robosky remote presence observatories n.
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ROBOsky Remote Presence Observatories PowerPoint Presentation
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ROBOsky Remote Presence Observatories

ROBOsky Remote Presence Observatories

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ROBOsky Remote Presence Observatories

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  1. ROBOskyRemote Presence Observatories M17 Swan Nebula in Sagittarius155mm f7 Refractor with CCD Camera Internet Controlled Astronomical ObservatoryCanada

  2. Customized to Observing Needs • Conduct real science, education or public outreach from single local structures at your location to… • Multiple observatories sharing common infrastructure at observatory farms to… • Fully hosted remote presence locations in Canada, USA, Europe, Australia • Solar or dark sky astronomy

  3. “Real-Time” live planetarium shows Interactive visitor experience from floor exhibits Interactive web presence Citizen based science Educational outreach Science Applications

  4. Instrumentation 6” Refractor • Medium aperture (280-400mm) telescope. • GoTo robotic telescope mount • CCD digital imaging Camera • Color filter wheel • Auto-focuser • Solar filters CCD Camera GoTo Robotic Telescope Mount

  5. Imaging Cameras Hi resolution web cameras with user controlled tilt, pan and zoom to view dome interior and instrumentation Dumbbell Nebula Hi Resolution, Hi Quantum Efficiency enhanced CCD imaging systems with filter Set and temperature compensated auto-focusers. M13 Globular Cluster M82 Galaxy inUrsa Major

  6. Observatory • Fully automated Clamshell Observatory under local and computer control • Suitable for harsh environments (heat, cold, damp or dry) • System failsafes in place to insure security, safety and protection to equipment • Modular components for easy servicing • Requires platform, power, telecom and/or LAN connection

  7. Simple Computer User Interface CCD Digital Image Capture Virtual Skywith mouse click telescope control Live View of Dome Interiorwith tilt/pan camera control Dome Control

  8. Multiple Control Points Local Control from Observatory Computer Full Internet Access Peer to Peer Computer Control over your Local Area Network or WAN

  9. Multi-layer hardware & software failsafes and interlocks Environmental sensors Thermally controlled computer environment Software firewall and log-on security Codes External key-lock entry Optional perimeter detectors and alarms Safe and Secure

  10. Separate solar telescopes with… Hydrogen Alpha filter for views of the Chromosphere White light filter for views of the Photosphere Optional Solar Observing Views of prominences in the Sun’s Chromosphere with Hydrogen Alpha Filter Views of sunspots in the Sun’s Photosphere with White Light Filter Piggy Back mounted Solar Telescopes

  11. Multi-sensor professional weather station Data logging and archiving Interactive user interface suitable for standalone use Fully integrated with observatory network Optional Weather Station