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Plant based lifestyle PowerPoint Presentation
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Plant based lifestyle

Plant based lifestyle

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Plant based lifestyle

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  1. Vegan French Toast I recently found some vegan egg at my local grocery store and I was super curious because I have been seeing it all over Instagram and I wanted to see what exactly I could do with this stuff. After getting it and seeing what the directions said I decided I was going to make Vegan French Toast! I was excited to experiment with this because I haven’t had good vegan french toast ever.

  2. VEGAN BUFFALO WINGS WITH RANCH DIPPING SAUCE SUPER-BOWL SUNDAY IS ALMOST UPON US!!!! Do y’all love football? I know my family does; they LOVE football so much super-bowl Sunday is practically like a holiday at my fathers house. I was afraid Sundays for me and my family would become awkward now that I don’t eat 90% of the things my dad makes for game day; que in the these vegan buffalo wings & oven fries to save the day! These bad boys are the perfect finger food that remind you of tasty traditional wings meal without the guilt!

  3. Tropical Smoothie Bowl Heres a super easy and delicious recipe for a tropical smoothie bowl. What I love about this bowl is that it’s a guilt free frozen treat that combats the want for ice cream or sorbet! I am a ice cream fiend, so when I find something that makes me feel like I’m eating a huge bowl of it when I’m really not IM HOOKED.  This is one of my favorite bowl recipes and hopefully soon it will be yours too!