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Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure. Providing Services Since 3 Years. UNITED KINGDOM. International Location.

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Corporate Brochure

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  1. Corporate Brochure

  2. Providing Services Since 3 Years UNITED KINGDOM International Location K.S.K Business Consultant is an I.T. services provider specialized in website development, software & application platform, online business promotions, business outsourcing services and many more to explore. MUMBAI Corporate Office (INDIA) 3 office locations Operational Centers

  3. K.S.K BUSINESS CONSULTANT is a conglomerate firm indulges in I.T. Consultancy Services, Website Development, Online Marketing Solutions etc. The one of the young & new venture operating and servicing in major parts of the country and serving clients globally with the bonding with its Associates & Employees. A young Business Group with New thoughts & different ideas for the contribution in developing of people's lifestyle & changing the concept of relationship with its Clients & Employees. Companies Motto itself says everything about the group ''Rising with you'' means Rising with clients and everyone. Our strategy is centered on our client retention, effective planning can help us preserving Client and also help us unlock opportunities for future generation, we believe that our ability to serve client in the entire segment. Our customized services and innovative product differentiate us in highly competitive world.

  4. Solutions for Industries Banking Sector Finance Sector Insurance Sector Communication Media & Entertainment Energy & Utilities Healthcare & Life Sciences Manufacturing Industries Public Sector & Government Retail & Consumer Goods Travel and Logistics Industry Automotive Beauty Sector Credit Cards Beverages Industry Food Industry Service Sector Health & Wellness Sector Homecare Investments Sector Packaging Industry Personal Care Sports Industry Retail Sector Tourism Sector Fashion Industry Handicrafts Industry Heavy metal Industry Furniture Industry Electronics Manufacturing Agriculture Industry Airlines Sector Hotel Industry Publishing Media Sector Broadcasters Real Estate Sector Car Manufacturer Two-Wheeler Manufacturer Chemical Industry Clothing Manufacturing Education Sector Shipping Industry Defense Sector Medical Industry Drug Manufacturer Oil & Gas Sector Legal Sector Marine Transport SME Sector Social Sector Stock Brokers Textiles Industry

  5. Website Development Software & Application Development Digital Business Promotions Business Outsourcing Services Graphic Animation Development Animated Advertisement Website designing SMS Marketing Business I.T. Strategy Pre-Made Operating Software Logo designing E-Mail Marketing Business Outsourcing Call Management Graphic 3D Designing Custom Enterprise Software Development Animation Motion Graphics E-Commerce Portal S.E.O Software Integration Process Outsourcing Graphic Print Design Domain + Hosting Application Development Social Media H.R. solutions Animated Clips Other Additional Services Platform Maintenance Services 3D Animated Videos

  6. Graphic Animation Development Graphics is presentation whereas Animation is motion. Graphic animation artists design and illustrate moving images, using traditional hand-drawn animation as well as computer techniques to produce graphic animation for movies, television shows, computer games and websites. A graphic, or graphical image, is a digital representation of non-text information such as a drawing, chart, or photo. Many Web pages use colorful graphical designs and images to convey messages. Many web pages use animation, which is the appearance of motion created by displaying a series of still images in sequence.Animation can make web pages more visually interesting or draw attention to important information or links. Simple animation can be GIF animated file but the complex animation can be the face of human or alien in movie or game. Animation brings the power of imagination and creativity to your marketing. It gives you the power to demonstrate almost any product or service to your clients, sometimes so realistically that it's hard to believe its not actual video. The motion and color of animation grabs attention, explains instantly, demonstrates what has yet to be realized and is an effective marketing tool when precisely tailored to your target demographic.

  7. At present, business is more or less a ferocious battle, where companies are involved in an eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation. The only intention is to cajole the customers into buying the products and services that a company offers. Winning the hearts of customer requires careful consideration, sound strategy and impressive outlook. It is important to note that audiences have a low and fluctuating attention span. How can we help you? • Corporate marketing presentations featuring HQ video and audio clips • Awesome e-books for interactive product catalogues • Biz Card CDs, your digital business card • Premium branding with Plasma/LCD presentations at trade shows and other events • Brand positioning with site openers and intro animations • Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks for interactive information display and dynamic applications Features of 3D/2D Graphics and Animation • The clever use of the technique helps yield eye-popping outcomes. • It helps build a strong brand identity and give a business prominence in the global business. • Gives unique touch to your website. • Ensures maximum customer retention and hold the attention of new customers. • The design revolutionizes business and promotes it like never before. • Enables a business to conquer the strong positions in domestic and international domains. 3D/2D Graphics and Animation is one of the techniques that helps to catch the customers in Single breath.3D/2D Graphics and Animation add a distinct flavor to the overall appeal of your website. It successfully transforms dull pictures into appealing images. One can add character animations, flash banners, flash intros and other multimedia content, for the astounding and mind-boggling effect.

