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All-Natural Mosquito Control in East Meadow PowerPoint Presentation
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All-Natural Mosquito Control in East Meadow

All-Natural Mosquito Control in East Meadow

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All-Natural Mosquito Control in East Meadow

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  1. Nassau- 516-321-0606Su?olk- 631-440-1881 The Mosquito and Tick Professionals you can trust!  DEVELOPMENT OF A DEGREE-DAY MODEL TO PREDICT EGG HATCH OF AEDES ALBOPICTUS Abstract Aedes albopictus, the Asian tiger mosquito, is an important nuisance mosquito species and known vector of arboviruses such as dengue, chikungunya, and Zika. Despite their cosmopolitan distribution around the world, there is a paucity of accurate predictive models based on rates of development at di?erent temperatures (degree-day models). These types of models can bene?t mosquito control districts by predicting when to target early-season larval development, when populations are likely at their lowest levels. In this study, we determined the e?ect of temperature and nutrient levels on the development rates and male and female adult size of 2 Ae. albopictus populations: one ?eld-collected, the other a 20-year-old lab colony. We found relatively small di?erences in the e?ects of temperature and nutrient levels between populations. Data from these studies were used to create a predictive degree-day model, which when tested in New Jersey correlated with ?eld observations of early-season ?eld populations of Ae. albopictus. While other important factors, such as day length and ?uctuating temperatures, should be evaluated, data

  2. from this study will contribute to the development of operational strategies to e?ectively time early-season larviciding against this species. Keywords: Asian tiger mosquito; development rates; temperature; thermal minimum; wing length. OUR MISSION Our mission is to bring what we call “the care factor” to our customers. Not only do we preach the ethics of integrity, professionalism and reliability, but we live by them.  397 Du?y Avenue, Hicksville NY 11801  We are only a phone call away Nassau- 516-321-0606 Su?olk- 631-440-1881 Call us today for a price estimate  Follow Us All information and prices are subject to change at any time. TERMS OF SERVICE Copyrights 2021 Mosquito Brothers. All Rights Reserved