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Criminal defense attorney Los Angeles | PowerPoint Presentation
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Criminal defense attorney Los Angeles |

Criminal defense attorney Los Angeles |

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Criminal defense attorney Los Angeles |

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  2. MEET YOUR ATTORNEY, WILLIAM PENZIN Bill graduated with honors at UCLA. He then earned his law degree from Loyola Law School. Bill has been a prosecutor with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office for more than 25 years. During that time he has completed more than 100 jury trials, involving crimes of murder, assault with a deadly weapon, rape, robbery, child molestation, spousal abuse, driving under the influence, animal cruelty, burglary, theft and narcotics. He knew that he did not want to be a prosecutor for his entire legal career.

  3. MEET YOUR ATTORNEY, WILLIAM PENZIN • Too often he saw cases where justice was not being carried out: witnesses lied or exaggerated the truth; judges handed down sentences that were much too severe; the defendant should never have been charged with a crime; the defense attorney was so incompetent that the defendant was not adequately represented; the police were less than honest about the details of the case. For these reasons, he believes that he can really do some good in this world by helping defendants, those charged with a crime, to make sure that they have the best legal representation available. • Too many defense attorneys talk tough, but are really afraid to fight. Not Bill. He is not afraid to fight. In fact he loves it. • With Bill as your defense attorney, he’ll do the right thing for you. If your case needs to go to trial, he’s there for you. If he can gain more by negotiating a fair disposition, he will do that for you. He’ll make sure that you have the best defense available, and make sure that the right thing happens.

  4. PRACTICE AREAS Arson Assault Auto Theft Battery Burglary Carjacking Child Abuse Child Molestation Controlled Substances Criminal Threats Domestic Violence Date Rape DUI Drug Offenses Embezzlement Expungement Extortion ​ ​ ​​​ Murder Narcotics Pimping & Pandering Petty Theft Prostitution Rape Sex Crimes Spousal Abuse Spousal Rape Self Defense Shoplifting Stalking Terrorist Threats Theft Vehicular Manslaughter Lewd Acts Upon A Child Mayhem Manslaughte Forgery Fraud Felony DUI Felony Hit & Run Grand Theft Hate Crimes Hit & Run Home Invasion Homicide Identity Theft Insuranse Fraud Indecent Exposure Juvenile Crimes Kidnapping ​

  5. HIRE A FORMER PROSECUTOR • If you are ever charged with crime, have a former prosecutor to represent you. • He will be the most educated, intelligent, and experienced attorney you could possibly find and without a doubt a former Los Angeles County Deputy  District Attorney is the best of all former prosecutor who are now Defense Attorneys. • First of all, it is incredibly difficult to get a job with the L.A. County D.A.'s office. Whenever there is an opening for even one position, there will be hundreds of applicants for that one job. Consequently, whoever is chosen for that position is already head and shoulders above the average attorney out there. • My advice is simple. If you are charged with a crime, hire an excellent attorney to represent you. And the best Defense Attorneys are those who have sat at both ends of the Counsel Tables, prosecution and defense, because these attorneys know the legal system from both sides and will give you the best possible defense.

  6. CONTACT PO Box 521 - Newbury Park, CA 91320​ (310) 780-4814

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