  8. 3D Animated Videos • Animated Motion Graphics • Graphic Print Design • Animated Clips • Graphic 3D Designing • Animated Advertisement Our Services

  9. Graphic Print Design Graphic Print design, a subset of graphic design, is a form of visual communication used to convey information to an audience through intentional aesthetic design printed on a tangible surface, designed to be printed on paper, as opposed to presented on a digital platform. A design can be considered print design if its final form was created through an imprint made by the impact of a stamp, seal, or dye on the surface of the paper. Print design remains prevalent in society through all forms of communicative design. Professional Design for Professional Printing Our commitment to the highest level of design is evident in our staff. Each of our degreed graphic designers are dedicated to providing you with quality work that rivals that of the most established marketing firms. Graphic Design Services Offering custom design by combining typography, page layout and visual arts for a one of a kind, personalized piece. We take pride in our design services, on time delivery and unique end products. Whether you need a simple business card, or an entire corporate identity package, we have the artistry and technical expertise to get the job done. We Have Experience With 2 designers on staff we are sure to provide you with a multitude of ideas in order to best suit your needs. Our creative design professionals handle each job, big and small, with great attention to detail. Always taking the extra steps necessary to make sure the final product is of exceptional quality

  10. Graphic designis the process of visual communication that combines photography, illustration, and typography to communicate ideas and information to an audience. The field ofgraphic designis considered a subset of visual communication and communicationdesign. Some Designing Services for business we offer are:- Promotional Material Book Design and Layout Print Advertisement Website Pages Business Presentations Brochures Posters Magazines Flyers Blogs

  11. Graphic 3D Designing The creation, display and manipulation of objects in the computer in three dimensions. 3D CAD and 3D graphics programs allow objects to be created on an X-Y-Z scale (width, height, depth). As 3D entities, they can be rotated and viewed from all angles as well as be scaled larger or smaller. They also allow lighting to be applied automatically in the rendering stage. So we bring complete solution for all 3D Graphic presentations. Why 3D Graphic Designing? 3d graphics adds another angle to the image and helps people visualize the product or project in an enhanced way. It is easy to manipulate a 3D image even at the last minute which saves time and cost. These graphic images make complicated concepts and ideas simpler to visualize. They can be viewed from different angles. This makes the task of marketing personnel easier and simple. We have been offering stunning and advanced 3D outsourcing services to our clients for years now. Why we? We make use of an extensive suite of drawing and editing tools which makes quick work of any project, helping clients produce beautiful drawings and quality, professional documental with ease. We help clients work on signature looks to meet with industry standards without losing uniqueness. On our design models, we can easily add gradients, image fills and tiles, stipples, and hatching. Also, we can incorporate graphics and digital images to the 2D renderings, and produce accurate technical documents and compelling presentations.

  12. We also help clients design 3D models of any shape they desire and of any geometry. Our 2D and 3D designs explore and contour with ease. There are a lot of benefits to creating 3D designs and they include: • Faster product design • Opportunity to beat your competition to the market • More effective communication with suppliers/customers • Visualize more 'what-if' scenarios in the design process • More effective internal design reviews • The generation of virtual prototypes allows non-CAD people to participate in the process • It creates to incorporate late design changes easily • Test and validate designs in order to reduce costs from errors, ECO's and quality problems • Reduce the need and cost of physical prototypes • Data management with the aim of organizing and managing your design data  • Helps to standardize on detailing and drafting practices • Automate the process of your design and increase the speed and accuracy of your response to customers and output • Allow non-technical personnel such as sales department (and even customers) to quote, specify and configure product whilst maintaining design & engineering integrity

  13. Our team of professionals keeps a tap on the latest developments in designing industry and helps concerned professionals integrate that into their work. This helps us to deliver excellent and exceptional services. Some 3D Designing Services for business we offer are:- 3D Modeling Simulation 3D Rendering 3D Walkthrough Architectural Projects Sculpting Interface Design Gaming Visuals

