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Centre for Advanced Studies in Animal Genetics & Breeding (CASAGB) PowerPoint Presentation
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Centre for Advanced Studies in Animal Genetics & Breeding (CASAGB)

Centre for Advanced Studies in Animal Genetics & Breeding (CASAGB)

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Centre for Advanced Studies in Animal Genetics & Breeding (CASAGB)

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  2. Centre for Advanced Studies in Animal Genetics & Breeding (CASAGB) • Genetic variability of Myostatin and sterol regulatory element binding protein genes in crossbred cattle and Murrah buffaloes MVSc. PROJECTS markers • Genetic variability of Myostatin and sterol regulatory element binding protein genes in crossbred cattle and Murrah buffaloes • Genetic evaluation of Attapadi Black goats using microsatellite markers • Leptin gene polymorphism in cattle and buffaloes • Genetic polymorphisms of Major Histocompatabilty complex classII DQB1 gene in Malabari and Attapadi Black goats.

  3. MVSc. PROJECTS • Molecular characterization of growth hormone gene in Vechur cattle • Estrogen receptor gene polymorphism in Vechur cattle and crossbred cattle • Genetic variability in the prolactin receptor and follicle stimulating hormone β genes of pig.  • Genetic variability of retinol binding protein locus in pigs.

  4. PhD PROJECTS • Development and evaluation of molecular markers for bull sperm viability after cryopreservation • Characterization of candidate genes and their association with litter traits in pigs • Genetic diversity analysis among different goat genetic groups of Kerala • Thermo-tolerance and gene expression in Vechur, Kasargod and local cattle of Kerala

  5. PROJECTS • All India Coordinated Research Project on Goat Improvement-Malabari Field Unit: Dr. K. C. Raghavan: ICAR • Field Progeny testing scheme : Dr. Stephen Mathew: ICAR • Establishment of Elite Germplasm Centre for Malabari Goats and training centre for goat breeders: Dr. K.C. Raghavan : KSCSTEC SARD • Genetic analysis of rabbits in  Kerala: Dr.K.A.Bindu: AHD • Genetic analysis and marker assisted selection in Malabari goats using microsatellite markers : Dr.K.A.Bindu: KSCSTE

  6. PROJECTS 1. Vechur Conservation Centre: Dr.Raghavan K, Director: KAU Target for 2011-12: Sale of animals-50 Sale of semen -500 doses 2. Establishment  of molecular genetics lab: Dr.Raghavan K, Director. 3.Research on Rabbits:Dr. K. A. Bindu 3.

  7. PROJECTS • Proposal for Fund for Improvement of S&T infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions: Dr. K. C. Raghavan:DST • Genetic improvement and propagation of Vechur cattle of Kerala: RKVY: Dr. Thirupathy Venketachalapathy • Genetic evaluation of MAS to prevent kid mortality in goats with special reference to Floppy kid syndrome: BIOCARE-DBT:Dr. Radhika G • Evaluating the association of microsatellite polymorphism at 3’ UTR in SLC11A1 gene with paratuberculosis resistance/susceptibility in goats of Kerala: BIOCARE-DBT:Dr. Naicy Thomas

  8. Publications 1.Genetic and non genetic factors affecting floppy kid syndrome in native goats of Kerala: Radhika G., Raghavan K.C., Rani Alex, Ajithkumar S. Tropical animal health and Production. 2.Correcting copper deficiency-Management tool for increasing kid production: Radhika G., Ajithkumar S., Raghavan K.C., Naicy Thomas and Kannan A. Indian Veterinary Journal 3. Study on the association of three microsatellite DNA markers with milk fat percentage in crossbred dairy cattle of Kerala: Naicy Thomas, Anilkumar K., and Usha, A.P:Indian journal of animal research 4. Genetic variation in resistance to caprine foot rot by dichelobacter nodosus in goats of Kerala, india :Naicy Thomas, Siju Joseph, Rani Alex, K.C. Raghavan, G. Radhika : Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry

