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How To Reset Facebook Password? PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Reset Facebook Password?

How To Reset Facebook Password?

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How To Reset Facebook Password?

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  1. Do You Also: #1 forgot your account password? #2 Hacked and want to recover your facebook account? #3 want to reset you facebook account password?

  2. Facebook • We all know that , facebook is a very big community, basically it comes on the top of the all over other social networking websites. • Facebook give us many authority to do In our facebook account like: #1 we can create our business/home page own. #2 we can do post our own blog on facebook. #3 we can build our network through facebook. • Now here we will talk about that why does recover our hacked facebook account, for it let’s drop to the next slide -> -> -> -> -> -> ->

  3. But first here we will discuss that, So why our facebook account got hacked? That can be the reasons:- # 1 your password is not enough strong that can prevent the hacker to attack on your account. #2 you have left your facebook account login into the someone else device. #3 you have send your account’s password to someone else. #4 maybe your device is infected or infect by the hacker, tip: first scan your device for the virus and delete them. #5 someone has spoofed your facebook account. So , if you are also hacked by the above or we can say by any reason, come to the next slide -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->

  4. So, friend if you feel that, these are the reasons behind your account’s hacking or it can be the any other reason by which your account is hacked, So don’t worry friends here we have the best, and easy step guide to solve your problem, all you have to do here just follow this step guide properly with your full attention, Tip: be sure that, this time your device should be clean. By clean I mean that your device should be un-infected Let’s start with the step guide toward resolving your problem of hacked facebook account, believe us friends this step guide will help you in the ultimate way,

  5. Your Step Guide Is Here :-

  6. Step Number:-1Go To Your Facebook Account Here friends, all you have to do just go on your URL bar and here type the Or you can also search for it over the Google you will find the top domain of facebook you can check more feature and functions of facebook by going here :

  7. Step Number:-2Choose Forgotten Password

  8. Step Number:-3Find your Account? After your last step you will automatically redirect to your next page here you have to put your email address, number, username or your full name.

  9. Step Number:-4 Put Your Email Address OR phone

  10. Step Number:-5Enter Password and Continue

  11. So, friend that was your last step I hope that you are now able to login to your account, But don’t worry friend if you still having any problem related to recover Your facebook account. So don’t worry here you will get the all related All you have to do just click here Recover Your Hacked Facebook Account

  12. Thank You Friend For Watching Our Efforts