. The Chairman’s ClubHow It Works • Each member commits a MINIMUM of $2500 to support ACEC/PAC and ACEC events during the year. • $1000 of the commitment goes directly to ACEC/PAC. • The remaining balance of $1,500 remains “on call”, to be used to support ACEC-sponsored events in Washington and around the country. • Result – high profile engineering industry events with key policy makers, including the Speaker of the House, and House and Senate Majority Whips, greater influence in shaping national agenda. • Chairman’s Club members receive a seat on the PAC Trustees board, where key decisions involving PAC support are made, along with the benefits of Millennium Club membership.

  13. The Capitol ClubHow It Works • Each member commits the federal legal maximum of $5,000 to support ACEC/PAC during the calendar year. • Capitol Club members have complimentary access to all ACEC/PAC events throughout the year. • Capital Club members receive other benefits available Chairman’s Club and Millennium Club members.

  14. The Perfect World • A $1 million national PAC, plus… • Hundreds of Capitol Club, Chairman’s Club & Millennium Club members throughout the country, equals… • A formidable political program that will advance and protect industry interests and enhance your bottom line!

  15. HELP US WIN! For more information, contact: Greg Knopp Executive Director, Political Affairs Or Elizabeth Coit ACEC/PAC Director (202) 347-7474