  9. 5.Effect of non genetic factors in body weights in Malabari goats:Rani Alex and Raghavan K.C: Indian Veterinary Journal 6.Selection indices in Malabari goats for growth and milk production:Rani Alex and Raghavan K.C:Indian journal of animal research 7.Returns and determinants of technical Efficiency in Small Scale Malabari goat production units in Kerala, India:Rani Alex, Raghavan K. C. and Naicy Thomas:Small Ruminant Research 8. “Thanathu kannukali janussukal innaleyude abhimaanam,naleyude karuthal”: Radhika G 9. “Aaduvalarthal-arivum anubhavangalum”: : Radhika G and Raghavan K.C

  10. ANIMAL NUTRITION PROJECTS • AICRP on Improvement of feed resources and nutrient utilization in raising animal production - will be continued during the next plan period • “Effect of supplementation of energy and UDP on milk production in crossbred dairy cattle” : KSCSTE :Dr. Ally. • Dr. George Sherin - submitted one project to Animal Husbandry Department • Project for infra structural facilities to FIST • Four MVSc and One PhD research students • Infra structural facilities available in the Small Animal Breeding Station will be exploited fully to maximize sale and thus increase the revenue from the Station during this year.

  11. WORKSHOP • Annual review meeting of AICRP- proposed to be conducted in our Department, this year, in July PUBLICATIONS 1.Organic chromium supplementation on growth of cross bred pigs. A.N.Thomas,A.D.Mercy,P.Gangadevi and K Shyma 2.Calcium and phosphorus requirement of cross bred pigs.Shyama K.Mercy.A.D 3.Effect of dietry supplementation of calcium ,phosphorus and phytase at different levels of growth of cross bred pigs Shyama.K.and A.D.Mercy. 4.Purne nitrogen index and nitroigen utilisation in barbari goats fed different oil cakes .S.K.George et al 5.Effect of spent brewers yeast on growth performance in cross bred pigs.Sreeparvathi and Gangadevi,P. 6.Carcass characterstics of cross bred pigs maintained in standard diets.Sreeparvathi and Gangadevi

  12. 7. Pannivalarthalil sredhikkenda karayngal Mercy.A.D 8.Kalitheetayil Beer Waste Mercy .A .D 9. Kalitheetayil parushaharathinte pradhanyam.P.Gangadevi 10.Theetapul krishi K.Shyama 11.Mycotoxin binders in poultry feeds George sherin

  13. ANIMAL REPRODUCTION, GYNAECOLOGY & OBSTETRICS MVSc PROJECTS • Comparison of human placental extract, hCG and GnRH on fertility of repeat breeding cattle • Freezability of buck spermatozoa treated with Fibronectin type 2 protein chelating agents • Gonadotrophin mediated superovulatory response & viability of vitrified rabbit embryos • Freezability of Malabari buck semen in egg yolk and soybean lecithin based extenders

  14. Freezability of buck semen in Tris based extenders with varying cholesterol levels • Incidence, clinical findings and treatment of canine transmissible venereal tumour in dogs PROJECTS • Infrastructure development of the Dept. FIST - DST

  15. PUBLICATIONS 1. Oestrum induction in bitches using diethystilbesterol. Bipin Becha,Aravinda Ghosh. 2. Induction of fertile oestrum in bitches using sustained release preparation of a GnRH analogue .Bipin Becha,Aravinda Ghosh. 3. Progesterone profile in bitches during natural and induced oestrum cycle in bitches. Bipin Becha,Aravinda Ghosh. 4. PDC109 like protein induced buffalo sperm cryodamage .Harshan HM et al. 5. Assessment of biometry of Prostrate gland in dogs using ultrasonography.Nair, D.R, Ghosh KNA , Mathew J, Harshan, Alex P 6. Comparitive efiicacy of human placental extract HcG and GnRH on the fertility of repeat breeding in cattle.Mathew RM,Ghosh KNA

