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Why are women's golf shirts usually sleeveless?

Women like to wear sleeveless clothes, even sports shirts, so my golf shirt offers the best sleeveless golf shirts for women that are fit and comfortable.<br>

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Why are women's golf shirts usually sleeveless?

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  2. Why are women's golf shirts usually sleeveless?

  3. Have such questions ever arisen when you see a golf game going and you see the difference between the men's and women's golf t-shirts? If yes the answers to it go as follows,   women's golf tops vary on at large scale; they are available with or without collars.  And if talk about sleeves usually traditionalwomen golf shirtswhere long sleeve golf shirts are today’s fashion statement and sleeves were a traditional sense of modesty.  the men's golf and the women's golf both have rules about what kind of clothing a competitor can wear, and those rules are based upon social norms. since it is more socially acceptable for women to wear sleeveless tops the golf for ladies allows the competitor to wear sleeveless golf t-shirts.  

  4. However, at My Golf Shirts  whether it be short sleeves or long ones the range of best golf shirts assure you the comfort and ease of playing without having to worry about  wiping off your sweat time and again because our best golf shirts are designed from the latest DRI FIT Technology  which absorbs all the sweat from your body ultimately evaporating it and keeping you dry and fresh till your last stroke of play   Whether it's the fluorescent night balls, putters, or special golf clubs for more drive - everything is needed for other specifications as every golfer is different and we here at My Golf Shirts understand the same and design our best golf shirts with style and comfort which helps you completely focus on your game performance. 

  5. We here at My Golf Shirts  offer you a wide range of t-shirts for women that have a comfortable fit, are stylish, and also help you stay focussed on your game and keep you fresh throughout your game and they are made using DRI-FIT technology. And you can get all of it at My Golf Shirts  at a very affordable price.  So what are you waiting for? check out our best golf t-shirts at www.mygolfshirts.com.


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