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  1. Presentation on:Winter Olympics2014 Made the Grade 6 student MKOU school № 8 Dmitriyevskyi Miroslav Teacher Kravchenko I.B.

  2. From stories • The word "Olympics" originally meant not the games themselves, and the four-year gap between them. The ancient Greeks were the chronology by Olympiads since 776 BC (eg "the third year of the 146th Olympiad"). In honor of the Olympic Games in Greece was declared a truce for a month.

  3. The Olympic oath • The text of the Olympic athletes oath: • "On behalf of all competitors I promise that we shall take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules by which they are held, in true sporting spirit, for the glory of sport and the honor of their teams."

  4. Olympic flame Fire Games in Sochi in 2014 will be lit in the birthplace of the Olympic games in Greece. From there, 7 October 2013 it transported to Moscow. Just grab the baton in 2900 settlements, 83 of the region, all nine time zones of Russia - from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Sochi Olympic relay in 2014 will be the largest in the history of the Olympic movement. The organizers expect that 90% of the population were in walking distance to the torch relay route. Fire will visit and on Elbrus and Lake Baikal, and the North Pole. According to Dmitry Chernyshenko, scheduled delivery of the fire and into Earth orbit in outer space.

  5. Torchbearer Fire 14,000 torchbearers will carry. In addition, in the long relay will be attended by about 30,000 volunteers. The distance of each section will be 200-300 meters. On average, the fire will overcome 534 km a day.

  6. Mascots Olympic Winter Games 2014 • Following the elections, culminating in the live show "mascot. Sochi 2014. Final "on Channel One, mascots Olympic Games in Sochi are: Baby, Polar Bear and Leopard. Paralympic Games have become symbols of Ray of Light and Snowflake.

  7. White teddy bear • White teddy bear from early childhood brought explorers. They taught him to ski, skating and curling to play. But most of all white like a bear riding a sport sled. He became the luge and bobsleigh, and his friends - seals and fur seals - with pleasure watching his victories. Now together they organize competitions in these sports, and the long polar night, they have no time to get bored!

  8. Leopard Mountain climber-rescuer leopard lives in the crown of a huge tree that grows on the highest cliff in the snowy mountains of the Caucasus. He is always willing to help and has saved the nearby village of avalanches. Leopard - great snowboarder, he taught the sport all his friends and neighbors. In Leopard cheerful nature, he can not live alone, and loves to dance.

  9. Bunny Bunny - the most active resident of the winter forest. Her friends are always surprised - and how she has time!? After Bunny has time to learn not only the Forest Academy as "excellent", to help her mother in the family restaurant "Forest pond", but also participate in various sports competitions. Bunny assures his friends that it is no secret: she just loves sports. And she loves to sing and dance.

  10. Sport Categories • Fifteen winter sports disciplines, united in seven Olympic sports included in the program of the Olympic Winter Games in 2014. They include three types of ridge, six Ski, two types of bobsleigh, as well as four individual sport. Only played 98 sets of medals

  11. Biathlon My favorite Winter Olympics - Biathlon. Biathlon competitions are conducted at various levels. Conventionally, all events can be divided into two groups - multiservice, which in addition to the biathlon disciplines include other sports, as well as the actual biathlon competitions, which can be divided into Cups and Cups. In addition, hosts a variety of informal commercial biathlon competitions.

  12. My wishes I wish the Olympics in Sochi gave us unforgettable performances of athletes and especially Russian. My dream is to take part in the Olympic Games in the future. Good luck and great victories! Forward, Russia!