  16. 7.Superovulatory response to PMSG in Crossbred cattle.Unnikrishnan and Nair SPS 8. Role of Mifepristone in the medical management of pyometra in bitches.Simon S 9. ‘Kannukalikalile vandhyatha. Ghosh KNA 10. Microencapsulation of spermatozoa. Hiron M Harshan ,Bipin Becha 11. Garbhasayasthanabramsam kannukalikalil. Unnikrishnan 12. Nayavalarthal –oru varumana margam . Shibu Simon

  17. TRAININGS • State level workshop for Veterinarians on ‘Infertility management in bovines’ • Farmers Seminar – 2 Nos. • Refresher trainings for Livestock Inspectors • Animal Health camp at Cherumkuzhy – 2 • Field level Infertility Camps – 10 Nos

  18. TRAININGS • ‘Infertility management in bovines’ • ‘Artificial Insemination and pregnancy diagnosis in goats’ • ‘Herd fertility management in cattle’ • ‘Semen quality analysis for Frozen semen production’ for Veterinarians in Semen Banks • ‘Optimizing reproductive efficiency in canines’ • ‘Recent trends in optimising reproductive efficiency in canines’

  19. CLINICAL VETERINARY MEDICINE PROJECTS • Outreach Programme on Ethnoveterinary Medicine: Dr. Usha Narayana Pillai: ICAR • Model Veterinary Emergency and Critical care unit for field adoption : Dr S Ajithkumar: AHD. • Establishment of model livestock production and health care system for rural farmers : Dr.Biju .P. Habeeb :24 lakhs

  20. PUBLICATIONS • Management of tetanus with metronidazole- A case report Unny,N,M Arhiv • James,A.A and Ajithkumar,S.Management of diabetic ketacidosis in a dog. -Indian Veterinary Journal . 3) James,A.A and Pillai,U.M.Ultrasonographic diagnosis of cirrhosis in a dog. -Journal of Veterinary & Animal Sciences 4) Deepa, C, James, A.A, Ajithkumar,S and Alex,P.C . A case of Doberman cardiomyopathy -Indian Veterinary journal

  21. TEXT BOOKS 1. Dairy bovine production and management : Dr.Usha Narayana Pillai(Co-author) • Hand book on Clinical Veterinary Medicine for U.G students:Dr.P.C.Alex TRAININGS/SEMINARS 1. Advance in bovine clinical practice 2. Special diagnostic and therapeutic procedures 3. National seminar on Mastitis in association with Kerala Society for Veterinary Medicine by October 2011

  22. DAIRY SCIENCE COURSES • MS in Quality Systems in Dairy Processing • Advanced Diploma in Dairy Science and Technology PROJECTS • Anti microbial potential of edible fruit seed extracts against selected bacteria of dairy origin” Dr. R. Geetha:DBT. • Development and Quality Evaluation of Conjugated Linoleic Acid enriched milk products” by Dr. K. Radha:DST.

  23. PUBLICATIONS • ‘Palinte sooshmanu guna nilavaraniyanthranam’. Dr. R. Geetha • Biopreservatives –an overview . Dr. R. Geetha • Biofilm in dairy industry. Dr. R. Geetha • Studies on survivabilty of microencapsulated Lactobacillus acidophilus .Raj A A P and Dr. V. Prasad • Potential health benefits of conjugated linoleic acid .K Radha • A hand book on Dairying and Dairy food Analysis • A Malayalam Booklet in Dairy farming.

  24. TRAININGS 1.Validation of Critical Control Points in Clean Milk Production for Dairy Farm Instructors of Dairy Development Department. 2. Quality and Safety Assessment of Milk and Dairy Products for Dairy Extension Officers of Dairy Development Department. 3.Preparation of value added milk products to Self Help Group Members. 4. Dairy farming to SHG members and Kudumbasree members

  25. LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT PROJECTS 1.Livestock based tribal resettlement at Aralam. Dr.P.C.Saseendran: Gov. of Kerala 2.Research and development support for goat production. Dr.P.C.Saseendran: AHD, Kerala

  26. PUBLICATIONS 1. Physical and behavioural changes in Sambar deer. Vishnu Savanth V and P C Saseendran 2. Influence of testosterone on various stages of antter cycle of Sambar deer. Vishnu Savanth V and PC Saseendran 3. Abatement of livestock methane emission. PC Saseendran, Anil K S, Kannan, Sabin George ,Justin Davis ,Prasad A and Vishnu Savanth V

  27. 4.Physical Characterisation of cow urine .Justin Davis and Sabin George. 5. Mangement of waste from livestock ,poultry farms and meat processing units. Sabin George,Muhammed Aslam ,Nishanth.

