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Kidz Gifts Wholesale Toys - Games and Stationery For Kids PowerPoint Presentation
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Kidz Gifts Wholesale Toys - Games and Stationery For Kids

Kidz Gifts Wholesale Toys - Games and Stationery For Kids

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Kidz Gifts Wholesale Toys - Games and Stationery For Kids

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  1. Wholesale Toys, Games, Fancy Dress & Stationery For Kids!

  2. EVERY TYPE OF TOY AND GAME IS AVAILABLE At Kidz Gifts we pride our business on being able to provide the most competitive wholesale prices

  3. Whether you are stocking up on playing cards for mini magicians, wooden easels for artists of the future, or colourful pogo sticks for children who simply can’t sit still, with hundreds of toys to choose from, there is only one toy wholesaler you will ever need.

  4. £0.54 PRANKSTER PACK OF 3 JOKE STINK BOMBS This is a real classic prank, whether you are a child or an adult!Just throw the glass ball stink bomb on the ground or crush it under your foot, when is breaks a terrible rotten egg smell spreads in the area.

  5. Inflatable Reusable Jelly Balloon Ball The balloon that becomes a ball.  The uses for inflatables are never ending! They can be used for pool parties, as decorations and tons of other uses. £0.57

  6. £0.14 PARTY FUN SNAPS – THROW BANGERS Fun Snaps – Step on them, drop them, throw them to hear the bang. Each box of fun snaps contains 50 snaps.

  7. Colour Felt Set Velvet Colouring Set Colour your own felt poster to hang on your wall. Because of the felt even if mistakes are made they are easily masked so you always end up with a beautiful picture. £0.78

  8. £1.15 PACK OF 3 FORTNITE PENCILS TOPPERS Pack of 3 Fortnite pencils with erasers. Perfect for the Fortnite fans.

  9. £15.50 CASDON PINK HETTY HOOVER This cute scaled-down version of the ever-popular Hetty hoover toy vacuum cleaner includes the famous Henry eyes and smile. It really works, picking up small bits of paper or poly beads.

  10. £4.73 DRESS UP CHILD DOCTOR COSTUME Child doctor costume. Includes doctors coat.

  11. Mini Handheld Retro Water Games Mini handheld retro water game. Press the buttons to make the balls go through the basket, into the columns, build a triangle or toss the rings on the hooks. £0.57

  12. £0.68 RAINBOW SQUISHY MESH BALL WITH BEADS This rainbow mesh ball is perfect to relief stress and enjoying in the same time as the rainbow colours spills out of the net like small bubbles, just squeeze the ball to release all your stress out, will be hard to put down.

  13. £0.14 LLAMA SLOTH OR UNICORN MINI SLIME POTS Mini slime tops with Llama, sloth or unicorn images on top.