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E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

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E-Commerce Solutions

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  1. E-Commerce Solutions Olga Streltchenko Yelena Yesha

  2. E-Commerce Solutions • In-house development vs commercial solutions • Intershop • BroadVision • BlueMartini • Conclusions

  3. In-House Development versus Commercial Solutions • In-house development • Customized for individual needs; • Often include only bare necessities. • Optimized performance; • Longer time-to-market • For complex enterprises. • Need for in-house programming expertise. • Commercial Solutions • Generic; • Sometimes an overkill; • Expensive support; • Need for vendor consulting. • Short time-to-market.

  4. Intershop • • Founded in 1994; headquarters in San Francisco; has operations in 24 countries. • more than 3,000 customers. • 200 implementation partners. • Provider of comprehensive e-business software; • offers cross-industry and industry-specific solutions. • Intershop's solutions enable global enterprises to • optimize relationships with key trading partners (PR), • improve business efficiencies, • leverage existing sales channels and integrate new ones. • Forrester Research recently awarded Intershop Enfinity with a number one ranking in its Commerce Platform TechRankings™.

  5. Customers • Hewlett -Packard, Intel, Motorola, Shell and Time Warner. • Application Service Providers (ASPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telecommunications companies providing hosted solutions to their customers. • BellSouth, ISION, Agiliti and Deutsche Telekom.

  6. Solutions • Cross-industry solutions • B2B; • B2C; • Marketplace; • Supply chain management. • Industry-specific solutions for • Automotive; • consumer goods; • high tech and engineering; • retail markets; • Others under development.

  7. Enfinity • Enterprise e-business platform. • Sell-side application. • Functionality: • Supply chain management; • Cataloging; • Transaction processing; • E-marketplace integration. • Built-in integration capability; • Customize and extend the server.

  8. Enfinity Architecture • Allows integration with custom and third-party solutions. • Separates catalog and transaction functions. • MC provides a central business management point. • AS provides interface to a distributed environment. Management Center Catalog Server Trans- action Server Compo- nents Enfinity Application Server Java 2 Enterprise edition Database

  9. Business Functionality • Fully functional templates for a sell-side e-commerce Web site . • Commerce concepts supported • Multi-currency; • Advanced parametric search; • Buyer alerts; • Product bundling (recall combinatorial selling) and variation; • Cross-selling; • Promotions and e-mail product recommendations; • Product comparisons; • Buyer shopping lists; • Buyer notification; • Product bookmarks.

  10. Enfinity Components: EMC • Provides a Windows GUI called the Enfinity Management Center (EMC) which consolidates • E-business processes; • Product information; • Buyer Information; • Transaction processing; • Integration with other systems; • Development environment for the HTML designers and business analysts; • Integrated OLAP reporting engine • Unicode-compliant for localization. • Languages currently supported: German, French, Spanish, Japanese.

  11. Enfinity Components (cont’d) • Visual Pipeline Manager (VPM) is used to view and edit graphical representation of the business processes called pipelines. • Over 100 configurable pre-packaged business logic building blocks called pipelets are defined. • Catalog server • supports user-defined categorization hierarchies, product types, product bundles, product variations, and display parameters; • Has built-in XML capabilities; • Allows to control relationships between products, create product pricing groups, manage rules for up-selling and cross-selling.

  12. Enfinity Components: Transaction Server • Or Enfinity Transactivity Center (ETS), according to Intershop. • Core Enfinity function. • ETS defines how transactions are handled. • User defines business rules to • Manage product availability status; • Handle orders; • Check order status; • Access customer/buyer information; • Set parameters for tax and shipment. • ETS transacts in a distributed environment. • XML application. • Provides business reporting capabilities (business intelligence).

  13. Performance and Scalability • Multiple Web Adapters within clusters to distribute incoming requests. • Load balancing. • Session fail-over. • Benchmark numbers available. • Support for system interoperability, extensibility and integration. • Use of standard-based technologies; • XML; • WAP; • J2EE.

  14. Intershop4 • Hosting product. • For service providers: • ASP; • ISP; • Telecommunications. Merchant Hosting ePages

  15. Intershop4 Product Line • ePages allows xSPs to deploy and host entry-level communities for small and mid-sized sellers. • As their businesses grow, SPs can upgrade sellers to Hosting. • Hosting enables xSPs to host fully featured e-commerce solutions for small and mid-sized sellers on a shared-server environment. • As their businesses grow, SPs can upgrade sellers to a single store with Merchant. • Merchant is dedicated server solution.

  16. Hosting and Merchant System Architecture • Four-tier, platform independent architecture. • Web Browser • Intershop is managed and administered from any remote computer via a standard Web browser. • Web Adapters • Optimize the interaction between end-user requests and the Intershop application server; • Balance the request load among the Application Servers to assure uninterrupted performance.

  17. Hosting and Merchant System Architecture (cont’d) • Application Servers • Two types of Application Servers: • for administrative requests, • for storefront requests. • By default, Intershop installs two of each type. • Create and add more Application Servers. • The Application Servers remain persistently loaded in memory; • No process initiation overhead. • Sybase Adaptive Server XI • Complies with the Open Database Connectivity standard (ODBC); • Can be accessed through ODBC drivers.

  18. Intershop4 Developer Tools • Intershop4 is an open e-commerce platform. • Allows to extend the functionality of its core technology. • Developer Tools serve to integrate Intershop 4 with third-party applications. • XML Interface Developer Kit (xIDK) • A set of development tools that provide an interface to the Intershop 4 database using Java and XML. • Service Providers can enable sellers to export and import XML-encoded order, customer and content data, or to connect to third-party applications. • Service Providers can connect Intershop 4 Hosting, Merchant or ePages(version 4.2) to external systems. • Sellers can transfer content to external systems, such as marketplaces.