  14. Animated Advertisement Nowadays animated advertising is the most powerful and profitable way of promoting your company or company's products. ... Animated advertisements includes various creative visual elements which attract consumers with more effectiveness than a newspaper advertising or any other advertising method. We produce bespoke, high quality and engaging animations specialising in TV Ads, our work being a true collaboration between the worlds of computer graphics and film art. Every Project with new Innovation Whatever comes before a camera cannot be made into an Ad film and it is very obvious. We find out the most suitable theme and scheme for making it into a really selling proposition. A movie ad, telecast over the conventional TV networks or dispensed worldwide through the emerging internet or mobile based media that will create a long lasting impact over the viewers. So an ad film has to be created with care, and our clients completely trust us as they know that our professionals have vast knowledge of the art.

  15. Understanding the need of AudienceAs you know produced presentation is an effective way to convince the targeted audience. A product presentation can now be made more attractive and most convincing. A product promotional video is a modern tool and many marketers use the technique these days. We can produce product promotional video with creative excellence. In the present market, ad films are becoming the most acceptable mode of electronic media. It can easily convince the large mass and enables the potential customers to gain more information about the products that you want to present to the customers.Our TeamWe have a team of highly talented professionals who possess the capability of thinking out of the box concept and displays before the client so that they can achieve their business target. We design advertisement films which can effectively communicate with the targeted audiences in the most effective way. We prepare the plots that are completely dependent on our research to produce a well written script. We provide our clients with ultimate solutions that suit their requirement.Your Business our StrategyThe commercial ad film that we make goes through a definite process and it starts with the concept development and moves to the creation of the script, followed by shooting and concludes with the post production works. We follow the high quality editing process before delivering the end result. We adopt the most modern and latest technologies in our ad films to make the animated ads very attractive and understanding.

  16. Why We ? • *We aim at offering a wide range of solutions under a single roof and conceptualize core brand strategy before offering our services. • *With our flawless range of solutions we are able to deliver as per the exact needs and requirements of our customers, we have been able to successfully help our customers with the most suitable and appropriate solutions. • *Our services help our customers in reaching out to their target audience and maximizing the efficiency and profitability of our clients related to the advertising world. • We go step by step on every project we develop , prepared pre-made life-cycle of animation advertisements. • * We Develop every project with the combination of professional skills and emotionally because we know the importance of emotions too in business.

  17. Animated Clips Majority of consumers prefer video content to reading. Consumer preference will lead to video explosion in content marketing. Video will be used more for converting and lead generation. A lot of potential buyers don’t want to talk to salespeople. Bottom of the funnel is where videos and animations can influence sales in later stages. There will be a lot of experimenting to find out what videos work in different situations. Animation, talking heads, actors, CGI. How to present introductions, hooks, and calls-to-action in a video. But animation has staying power in this mix. There are several reasons why animation works better than other types of visuals: • Animation explainer video is perfect for those areas of business where it is difficult to present and to sell a product through other types of video or promotional methods. • * Lively animated characters along with eye-catching cartoons, trigger strong emotions and create a very special atmosphere that engages an audience and captures their attention. So, what goals can you reach using an animated video? • Increased click-through • Higher rankings in search engines • Easy-to-remember marketing messages • Customers’ engagement • Reducing the number of consultations • More Sales • Increased Conversions

  18. How we produce your clip? Strategy and Research We will go through with your project, its target audience and its goals. After taking the time to understand your company and your goals for the video, we then do our own research to learn about your industry, competitors and your customers. Scripting Our content writers are full of thoughts and ideas, once we’ve decided on a right script, we’ll then craft together a script that artfully and effectively conveys your message. Theme design We come up with various styles and themes for the video. Once a style is approved, we complete all scenes and send you the visual storyboard. Animation & production Once Script and voiceover are approved, our animators will commence animation. We start with the video production. In case of animation video, we create the required art, assets and motion/2d/3d animation. All visual appeal elements will be taken care of in this stage. Sound Effect and Editing Voice over if required from professionals from the industry, Our editors will add audio to each video where applicable and where they will make the most impact. Final Delivery Once the videos are completed, we will deliver each in HD quality and in formats that can best fit your systems. We also share files based on device and size according to yours choose plan.