  28. 6. ‘Vigova vazhi vanna vijayam’; Sabin George 7. ‘Kuranjachilavil Muyalkoodu’. Prasad A 8. ‘Vigova erachi tharavu ; vipaniyile puthiya thaaram’. Justin George 9. ‘Bhakshya prathisandikku pariharamayi mrugasamrakshana meghala’ ; Dr.Sabin George and John P John

  29. OTHER ACTIVITIES • National seminar on milk production and milk pricing. • Data bank on livestock enterprises in Kerala (NABARD project) • Releasing book on housing of domestic and pet animals. • Establishing single window consultancy on livestock farming. • Scaling up of training to line department and farmers • Publishing project results

  30. DEPARTMENT OF LIVESTOCK PRODUCTS TECHNOLOGYMEAT PLANT(MEAT TECHNOLOGY UNIT) PROJECTS 1.Preparation of collagen Scaffolds, Keratinocyte Cultures, their Immunological, Microbiological and Irradiation Studies and Establishment of Quality Control Methodologies: DRDO, Ministry of Defence Dr. P. Kuttinarayanan 2.To study the efficiency of Natural Extracts of Certain Herbs in Preventing Oxidative Rancidity in Few Meat Products: M/S Synthite Industries, Kerala

  31. MVSc PROJECTS 1. Development of picnic beef sausage through hurdle technology 2. Transportation stress and irradiation on certain qualities of broiler chicken

  32. PUBLICATIONS 1.Development of lean beef loaf:Naseera A.P and George T. Oommen JIVA 2.Development of shelf stable pet food using Ghee residue and Meat cum bone powder Rani C., Prem Anandh and Sathu .T. IMSA 3. Quality characteristics of buffalo cheek meat: Vasudevan V. N and Venkataramanujam V. Veterinary World 4. Effect of aerobic and vacuum packaging and irradiation on different physico-chemical parameters of rabbit meat.Sonika S., Kuttinarayanan P., George T. Oommen, Sreekumar K.P and Sunil B

  33. 5. Effect of low dose gamma radiation on quality parameters of rabbit meat.Sonika S.,Kuttinarayanan P., George T. Oommen, Sreekumar K.P and Sunil B. (accepted in Journal of Veterinary and Animal Science) 6. Moolyavardhanavum Mamsavyavasayavum’. Kuttinarayanan P. 7. Mamsyaganya rogangal engine niyanthrikkam’ . Kuttinarayanan P. 8. Anivaryam aadhunika aravusalakal’. Vasudevan V. N. 9. Development of lowfat restructured turkey loaf.G T Oommen

  34. TRAININGS/SEMINARS • Seminar in meat production /processing-from SER div of Planning Board. • Training in Meat Inspection and Certification. • Short Term Training in Meat Processing Technology & Environmental Management. • Advanced Training in Livestock Products Technology for Sr. Veterinary Officers.

  35. STIPENDIARY TRAINING PROGRAMMES • Meat Processing and Wholesome Meat Production :1 year • Meat Plant Operation and Maintenance :1 year • Meat Processing cum Plant Operation :2 year

  36. ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAMMES • Rabbit meat processing. • Production of sausages and cutlet. • Training to butchers in wholesome meat production in collaboration with Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology, Thanjavur, TN. • Slaughter techniques of cattle, buffaloes, pigs & poultry.

