is radiofrequency ablation the best varicose vein n.
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Is Radiofrequency Ablation the best Varicose Vein Treatment? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is Radiofrequency Ablation the best Varicose Vein Treatment?

Is Radiofrequency Ablation the best Varicose Vein Treatment?

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Is Radiofrequency Ablation the best Varicose Vein Treatment?

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  1. Is Radiofrequency Ablation the best Varicose Vein Treatment? Varicose veins are a common condition that can come on anyone. This can be treated with surgical or non-surgical treatment. Surgical treatments include venous ligation and Sclerotherapy, endovenous laser therapy, and radiofrequency ablation. Radiofrequency Ablation For Leg Veins is the newest of these technologies and provides safe and effective treatment for varicose veins. It is reported with a few times of the invention of this treatment, that people have a very satisfactory average. Radiofrequency Ablation Varicose Veins is a minimally invasive treatment option. This treatment leads to the immediate closure of the vein and successfully removes the vein. What is the procedure of RFL? When a vein specialist is suggested to take RFL treatment, you can expect the following processor from this treatment 1.Vein specialists diagnosis find the veins through duplex ultrasound 2.A local anesthetic is then applied to the affected area 3.Radiofrequency energy is placed through a thin tube (catheter) injected through a small incision in the varicose vein. 4.The RFA fiber is then activated. The RFA fiber has a unique design and consists of a 7cm long active tip, through which the RFA energy is released. The vein wall is heated along this 7cm section of the RFA fiber. 5.Walking immediately after the procedure of RFL is not good. A daily routine activity you can do to resume the veins. Make sure to avoid rigorous activities such as gym workouts, heavy weight lifting.

  2. 6.There may be chances you can experience minor soreness and bruise. Any discomfort can be treated with over-the-counter, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories only after consultation and discussion with Varicose Vein Treatment TX. What are the advantages of Radiofrequency Ablation? -An excellent alternative to other varicose veins treatment. -Performed under local anesthesia. -Minimal to no discomfort. -No admission to hospital or general anesthesia. -Less time consuming -Fast procedure, as every vein (both legs), can be treated in one procedure. -Surface varicosities are explained at the same time with Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy. -Varicose veins are the time of the procedure and you can see the effective results. What is the risk factor of Radiofrequency Ablation? Radiofrequency is a low-risk procedure. Some bruising and swelling along with some discomfort are common. Wearing compression stockings will help with this. Because of the bruising and the need to wear compression stockings. Doctors recommend RF Ablation For Leg Veins procedure during the cooler months of the year. Some times these following complications your may face: -In rare situations, deep vein thrombosis may happen and it becomes an internal vein clot. The treated veins may become large and severe with a lot of complications. -Nerve damage -Skin burns Make an appointment with the Vein Doctor Find a Best Varicose Vein Treatment Near Me for Radiofrequency ablation to treat varicose veins. As after understanding all treatments for varicose veins it is needed to consult with your vein specialist. And he/she will suggest you the Best Treatment For Varicose Veins and you can get rid of the varicose veins.