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Video Marketing Survival Tips for Business

http://whoissvenwolf.com/video-marketing-survival-tips-business/ This article talks about how to be successful in video marketing for business.

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Video Marketing Survival Tips for Business

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  1. Video Marketing Survival Tips for Business By: Sven Wolf www.WhoisSvenWolf.com

  2. Whether your business is just starting up or has been established for a longer time – you need to add video marketing on your marketing strategy. Why not? It not only helps you connect with your customers, attract further clients, it also help your sites show up higher on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. This is because search engines now prefer reading keywords tagged on videos than the usual texts from web pages.

  3. But video marketing has now become a household name for internet marketers who want to gain returns from their efforts. Result? According to YouTube (The most popular video sharing site), 100 hours of video are uploaded on their site every minute! And approximately, other video sharing sites share the same story.

  4. But do not fret – because I am here to guide and share with you the essential survival tips on video marketing.

  5. Provide Value Always share something important or useful to your target audience. Perhaps a video about how to set up a RC toy, if you are in the business of selling toys will provide customer service – a value to your customers. Do not create videos just for the sake of having a video and rank high on search engines.

  6. Be sociable Video marketing is a part of the social media marketing arsenal. So it is just apparent that you should be SOCIAL -- friendly and responsive on your videos. Respond to your video commenters. This is one good way to address your customer’s complaints. Have a friendly voice and a smile on your face when capturing yourself on the video camera. This will result to building a good rapport with your audience that subsequently will lead to more customers.

  7. Have a “Call to Action” It is the image or line of text that prompts your viewer to take action. The best videos all have calls to action, but not every marketer is remembering to include one. So, always include this ask your audience what you want them to do. If you want them to visit your site, include a call to action that asks them to visit your business’ website etc. Take control and make them do what you need them to do.

  8. Make it short Videos should be at max of 3 minutes long because most people have short attention span, especial. So, keep your videos on point. Also, do not tackle a number of topics on one video as this will not only extend the duration of the video but also lose focus on what you are trying to impart.

  9. Be Creative You do not want to bore your audience. You will absolutely want to be unique and be noticed easily by your target audience. So be original, innovative. Keep the creative juices running!

  10. Use Tags and Video Descriptions Tagging is one of the most important ways to rank your video in YouTube search results, as well as search engines, like Google – so this is crucial if you want your business to gain exposure online. Use relevant keywords in the video titles and descriptions when you upload your videos.

  11. Upload where it is more visible Do not upload the video on your website where your site viewers will have a hard time viewing it. Ideally, you should have the video on your home page so you won’t require your page visitors to scroll down or click a link to view it.

  12. Any more surviving Video Marketing? Please share them in the comments!Please check my website below for more of online marketing:http://www.WhoisSvenWolf.comThanks! Sven Wolf

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