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Test Security

Test Security. Resources New to Test Security Highlights. Test Security Resources. Test Security: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/student.assessment/security/ 2012 Test Security Supplement Launch of Web-based Texas Test Administrator Online Training Modules. New to Test Security.

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Test Security

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  1. Test Security • Resources • New to Test Security • Highlights

  2. Test Security Resources Test Security: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/student.assessment/security/ 2012 Test Security Supplement Launch of Web-based Texas Test Administrator Online Training Modules

  3. New to Test Security Security Training • all district and campus personnel who participate in state-mandated testing and/or handle secure test materials • any person who has more than one testing role must receive training and sign an oath for each role • only one training on general test security and administration procedures required for 2012 testing year (administration specific training must be provided) Oaths: Superintendent, DTC, and CTC • located in DCCM • DTC and CTC sign after training and at end of testing year Oaths: Test Administrator and Technology Staff • Located in Test Administrator manuals • Signed prior to handling secure materials All oaths are available online at www.tea.state.tx.us/student.assessment/security/oaths/

  4. Oaths

  5. New to Test Security Student Cheating • determined by districts • IF cheating determined, district MUST invalidate (“other”) the test • report as an irregularity If cheating is suspected, what steps should you take?

  6. Irregularities Irregularities: Procedural vs. Serious • new terms • same reporting procedures for Humble ISD Procedural Irregularities • reflect minor errors, minor deviations in testing • do not represent severe breaches in security or confidentiality - require an accurate summary of event • must be submitted within ten working days • DTC reports to TEA through online report

  7. Irregularities Serious Irregularities - constitute severe violations of test security or confidentiality - can result in the individual(s) responsible being referred to the TEA Educator Certification and Standards Division for consideration of disciplinary action - must be reported to TEA by DTC as soon as the coordinator is made aware of situation - Coordinator is responsible for investigating, filing incident report, and submitting required documentation in a timely manner

  8. 2012 Highlights Seating charts - require start and stop times - record names of all assigned test administrators who are actively monitoring in any testing room. This includes hall monitors and relief staff who may give a short break to the assigned test administrator. - districts keep for five years Honor statements - STAAR, STAAR L, and STAAR Modified EOC exams Maintain test security materials for 5 years - signed test administrator and technology staff oaths - seating charts Investigations - conduct as quickly and thoroughly as possible in order to ensure that state investigations, sanctions, and corrective actions are conducted in a fair, expeditious, and equitable manner

  9. Confidentiality Requirements • Before handling secure test materials and/or TAMS, all testing personnel must be trained and sign an oath. • No person may review, reveal or discuss the contents of a test booklet or online assessment before during, or after a test administration unless specifically authorized to do so. • No person may duplicate, print, record, write notes about, or capture by any means any portion of a secure assessment instrument without prior approval from TEA. • No individuals other than students during an assessment may perform calculations, solve, or respond to test items. • Test administrators conducting an oral administration must be aware that they are viewing secure content, and that responding to test items, recording the information they see, or discussing the content of the test at anytime is strictly prohibited. Oral test administrators must sign a separate section of the oath.

  10. Penalties for Prohibited Conduct Any person who violates, assists in the violation of or solicits another to violate or assist in the violation of test security or confidentiality, and any person who fails to report such a violation, may be subject to the following penalties: • Placement of restrictions on the issuance, renewal, or holding of a Texas educator certificate, either indefinitely or for a set term; • Issuance of an inscribed or non-inscribed reprimand; • Suspension of a Texas educator certificate for a set term; or • Revocation or cancellation of a Texas educator certificate without opportunity for reapplication for a set term or permanently. Release or disclosure of confidential test content could result in criminal prosecution under TEC §39.0303, Section 552.352 of the Texas Government Code, and Section 37.10 of the Texas Penal Code. Further, 19 TAC §249.15 stipulates that the State Board for Educator Certification may take any of the above actions based on satisfactory evidence that an educator has failed to cooperate with TEA in an investigation. Additionally, irregularities resulting in a breach of test security or confidentiality may result in the invalidation of students’ assessments.

  11. Security Measures by TEA • June 2007, TEA implemented a 14 point security plan designed to assure parents, students, and the public that tests are meaningful and valid. • 2012 Test Security Supplement available online Maintaining the security and confidentiality of the Texas state assessment program is critical to ensuring valid test scores and providing standard and equal testing opportunities for all students.

  12. Web Based Training Modules • Updated to reflect the implementation of STAAR • Required of all Humble ISD staff involved in testing. • These supplement the mandatory security training. • May be viewed in a group (sign in sheet), or individually (certificate is given to CTC) Module 1 – Active Monitoring Module 2 – Distribution of Test Materials Module 3 – Proper Handling of Secure Materials

  13. http://www.texasassement.com/securitytraining

  14. Incident Reporting

  15. Questions?

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