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How to make the World Aware that the Party is Over PowerPoint Presentation
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How to make the World Aware that the Party is Over

How to make the World Aware that the Party is Over

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How to make the World Aware that the Party is Over

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  1. How to make the World Aware that the Party is Over Kjell Aleklett Uppsala University Sweden

  2. International Workshop On Oil DepletionIWOOD2002 Uppsala, Sweden, May 23-25, 2002 The ASPO Statistical Review of Oil and Gas: Statement by Matthew Simmons, energy adviser for President Bush:  “We need a wake up call. We need it desperately. We need basically a new form of energy. I don’t know that there is one.”  (TV4, Sweden)

  3. Uppsala Hydrocarbon Depletion Group

  4. Growth ”Gated Eden” ”Eden” Splitting ”The fall of the Empire” ”Global Darwinism”

  5. Needed for a good party Good music Plenty of food Champagne, Champagne and Champagne

  6. Needed for a good energy party Easy to move energy Abundance without limits Methods to transform bound energy into something useful The name of the game has been oil!

  7. How much energy is bound in oil? 1 litre of oil contain 10 kWh What can you do with 10 kWh? You can move 10 small cars to the top of the Eiffel tower!

  8. The oil in the North Sea is limited

  9. Perfect object for oil

  10. Use of energy in Sweden during 100 years TWh

  11. World’s remaining oil reserves

  12. Reality from the speech of the silent elephants

  13. Reported Giant Elephants from 1870 till 2000 Number Per 5 year About 70% of all oil we have discovered can be found in 371 giant oilfields, the giant elephants.

  14. Cumulative Discovery according to BP statistical review.

  15. Discovery per year from 1950 till 2000( BP statistical review )

  16. OPEC:s numbers according to Oil & Gas journal. Production in the OPEC countries in the table is 6 Gb/year

  17. Production of oil in Kuwait Greater Burgan

  18. Reported reserves in Kuwait

  19. Middle East Difference between the Uppsala model and BP Saudi Arabia 194,4 (261.8) Gb Iraq 95.0 (112,5) Gb Iran 70,5 (89,7) Gb Kuwait 55,4 (96,5) Gb N. Zone 8,45 Abu Dubai 59,4 (97,8) Gb Oman 6,74 (5,5) Gb Qatar 5,73 (5,5) Gb Yemen 1,36 (4,0) Gb Syria 2,01 (2,8) Gb Sum 499 (676.1) Gb It looks as 177 Gb oil is missing

  20. Production and reserves Oil & Gas J. 2001-12-31

  21. Back dating • An oilfield contains what it contains because it was filled in the geological past • An oilfield is found by the first successful borehole drilled into it. • All the oil, ever to be produced from it under any circumstance, is logically attributable to the original discovery • Date is as important as Amount

  22. Prudhoe Bay - Reported Reserves

  23. Predicting the future 231 production wells 1988 1977

  24. Realety and Illusion x Realety Prediction Inflexion due to falling discovery OPEC “quota war” Illusion

  25. Discovery per year from 1950 till 2000

  26. World’s remaining oil reserves

  27. Colin Campbell "Understanding depletion is simple. Think of an Irish pub. The glass starts full and ends empty. There are only so many more drinks to closing time. It’s the same with oil. We have to find the bar before we can drink what’s in it."

  28. Published Estimates of Ultimate recovery Average of 65 estimates is 1.93 Tb

  29. USA oil and USGS 2000 USGS numbers for USA year 2025: F95 = 345 Gb Mean = 362 Gb F5 = 383 Gb Dvs mean +/- 5%

  30. World R/P for oil and gas R/P is claiming that current reserves of 1000 Gb could support current production at 27 Gb/a for 37 years. R/P is a poor indicator and should be ignored.

  31. Peak Discovery 1964 World - conventional oilUltimate : 1900 Gb To-date 2002: 927 Gb Peak Discovery High Prices Curb Demand

  32. ASPO at Uppsala: The world oil depletion curve

  33. H.J. Longwell, Exxon MobilWorld Energy Vol 5, Nr3, 2002 In closing, let me say that I believe industry has the resources to meet future global energy demand for some considerable time. I base this in part on my belief that technological advances will continue in exploration, development and production, just as they have in the past. This is the one major component in our success equation that we can control, and we must be relentless in its pursuit. Such advances will be critical to meeting energy demand after 2010. I think it is well within the realm of possibility that many of our future discoveries will come not just from new frontier areas, but also from proven areas, as evolving technology improves our ability to virtually "see" and distinguish the oil and gas before we drill.

  34. Norway: crude oil production of all fields including 2001 (52 Felder) History Forecast Sm3 6 Gb + 3 Gb 17 Gb Monthly data 1/99 - 10/02 ? Source: NPD

  35. Professor Kenneth S DeffeyesPrincton University, USAHubbert’s Peak, The Impending World Oil Shortage I have some advice for my granddaughter Emma, age two: “Learn something about thermodynamics. By the time you reach retirement age the world production of oil, the kind that’s fun to drill for, will be down to a fifth of its present size. Get into renewable energy.”

  36. If 100 gb of oil is squeezed into one bottle of Champagne we have spent 9 bottles.

  37. No party without Champagne

  38. Nine in the refrigerator and two to find

  39. The nine in the refrigerator

  40. There is one bottle in Iraq and if we pore the content into four glasses each glass represent the global consumption per year.

  41. From the beginning the nature had put two bottles in the ground in USA. They have just started to sip on the last glass.

  42. If we have 11 bottles to empty and it takes 4 years to empty one everyone should be aware of the the party is over and that we need to do something!!!!

  43. Aristoteles, 340“The Earth is round!”ASPO 2003, “We will have a peak and decline and we have to fight against the “flat earth” people”.