  19. Our team of professionals keeps a tap on the latest developments in production of animation clips and helps concerned professionals integrate that into their work. This helps us to deliver every projects excellent and exceptional services. We have solutions for any kind of animated clip in any theme you need. Some Animated Clips we develop and produceare:- Website Presentation Whiteboard Animation Films Trailers Explainer Animations Infographics Animation Personal Slideshow Corporate Presentation Healthcare Explainer Corporate Slideshow Promotional Videos Industrial Development Logistics Company Promotion Broadcast Video Contemporary Art Promotion 3D LOGO Reveals Company Story Promotion Music Visualizations Digital Corporate Slideshow Educational Video Real Estate Promotion Contemporary APP Promo Audio React Visualizer Food and Hospitality Video Banner Promotion

  20. Animated Motion Graphics Motion graphicsextend beyond the most commonly used methods of frame-by-frame footage and animation. Motion graphics can be distinguished from typical animation in that they are not strictly character driven or story based and often represent animated abstract shapes and forms such as logos or logo elements. Animated motion graphics are perfect to explain complicated and comprehensive ideas in an attractive and engaging way and this style of animation is versatile and has the ability to blend with any other video style. Integrating branded video content From cute website animations to location filming and 3D, we’ve taken an integrated approach to motion video. Our video experiences and content are crafted with care alongside our brand and web development teams so that every video complements and supports all other work we may be doing. Story to storyboard, location to narration A great video experience has a great narrative thread running through. From the beginning, middle and end, we can help with this. We storyboard, scripting, cast presenters or voice over artists, art direct video shoots, edit, title and handle all post production processes.

  21. Why we ? Our talenteddigital video productionteam offers cutting-edge solutions to transform the ideas that drive our client’s message into an exciting, visual branding tool through interactive motion graphics and 3D animation.Utilizing Animation and 3D illustration is a great way to illustrate complex ideas, products and services to prospective customers and can help your message stand out. We create high-quality motion graphics and 3D animation to suit a number of client needs, including entertainment, corporate, and government projects. • 3-D, 2-D and Motion Graphics Editing. • Adobe after Effects. • Light wave 3-D. • Apple Motion. • Utilize Existing Collateral or Create Custom Animation/Motion Graphics.

  22. Animated motion graphics is a video style that combines informational and educational content with colorful graphics. ... Getting high-quality 2D motion graphics means adding energy and creativity to your projects. Beaming animations are sure to make your Motion graphics videos more unique and enjoyable. • Some Animated Motion Graphics we develop and produce are:- Communication Platform Environmental Solution IoT Platform Service Management Social Media Retail Management Affinity Software Financial Solution I.T. Products MES Solution Healthcare Solution Products & Services Media Monitoring Platform Online Marketplace Internet Marketing Home Automation

  23. 3D Animated Videos Animating objects that appear in a three-dimensional space. They can be rotated and moved like real objects. 3D animation is at the heart of games and virtual reality, but it may also be used in presentation graphics to add flair to the visuals. It is the process of generating three-dimensional moving images in a digital environment. Careful manipulation of 3D models or objects is carried out within 3Dsoftware for exporting picture sequences giving them the illusion of animation or movement. The creations of the animation industry have changed the way one can visualize plans, products, processes and entities. We render top class 3D animation services to you that are affordable and the best in the market. Through our 3D animator solutions you can get 3D product animation, 3D illustration services, 3D architectural walkthrough, demonstrative 3D videos, medical animation and industrial 3D animation services. Our company also possesses a top notch forensic studio that gives you comprehensive forensic animation services. The high-quality attributes of our 3D animation services are: • Affordable, yet unbeatable animation quality • Stunning graphics • Inclusion of all intricate details • Accurate representation of your topics • Responsible handling of your requirements

  24. Why We and how we do? • We bring the most effective technique in 3D Animation. • We offer very competitive cost for growth of every business.. • We are always ready to cater your complicated requirements proudly. • Your Satisfaction is our commitment.

  25. We offer affordable 3D animated video production services for business. We are 3D animation video production provider for your needs we act as your outsource partner. Some 3D Animated Videos we develop and provide are:- 3D Engineering Animation 3D Animation TV Commercial 3D Medical Animation 3D Character Animation 3D Animation Games 3D Product Animation Forensic Animation 3D Animation Movies

  26. Connectivity and Presence London (United Kingdom) Rakez Economic Zone (U.A.E.) Bandra Kurla (Mumbai) Dehradun (Uttarakhand) Give Us Missed Call:- 7412913555 E-Mail:- graphic@kskbusinessconsultant.in Link:- www.kskbusinessconsultant.in Download Our App:- KSK

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