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Property Management Companies Near Me PowerPoint Presentation
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Property Management Companies Near Me

Property Management Companies Near Me

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Property Management Companies Near Me

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  1. AtlasNYCPropertyManagement, LLC WillNYCPassNewPropertyRegulationsinResponsetothe MiamiCondoCollapse? POSTEDINUNCATEGORIZED BYATLASNYC  WillNYCPassNewPropertyRegulationsinResponsetotheMiami CondoCollapse?

  2. AtlasNYCPropertyManagement, LLC utes} Unlike people — who are free to move from place to place — move. Because of this, laws regulating property are often made by nts, like cities and counties, rather than the state or federal ten, those laws respond to high-profile safety related incidents — we’ll ters for short — in an effort to prevent or minimize the chance of a from happening again. After such disasters, the NYC Council often e known as Local Laws, which are identified by a number (starting with ch law passed in any given year) and the year it was passed (ex: Local Some of these Local Laws will be all too familiar to property owners anagers. / FISP 1997, a number of partial façade collapses — most notably one that ecember 15, 1997 when a literal ton of bricks rained down on the he façade of 540 Madison Avenue in Manhattan injuring two ed to the passage of Local Law 11 of 1998 (now known as FISP – Façade ty Program). Under Local law 11 / FISP, owners of buildings taller than t have exterior walls and other exterior surfaces inspected every five of Local law 11 / FISP is to catch failures in the integrity of building pair those failures before they become a safety hazard

  3. pair those failures before they become a safety hazard. AtlasNYCPropertyManagement, LLC  8, 2017 Bronx Apartment Fire 8, 2017, a 3-year old accidentally turned on a stove-top burner at 2363 e in The Bronx, killing 13 people and injuring 14 more in what was the n NYC in 25 years. As a result of this fire, and others (such as the Dec. The Strand Co-op), NYC passed a number of local laws designed not the causes of the fire and its ability to spread, but also to raise ow to prevent fires and successfully deal with them. Such laws include Local Law 111 of 2018 — requiring that all stairwell and hallway doors ngs to be self-closing to help prevent the spread of fire — and the al Law 117 of 2018 — requiring owners and property managers to send to tenants advising them that they can request the installation of child- ob covers on their stoves. on, and in response to other disasters and issues, NYC passed Local — mandating strict rules regarding the handling of lead paint surfaces

  4. mandating strict rules regarding the handling of lead paint surfaces  o address the growing concern over lead-paint-related child AtlasNYCPropertyManagement, LLC sues — and Local Law 152 of 2016, mandating the periodic testing of all es at points of entry and in public spaces in virtually every building in event gas-related disasters such as fires and explosions. ocal laws impose heavy burdens on property owners both in terms of ance costs and voluminous paper records to maintain for sometimes up beyond. Penalties for failing to meet compliance dates can be xample, failure to file the correct paperwork proving you complied with may give rise to a ?10,000 fine per incident. ainTowersSouthCondominiumPartialCollapsein rida. une 24th at the now-infamous Champlain Towers South Condominium ught the attention of both NYC residents and elected officials. While the the cause of the building collapse is currently unknown, the events e building suffered from internal structural problems. Many want to

  5. o we prevent this from happening in MY building?” It is unlikely that AtlasNYCPropertyManagement, LLC  nt façade safety inspection would uncover problems with a building’s ral integrity – after all, the façade inspection is designed to ensure es of the façade only. Such inspections are limited to exterior portions d do not result in the inspection of interior support structures. surprising to see the City Council pass a bill designed to create a ection” plan for buildings of a certain size. Miami-Dade County – the he Champlain Towers South Condominium is located – already has a uctural inspection requirement. If NYC wishes to pass such a structural ram, it would be well-served to look at Miami’s version of this learn from it and understand how it failed to prevent this collapse. One certain however – such a requirement would place increased financial tive burdens on property owners who have been financially strained 9 pandemic, the eviction moratorium, and the growing amount of rental mention ever-rising property taxes, water bills, and energy costs. An y inspection requirement would add to the financial trauma inflicting wners. However, such regulations are certain to be considered in NYC ually get codified into a Local Law. stheBestMethodofPrevention. operty manager in New York City will tell you, having a proactive pproach to property management is an essential element of preventing nimizing the damage caused by unavoidable disasters. Regular and y inspections are a key component to maintaining the health of the s of a building. Getting to know the ins and outs of your building will w when something is wrong. The best property managers know how sound, smell, feel, and look, and when something starts to go wrong, it e in how the building sounds, smells, feels, and looks. A good property nows how to get the residents in the buildings they manage to help be ears at the building by reporting issues to management. Right now, the management companies in NYC are not only devising inspection ed to help catch structural problems before those problems lead to a lapse, but they are also educating the residents in those buildings on ubtle changes in the building, and report those changes to erty Management is a pioneer in creating proactive approaches to operty needs. Our decades of experience in dealing with the physical rties, our persevering work ethic, and our commitment to the residents anage buildings puts us in a unique position to be able to catch they are small, and prevent those problems from turning into

  6. AtlasNYCPropertyManagement, LLC PropertyManagement, LLC Brooklyn, NY 11215 com Eric Michael is the founder and owner of Atlas NYC Property Management, LLC, formerly Nova Property Management, LLC.  Atlas NYC specializes in the management of residential and mixed-use rental properties, co-ops and condominiums. Eric’s legal background and owner’s perspective management style puts him in a unique position to make sure your properties are properly cared for. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 718-768-8888 or by email at

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