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Mosquito Treatment for Home PowerPoint Presentation
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Mosquito Treatment for Home

Mosquito Treatment for Home

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Mosquito Treatment for Home

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  1. Nassau- 516-321-0606Su?olk- 631-440-1881 The Mosquito and Tick Professionals you can trust!  OUR MISSION IS TO BRING THE “CARE FACTOR” BACK INTO BUSINESS. OUR MISSION is to bring the “CARE FACTOR” back into business. We operate with integrity, professionalism, and reliability. Here at Mosquito Brothers, we do what we say. We believe in these ethics, and not only preach them, but live by them. We seek to build the customer- business relationship by providing you top quality service without cutting corners. Our driving force is the passion that we put behind each and every mosquito and tick treatment. We spray COMPLETE not to cheat!

  2. Thanks for joining us at Mosquito Brothers! We are pleased to say that we are a family-run business, and also veteran-owned and operated.  Attention to detail and integrity are in our blood.   Growing up, I was always the unlucky one to get the ?rst mosquito bite of the season.  As I got older, and learned about mosquito and tick-borne diseases, the fear became more real.  Not only was I concerned for the safety and well-being of family and friends, but I was unable to enjoy my own yard.  The outdoor gatherings, barbecues, and pool parties all came to an end because of these pests.  I tried every means possible to regain control of my yard, but nothing worked…   The solution is “Mosquito Brothers” because we started from the front line of our very own properties.  We provide the most up-to-date treatment methods, using all-natural and synthetic products while utilizing an integrated pest management approach.  We are certi?ed professionals and have a board-certi?ed entomologist on our sta?.  Our focus is on mosquito and tick control, so come join us and see how great it works! OUR MISSION Our mission is to bring what we call “the care factor” to our customers. Not only do we preach the ethics of integrity, professionalism and reliability, but we live by them.  397 Du?y Avenue, Hicksville NY 11801 

  3. We are only a phone call away Nassau- 516-321-0606 Su?olk- 631-440-1881  Call us today for a price estimate  Follow Us All information and prices are subject to change at any time. TERMS OF SERVICE Copyrights 2021 Mosquito Brothers. All Rights Reserved