  37. Targeted Annual Turnover Meat, meat products and byproducts- Rs 10 Million Animals/birds Target (nos.) Cattle 300 Pigs 900 Duck & poultry 2500 Quails & others 10,000

  38. Centre for Advanced Studies in Poultry Science Department of Poultry Science University Poultry FarmAICRP on PoultryRevolving fund Poultry Project Courses • Diploma in Poultry Production • Certificate Courses

  39. PROJECTS 1.‘Fresh Eggs for Family Health in Urban Households’ Dr.B.Ajith Babu 2. New Research Project Formulation Emu Production by NABARD support Dr.S.Sangaralingam

  40. Leaflets and Folders PG Research Projects in Poultry Science Booklets Nanoscience and Technology of eggs Poultry feeds Publication of Technical Reports & Brochure on AICRP on Poultry Revolving fund Poultry Project University Poultry Farm A Vision document for KVASU on: “KVASU : Prospects of Poultry education, Research and Development 2020”

  41. Reprinting or Revised edition of books on • Emu • Turkeys • Quails • Ducks • Egg Cholesterol

  42. Business activities Seed egg production Ornamental poultry production Mobile Poultry Unit – CAS in Poultry Science Consultancy services/ Farmer’s counseling

  43. STATISTICS COURSES M.S. program in Biostatistics PUBLICATIONS 1.Unnikrishnan, T. 2011. “Inistatisticsintekaalam” MalayalaManorama, Mathrubhumi, Desabhimani and Kerala Koumudi (News Paper, Dailies). 2. Jyothishavum statistics um” . Unnikrishnan, T

  44. 3. Sampling intelokam .Unnikrishnan, T 4.Biostatistc and career prospectus.Gleeja V L 5. Vanyajeevikanakkeduppu. Mercey KA

  45. VETERINARY ANATOMY Ph.D PROJECTS 1.Development of Mucosa Associated Lymphoid Tissue (MALT) of digestive tract in goats 2. Developmental studies on Pancreas in goats

  46. PROJECTS • “Histomorphological comparison of skin in different breeds of rabbits”: Dr.K.M. Lucy: AHD • “Preparation of collagen Scaffolds, keratinocyte cultures, their Immunological, Microbiological and irradiation studies and establishment of quality control methodologies”.: DRDO in collaboration with Dept of Livestock products technology. • Structural changes of Animal and Human soft tissues on radiation. • Teratological / Toxicological studies of various pesticides in Animals – to be collaborated with Vety. Pharmacology and Toxicology Department.

  47. PUBLICATIONS 1. Histochemical studies on the Developing Adrenal Gland in cross breed Goat Foetuses ( Capra hircus ) Ashok. N., Harshan. K. R. and J JChungath. • Histogenesis of mesencephalic tegmentum in goat foetuses. Lucy K. M., Harshan K. R., Chungath J. J. & N. Ashok. (Accepted for publication in Indian Journal of Animal Research) • Morphology and Histology of alimentary canal in Asian Elephant. 1. Stomach. J. J. Chungath, N. Ashok, Lucy. K. M. and Indu. V. R. • Histomorphological studies on the liver of Indian elephant . Lucy. K. M. J. J. Chungath, S. Maya and Indu. V. R.

  48. 5.Morphological studies on the pelvic girdle of a peafowl (Pavocristatus). Sreeranjini A. R., Unni C. K. S., Lucy K. M., Ashok N., Chungath J. J and Harshan K. R. (2011) (Articles sent for Publication in JIVA) 6. A Compartive study on the histomorphology of ileum and colo-rectum in peafowl (Pavocristatus). Indu V. R., Unni C. K. S., Lucy K. M., Ashok N. and Chungath J. J (Articles sent for Publication in JIVA)

  49. TRAININGS • Stem Cell Research techniques (Institutions like IVRI, NCBS) 2. Advanced techniques in Electron Microscopy (CCMB, AIIMS )

  50. VETERINARY AND ANIMAL HUSBANDRY EXTENSION PROJECTS • Improving livelihood security of WSHGs involved in livestock rearing through capacity building in gender awareness: Dr Rajeev TS • Techno economic feasibility of dairying and allied activities among the beneficiaries of land distribution project and landless tribes of Kerala, with special emphasis to Wayanad district : Dr Rajeev TS