rapid environmental assessment services in penticton n.
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Environmental Consulting Services in Penticton PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmental Consulting Services in Penticton

Environmental Consulting Services in Penticton

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Environmental Consulting Services in Penticton

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  1. Rapid Environmental Assessment Services in Penticton Environmental Consulting Services in Penticton

  2. Wild Rock Environmental Consultants • When you partner with Wild Rock, you’re choosing to work with a team of experienced, collaborative professionals that offer local relevance and practical solutions to enable responsible development. • Wild Rock Environmental Consultants knows British Columbia. It’s where we live and work, and it’s always been that way. With one office strategically located across British Columbia in 210 Hastings Ave Penticton, BC 2VA 2V6 Canada, Alberta, we’re always ready to identify opportunities and support our clients on the ground. And we’re even more comfortable in the water.

  3. Wildlife Environmental Penticton Wild Rock Environmental Consultants has always been mindful of its responsibility to facilitate sustainable use of the environment in the best interests of our clients and their stakeholders. 

  4. Rapid Environmental Assessment Services in Penticton • Our partners and clients trust us to provide a wide range of professional services, and our approach is to always offer thoughtful, highly practical environmental solutions and consistent, timely results. We provide the best Rapid Environmental Assessment Services in Penticton in British Columbia.

  5. Environmental Assessment Process in Penticton

  6. LEADERSHIP • Wild Rock Environmental Consultants believes in having a direct relationship with our clients and their projects. This relationship allows us to provide a fine environmental consulting advice and have a thorough connection from the start of a project to its completion. • Our staff of Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEPs) works collaboratively within our regional offices across British Columbia to deliver successful project management. This wide reach allows Wild Rock to have focused and consistent teams, specifically assigned to projects, allowing them to be fully informed and accessible whenever an event arises.