by veronica roth n.
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  1. By: Veronica Roth Insurgent

  2. Major Characters • Tris Prior: Tris is a girl who has fought in one big battle- a war. After she gets the mind control serum out of the way, there’s one thing left to do, kill Jeanine Mathews. She will do it, but she needs help from Four/Tobias first. • Four/Tobias Eaton: Four has had a tough life in the past, but now he’s with Tris and every thing should be perfect, but there not. His mother has reunited with him, the lady that left him with his abusive dad. Tobias will have to work with both his mom and dad now, and they are fighting against each other.

  3. Minor Characters • Caleb Prior: Caleb is Tris’s brother. Caleb is on Tris’s side, for now. He is from Erudite, where Jeanine was his leader. Later, Tris hates him, for he brings her to her death. • Marcus and Evelyn Eaton: Marcus Eaton is Tobias's father. Tobias hates his father for abusing him when he was younger. He also hates his mother for faking a death and leaving him with his father. • Johanna Reyes: Johanna is the leader of the Amity, who Tris and Four go to for help. She later decides that she will help, and becomes the leader along with Marcus when Tris and Four leave.

  4. Minor Characters Continued… • Jeanine Mathews: Jeanine Mathews is about as evil as a person gets. She wants all the Abnegation, and anyone who’s divergent, dead. She will stop at nothing to win. • Tori: Tori is the leader of the rebel group. She will fight to kill Jeanine, because she’s the kind of person who killed her brother.

  5. Setting • The setting is in the city of Chicago. The city is surrounded by a wall, keeping everyone away from the outside. Tris and Four are fighting against Jeanine Mathews, the person who kills their kind. Tris and Four go to the Amity faction for help, and stay while they can. After they’re discovered at Amity, they go to Candor, seeking help.

  6. Plot • Tris, Four, and the rest of Chicago are in the middle of a civil war. The leader of the enemy, Jeanine, will stop at nothing to kill anyone who is divergent, or any one who stands in her way. Tris and Four will do anything for each other. So when Tris is captured, Four turns himself in, too. When Tris is being too difficult, Jeanine decides to move her execution, to tomorrow. She has a secret helper her saves her, making everyone think she’s dead. The helper gets her and Tobias out of Erudite.

  7. Plot Continued… • Once out of Erudite headquarters, they find Tobias’s mother, Evelyn, who wants to team up. They rest with her and her faction-less people and make an attack plan. They get into Erudite where Jeanine is waiting. Tris has secretly been meeting with Marcus, and after what he tells her, she can’t let Tori kill Jeanine. When Tris gets up to where Tori is about to kill Jeanine, she attacks, begging Tori not to kill Jeanine and telling her they need her for information. It doesn’t work, and after Jeanine is dead, Tris is considered a traitor.

  8. Plot Continued… • All of a sudden, every thing goes bad. Evelyn takes complete power over everyone with her faction-less army, most of which are divergent, so they with stand the serums. Tobias and Tris run away to Amity, seeking help. Johanna does not agree to fight, but agrees to help any other way. Once they are discovered at Amity, the run to Candor, where they are treated like traitors from Evelyn’s army and are put under a serum called truth serum that makes them tell the truth so that the Candor now they aren’t traitors.

  9. My Opinion… • This is one of three books in the series, Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant. These are the best books ever and are part of the best series ever. I love the drama, the adventure, and the emotions in the book.

  10. I recommend reading this book, Insurgent to anyone who loves reading, because its long and probably the best book you’ll ever read. I also recommend reading the other two books. You cant just read one, you have to and will want to read the rest! Recommendation…

  11. Out of five stars, I’d give Insurgent I Give This Book…...

  12. The Prior Family… Mrs. Prior Making a Choice Mr. Prior Saying Good-Bye

  13. The Team… Tris Caleb Jeanine Tobias Tori Marcus Eaton

  14. The Place… Chicago The Jump The Park The Marsh

  15. Divergent, Allegiant, Free Four, The Son, The Initiate, The Traitor, Divergent Thinking, and Shards and Ashes(by Veronica Roth and others) Also by Veronica Roth…