finding joy in wellness at des moines university n.
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Finding Joy In Wellness at Des Moines University! PowerPoint Presentation
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Finding Joy In Wellness at Des Moines University!

Finding Joy In Wellness at Des Moines University!

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Finding Joy In Wellness at Des Moines University!

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  1. Finding Joy In Wellness atDes Moines University! 20th Annual Legal & Legislative Conference Central Iowa SHRM & The Iowa State SHRM Council February 21, 2012 Joy Schiller, M.S., CHES Director of Wellness

  2. Overview • DMU History • Development of Wellness Program • Senior Level Support • Program Components • Tracking Data • Results • Challenges & Successes

  3. Objectives! • Learn about the benefits of having a wellness program at the worksite • Learn the 7 Benchmarks to follow for establishing a successful onsite Wellness program • Learn that a successful onsite Wellness program involves partnership with H.R. • Discover ways to encourage employees to participate • Receive a list of resources for your wellness program

  4. History • Joy hired as Wellness Director in November 1989 • A desk, chair & 2 file cabinets • Limited support from President • Programming limited to before & after work • Primary focus on community health events • 1993 the turning point!

  5. Energy Cost of Movement (Levine Am J Clin Nutr 2000;72:1451)

  6. The strength training area was our former cadaver lab!

  7. The old basketball court! Divider net separated the cardio equipment from the basketball court. No AC, treadmills ate balls.

  8. A Dream Come True! • Wellness is one of our 5 core values @ DMU & central to the principles of a health sciences university! • Our Wellness Center (2005) is a visible expression of DMU’s commitment to healthful living. • 3 full-time Wellness staff members • 25 part-time gym attendants & fitness instructors • 25,000 sq. ft. facility

  9. Teaching Kitchen

  10. Testimonial “Thank you to the Wellne$$ Pay$ program for providing the positive reinforcement to make time for my personal wellness. As a healthcare provider, I often see individuals at the point they already are suffering from a disease that could have been prevented through lifestyle changes the Wellne$$ Pay$ program promotes. Basically, if you don’t take time to exercise, you will have to take time for injury!”

  11. A Nationally Designated Well Workplace - WELCOA • 1999 Bronze Well Workplace • 2000 Silver Well Workplace • 2002 Gold Well Workplace • 2009 Platinum Well Workplace

  12. Platinum Well Workplace 7 Benchmarks • Capturing CEO Support • Creating Cohesive Wellness Teams • Collecting Data to Drive Health Efforts • Crafting an Operation Plan • Choosing Appropriate Interventions • Creating a Supportive Environment • Consistent Evaluation Outcomes

  13. Platinum Well Workplace • DMU is the first U.S. university to earn the highest recognition granted by the Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA); awarded in 2009.  • Achieving the platinum status was a 20-year process.  • DMU one of 15 Platinum organizations

  14. Iowa psychologically Well Workplace Award - 2010 Recognized as an Iowa business that promotes a healthy work - life balance and provides a healthy work environment for employees.

  15. Development of Wellne$$ Pay$ • Labor-Management Health Care Coalition Conference, November 2003 • Dairy Pak of Clinton • Wellness Staff and the Associate VP for finance • President’s Cabinet - 100% support • Budget approved for $ 30,000

  16. Development of Wellne$$ Pay$ Purpose: • Motivate employees to live a healthy lifestyle • Medical University – community role model • Decrease DMU health and absenteeism costs

  17. Development of Wellne$$ Pay$ Created a Focus Group in May 2004 • Helped design program • Planned the “kick-off” event Kick-off event held in July 2004

  18. Kick-off Event • Senior Management approved mandatory attendance • Shut down University over long lunch hour • Served healthy lunch • Information packet • Presentation and skit • Announced Kick-off Incentive

  19. Kick-off Incentive • Incentive: • Free Fitness Shoes (up to $100) • Shoe Certificates redeemed by 9-30-04 • 85% Participation

  20. Wellne$$ Pay$ Program Overview • 17 Goals in 4 Major Categories • As employees achieve a goal, they are accumulating a bonus • Total is $ 385, but maximum bonus is $ 250 • Employees choose which goals to work on • Bonus paid out in July of each year

  21. Wellne$$ Pay$ Program Overview Grand Finale – July • Fun Day / Casual Day • Treats (healthy options) • Testimonials • Summary of results • Prize Drawings

  22. Wellne$$ Pay$ Program Overview • Grand prize is $ 2000, plus 2 days vacation • Must complete PWP • Earn at least $ 10 in each of the four quarters • Earn the full $ 250 by June 30 • Be an active employee at the time of the drawing • Consolation Prizes • Door Prizes

  23. Grand Prize recipients 2008-09 2009-10

  24. Grand Finale

  25. Goals DefinedA. Preventive / Educational • Spring Personal Wellness Profile • Online Health Risk Appraisal Bonus: $20 Annually • Wellness Screening Bonus: $20 Annually

