presented by mrs kanokporn kaewjamras 002 mr chukhaid konto ngen 256 n.
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Logistics and supply chain PowerPoint Presentation
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Logistics and supply chain

Logistics and supply chain

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Logistics and supply chain

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  1. Presented by Mrs. KANOKPORN KAEWJAMRAS 002 Mr.CHUKHAID KONTO-NGEN 256 Logistics and supply chain

  2. THe Basic thought

  3. CSCMP Supply chain management encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing and procurement, conversion, and all logistics management activities. Importantly, it also includes coordination and collaboration with channel partners, which can be suppliers, intermediaries, third party service providers, and customers. In essence, supply chain management integrates supply and demand management within and across companies. Pair Work Logistic is process of moving things which are goods, services, and the information form place to place. For supply chain, it is activities that reduce waste and increase revenue for company. So, Logistics and supply chain is all activities movement that help business and company in order to achieve there objective. Moreover, Logistics and supply chain are parts of activities including to but, to make, to move, and to sell things. In our opinion, logistics are part of supply chain that called "Unionist"

  4. How Does CSCMP Developed? KANOKPORN After study Logistic and Supply Chain System analysis, I still believed that Logistics is part of Supply chain. Due to supply chain mapping, I can see the whole chain of supply that supported by logistics strategies and techniques in order to make the whole chain move smoothly and effectively. Chukhiad The Supply Chain Management’s definition of CSCMP makes my first definition be enumerated more about the plan and manage the activities of sourcing and producing. Make my supply chain management in the first more wilder deeper and clearer.

  5. Basic Supply Chain

  6. Physical Flow

  7. Information Flow

  8. Reverse Flow

  9. The Final Product

  10. Considered in Quality with an organic coffee bean Wet process Service the customer can return a bad goods back and receive good one instead

  11. Quality • Organic coffee bean check by non-chemical • The best Arabica coffee which can growth for 1 out of 10 percent in the whole world • The wet process is the process of pulping the coffee beans with naturally, which consists of soaking, demucilaging, then the sun-drying to dry the coffee beans. The measurement in term of value

  12. Value Stream Mapping by LEANPILOT

  13. Operation Supplier Manufacture

  14. Distributing

  15. Value analysis

  16. CHANGE Tran Sport ation

  17. MOTION Which separately the Coffee’s supplier is responding to sort the coffee beans and also check the quality of coffee before handed to the manufacture.

  18. WAITING Evenly, the process of sun- dried is spending about ten days but it necessary to do it to keep the value of the coffee bean, which is aroma smell, and the taste. NEEDED

  19. The measurement Total lead time is 18,010 mins/ 300.17 hr/ 12.5 days

  20. References

  21. Questions please?

  22. Thank you for your attention