  19. Intershop4 Developer Tools (cont’d) • Intershop Developer Kit (IDK) • A set of Java-based development tools that enables Service Providers to integrate Intershop 4 with their existing enterprise business systems. • Allows communication with Intershop 4 Hosting, Merchant or ePages database to retrieve and update business objects. • Includes a Java Classes library, documentation, tools, sample code, and case studies. • Cartridge Developer Kit (CDK) • Allows software vendors to create a functional connection between Intershop 4 Hosting/Merchant with their third-party applications. • A development tool that enables a way to integrate applications and payment systems with Intershop 4. • To obtain the CDK, software vendors must be accepted into the Integrated Technology Partner (ITP) Program.

  20. Industry-Specific Solutions • Enfinity Server is customized to meet specific needs. • Example: high-tech and engineering solution: • Manages customer relations; • Personalization, market analysis. • Integrates supply chain and builds direct online connections to suppliers and distributors; • Integration through private procurement markets. • Customers: HP, Bosch, Canon, Compaq, etc. • Also see other industry-specific solutions from Intershop at

  21. Cross-Industry Solutions • Enfinity Server is customized to meet specific sector needs, e.g, B2B, B2C, marketplace, etc. • Example: B2B Solution: • Enables the following functionality: • Request for quotes (RFQs); • Order management; • Personalization; • Online help desk integration; • Online stock availability and pricing; • Recurring orders; • Staggered purchases; • Customer-specific prices, terms, and conditions; • Product configuration; • Multiple payment and shipment functionality; • Business intelligence.

  22. BroadVision • • BroadVision provides a line of Internet software products and services for enabling large-scale Net business. • Company’s goals: • adherence to open software standards; • scalability and performance; • foolproof data and transaction security; • functionality based on expert business logic; • rigorous testing for quality assurance.

  23. BroadVision Product Line • BroadVision Analytics • Analysis and reporting application; • Transforms information collected from observation logs, customer profiles, and transaction databases; • Goal: service personalization. • BroadVision Billing • Reduces operating costs; • manages customers relations. • BroadVision Business Commerce • PR management; • Supply chain management; • Transaction support.

  24. BroadVision Product Line (cont’d) • BroadVision One-To-One Enterprise • Complete e-commerce platform; • Support for open standards: • J2EE (including support for Enterprise JavaBeans, JavaServer Pages, Java servlets, and Java, programming), XML, CORBA, C++, COM, LDAP, and WML and WAP for wireless communication. • Analytics to support reporting capabilities, plus analysis of content, fulfillment, sales, shopping patterns, visitors, and web activity. • Content management; • XML content creation. • Session management and customer profiling; • Security (login, SSL and S-HTTP, digital signatures, etc.); • Wireless support • Allows to restyle applications for wireless devises.

  25. BroadVision Product Line (cont’d) • BroadVision Finance • Support high-volume Internet banking, online bill presentment, brokerage, and asset management services. • BroadVision InfoExchange Portal • Single personalized gateway. • BroadVision MarketMaker • Supports formation of trading communities with automated order processing, attribute-based RFQs, sophisticated catalog management, dynamic auctioning, and robust analytic and reporting capabilities.

  26. BroadVision Product Line (cont’d) • BroadVision Retail Commerce Suite • Seller-side suit; • Enables marketing and merchandising professionals to employ automated tools that identify customers and products and dynamically serve content for individual consumers. • BroadVision Procurement • A complete, web-based self-service purchasing system for maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) goods. • Wireless accessibility to purchasing information through standard industry tools. • BroadVision Publishing, etc.

  27. BlueMartini •

  28. BlueMartini Product Line • Blue Martini Marketing • A comprehensive solution for customer analysis and marketing automation. • Identification and segmenting high-value customers; • Executing targeted campaigns optimized for response rate; • Personalization of interactions to retain customers and increase wallet share; • Creating virtual focus groups to test-market new ideas.

  29. BlueMartini Product Line (cont’d) • Blue Martini Commerce • B2C and B2B seller-side application. • Personalization. • Interactions over the web and through mobile devices • Site management capabilities. • Blue Martini Channels • A complete channel management solution for maximizing revenues from channel partners and online marketplaces. • Partner relation management. • Creation of partner portals that provide resellers with the information and tools they need.

  30. BlueMartini Product Line (cont’d) • Blue Martini Service • Customer service application. • Improves customer satisfaction • Increases CSRs (customer service representative) efficiency. • Increases web-page interactiveness. • Provides integration with other Blue Martini applications.

  31. BlueMartini 4 Architecture

  32. BlueMartini 4 Architecture (cont’d) • Ensures scalability by providing for an expandable pool of web servers. • Provides real-time customer purchasing experience by assigning a dedicated database to each webstore server. • Utilizes hardware investment effectively by including server load balancing capabilities to optimize response time and eliminate down servers from the pool. • Ensures customer data and merchandising system security. • Provides for integration with legacy systems by providing APIs to each solution component. • Includes a graphical interface for designers, buyers and marketers.

  33. Consulting Services • Often the level of product expertise required exceeds the one that a customer’s tech support can provide. • All the above companies provide • Consulting services to integrate their software into their customers’ businesses; • Product training.

  34. Conclusion • Commercial solutions provide rich and mature business functionality. • The companies are concerned with • Scalability; • Performance; • Security. • All the solutions provide for • Extensibility; • Integration and interoperation; • Open standard support.