  26. Personal wellness profile(PWP) – Health Risk Appraisal • The PWP provides: • Comprehensive evaluation of lifestyle habits • Snapshot view of health risks • Provides solid strategies for making changes to improve quality of life • Determines the impact of your program • The PWP includes: • Online Health Risk Appraisal Questionnaire • Cholesterol/Diabetes screening • Biometric data: height/weight, BP/RHR, flexibility, and body composition

  27. PWP Participants

  28. Top 5 Recommended Health Actions! • Weight Management 62% • Better Nutrition 60% • Cancer Risk Reduction 48% • Improving Fitness 46% • Managing Cholesterol Levels 38% Above data based on 2009-10 results

  29. 10 Health Practices that Predict Longevity • Keeping weight in a healthy range • Getting regular physical activity • Choosing not to smoke • Eating a plant based diet • Eating primarily whole grains • Eating more fruits and vegetables • Eating nuts and seeds daily • Being happy vs. unhappy • Getting adequate sleep: 7-8 hours daily • Maintaining strong social support • Research is based on the following health studies: • Adventist Health • Cancer Prevention 2 • Alameda County

  30. The motion quotient! • 168 hours in every week • Nearly 70% are sedentary activities. • Typical American spends 15-20 hours a week watching TV. • Averages 50 hours of sleep/weekly • 47 hours at work • These 3 sedentary activities account for over 113 sedentary hours/weekly – • Almost 5 days of not moving.

  31. Physical Activity Is For Everyone!

  32. All it takes! • Dr. James Hill, obesity researcher & founder of America on the Move • Take 2000 more steps (~ 1 mile) a day • Eat 100 fewer calories ( a pat of butter) a day • Achieving these goals can help prevent the average 1-2 pounds gained each year

  33. live longer, live better “By walking 30 to 45 minutes on most—preferably all—days of the week, you will delay the onset of disability by 10 to 12 years.” —Dr. Steve Aldana

  34. The Physical Activity Imperative! • Helping Americans to become more physically active will: • Relieve some of the pressure on an already overburdened health care system; • Relieve some of the pressure on the insurance companies; • Give a huge boost to businesses who are needing to compete under very difficult circumstances; • Allow individuals to live healthier, more productive, and happier lives.

  35. Physical Activity For Life… Physical activity is one of the greatest bargains this world has ever known. When people are fit and physically active the world is a different place—you can do the things you want and lead the kind of life that has purpose and meaning. There’s no question that physical activity really is one of the central components necessary for living a productive life.” —Dr. Ken Cooper

  36. The Power of Physical Activity Physical inactivity and low fitness is perhaps the most important predictor of morbidity of mortality that we know of. Low fitness accounts for more sickness and deaths in the population than anything else that we’ve studied.” —Dr. Steve Blair

  37. How long does it take to experience the positive benefits of exercise? • About 30 seconds…” —Dr. Steven Blair

  38. Physical activity & aging… The best insurance you can get to stay out of a nursing home where you will become frail and feeble and incontinent is to be physically active. Physical activity improves brain health, reduces the risk of senile dementia and preserves your function so that you can continue on with life’s activities.” —Dr. Steven Blair

  39. A closer look! “…they put accelerometers on two groups of 5,000 Americans of all ages. They found that only 3.5 percent were getting 30 minutes of modest level activity…This is very disconcerting, as it’s not a lot of activity. For those over 60, it was less than 2.5 percent…” —Dr. Wayne Westcott

  40. The Magic Numbers! • Moderate Intensity… • 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity (brisk walking) every week and • Muscle-strengthening activities on 2 or more days a week that work all major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms)

  41. PWP Clinical Data Changes 2009-10 • HDL 7.8% Improvement • LDL 3.3% Improvement • Cholesterol/HDL Ratio 7.4% Improvement • Triglycerides 6.8% Improvement • Flexibility 3.3% Improvement • Group Progress

  42. Resources Available! • WELLNE$$ PAY$ Programming • 1-on-1 Health Coaching • Blood Pressure Checks • One-on-One Health Coaching • Personal Training Service • Equipment orientations • Chair Massage • RD On Call – E-mail a Registered Dietician with questions

  43. Testimonial “I probably wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for this program. I started getting physicals in 2006 when I found out I could get paid for it. As a result of the physical, I learned I had colon cancer. Following surgery, recovery, and chemo, I’m doing very well. I literally owe my life to our administration’s commitment to wellness and the tireless efforts of the Wellness Staff and Committee.”

  44. WELLNE$$ PAY$ DAta *Increase in 2009-10 was due to automatically enrolling all eligible participants into WP.

  45. WELLNE$$ PAY$ DAta

  46. Year-end highlights • Year-end highlights sent to CFO who presents data to employees @ WP Grand Finale in July • Highlights are comparable to the Wellness Annual Report • Data shared with board members • Data guides WELLNE$$ PAY$ committee – program improvements & programming • Indicates measureable results & trends since the start of the program in 2004