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Reiner Fine Jewelry

Reiner Fine Jewelry

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Reiner Fine Jewelry

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  1. Reiner Fine Jewelry Taylor Lawson, Leah Leybovich, Melissa Reiner

  2. Budget -$2,500 per month maximum -Currently Forthea Marketing is taking up the maximum budget per month for their services -the results are no where to be seen

  3. Current Strengths Established customer base through word of mouth Target market consists of upper middle to upper class (with a submarket for 50+ consumers) Store has been in Houston area for years Only GIA certified diamonds

  4. Weaknesses Aging clientele Missed out on social media boom Website lacking

  5. Opportunities Social Media Website New target market

  6. Threats Competitors Being swallowed in social media Losing family business “feel”

  7. Pinterest Page

  8. Facebook Search is Confusing

  9. Suggested Improvements Expanding target market to end of generation X to beginning of generation Y Fire Forthea! Wordpress template for Website Youtube Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest Bloggers

  10. Target Market Expansion Create a tab on the website for an engagement ring section Showcase different settings, diamonds, and looks for engagement rings Gen Y and X will be more heavily involved

  11. Fire Forthea Their efforts are not converting to trackable awareness or sales $2500 is too much to be throwing away

  12. Wordpress Template New site will be built using wordpress template, cost is 39.99. User can easily access the backend and amend as needed More clear, visuals are nicer

  13. Youtube Channel will include videos taken by employees with an iPhone (no cost) Videos will showcase: Customer testimonials New products Employees at work in the close CRM type environment Reiner’s has created

  14. Social Media Facebook- 3-5 posts about new products Twitter- links to new facebook posts and new merchandise Pinterest- merchandise that Reiner’s actually carries. “December 30 day promotion”

  15. Bloggers Houston Bloggers registered with Texas Style Council reached out to They will post about products sent to them as “gifts” Hyperlink back to Reiner’s website Eventually Reiner’s can pay blogger for advertisements on blog if enough exposure is gained through bloggers

  16. How will this all benefit Reiners? Increased customer relationships Increased Brand awareness These two factors translate to increased sales/profit These methods are not intimidating and therefore won’t lose small business feel