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Gothic Literature: PowerPoint Presentation
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Gothic Literature:

Gothic Literature:

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Gothic Literature:

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    1. Gothic Literature: The Dark Side of Romanticism

    2. The Gothic Tradition Spawned in English literature by Horace Walpoles The Castle of Otranto. Famous Gothic Characters

    3. Gothic Imagery Stems from the Gothic architecture of the Middle Ages Towers Gargoyles High Stained Glass Windows

    4. How Romanticism Helped Lead Way to Gothic Literature Authors were finally allowed to move away from the rationalism of the Age of Reason and use their imaginations. Many started to write about the fantastic, demonic, and insane. Gothic writers looked at the individual and saw potential evil.

    5. American Gothic Authors (From all Eras) Edgar Allan Poe Nathaniel Hawthorne Herman Melville H.P. Lovecraft Joyce Carol Oates Flannery OConnor

    6. Edgar Allan Poe The death of a beautiful woman is unquestionably, the most poetical topic in the world and equally is it beyond dont that the lips best suited for such topic are those of a bereaved lover. From The Philosophy of Composition

    7. Poe was the master of the American Gothic form. Used medieval castles or decaying ancient estates as settings Many of his male narrators are insane. Many of the female characters are dead or dying. Plots involve murder, live burials, physical and mental torture, and retribution from the grave.

    8. Sometimes combines horror and romance. Embodies an appreciation of the joys of extreme emotion, the thrills of fearfulness and awe existing in the sublime Atmosphere of the stories are important. Some stories also feature ghosts, magicians, vampires, werewolves, and demons.

    9. Recent Gothic Literature Elephantasm (1993) by Tanith Lee My Heart Laid Bare (1998) by Joyce Carol Oates The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red (2002) by Ridley Pearson and Stephen King The Little Friend (2002) by Donna Tartt Shutter Island (2003) by Dennis Lehane Candles Burning (2006) by Tabitha King & Michael McDowell The Thirteenth Tale (2006) by Diane Setterfield Heart-Shaped Box (2007) by Joe Hill Ghostwalk (novel) (2007) by Rebecca Stott

    10. The Gothic Tradition Continues