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Suffolk individual VCS Organisations (Suffolk Residents) PowerPoint Presentation
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Suffolk individual VCS Organisations (Suffolk Residents)

Suffolk individual VCS Organisations (Suffolk Residents)

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Suffolk individual VCS Organisations (Suffolk Residents)

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  1. What is the Congress?Committed organisations - Small, Medium and Large Charities in SuffolkWorking together to respond to changes in the policy arena in which Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) operate. With a commitment to partnership working, best value, utilization of skills and knowledge, increasing social return on investment and much more…..

  2. Suffolk Congress, representation from VCS groups (Suffolk Residents) Consultative and information gathering organisations Health and Wellbeing Board Procurement and commissioning bodies Health & Wellbeing Group Suffolk individual VCS Organisations (Suffolk Residents) 2 Way RELATIONSHIPS

  3. Key changes include: The emerging prominence of Clinical Care Groups in local strategic commissioning– and the need for a greater awareness of organisations delivering care, rehabilitation and support services in communities. including the Increase care in the community and the pressure that places on families including Young Carers and Young adult Carers. The growing importance of “The Big Society” as an impetus for activity understanding the needs, avoid duplication and community intelligence. The reform of public services including the outsourcing of these services to, amongst others, the VCS and commercial companies – what is best value? Changes in consultative structures through which the public sector gathers evidence, develops policy and practice. A greater requirement to engage with individuals and groups.

  4. The Congress Health and Wellbeing Subgroup The Suffolk Congress has established a Health and Wellbeing Group to identify, develop and lead the implementation of a voluntary and community sector strategic approach to Health & Wellbeing issues in the County To share intelligence, influence services, gather information on trends, health inequalities, needs and outcomes from the Suffolk residents we come into contact with.

  5. Group Objectives To facilitate and promote joint working between the VCS and the statutory, public, acute, primary care and business sector. To act as a consultative forum and identify and raise issues of concern and promote good practice with all funding and commissioning bodies. To assist all sectors in developing a strategy for working with the Voluntary and Community Sector and develop partnerships. To act as a source of information and assist communication both within the VCS and with external bodies To advocate and campaign on behalf of the Voluntary and Community Sector using information provided by the wider Congress.

  6. How can we help? • Assist in shaping practice from the experience of our clients/families/relatives/patients. • Responding to need with regard to our services – a partnership approach • Being that sounding board. • Sharing community intelligence • Being subject focused in our input – when required. • Working together for the people of Suffolk to reduce health inequalities.

  7. Core Members: Jacqui Martin (Facilitator Chair) Suffolk Family Carers Mick Smith           HAVO David Dawson                     Workwise Sue Gray                               Suffolk MIND Valerie Beresford                Workwise Paul Baker                            Age UK Suffolk Martyn Burnside         The Community Forum, Waveney Dawn Henry            Suffolk Young People’s Health Project Administrative support from Infrastructure organisation Other members are engaged in relation to the subject, need and joint working opportunities i.e. Suffolk Foundation.

  8. Anything Else?