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Access Pass Student Delivery ID Season Ticket Card PowerPoint Presentation
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Access Pass Student Delivery ID Season Ticket Card

Access Pass Student Delivery ID Season Ticket Card

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Access Pass Student Delivery ID Season Ticket Card

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  1. Access Pass Student Delivery ID Season Ticket Card Presented by Gloria Kane August 2013


  3. Access Pass • Access pass functionality allows for magstripe card delivery for general admission seating for groups (students, donors, clubs) across multiple seasons; card can be swiped or scanned • Orders are placed in an Access pass season for eligible patrons – no orders are created nor are seats assigned in the ‘real’ season until the card is scanned or swiped at the event • Review with Access Team or Customer Support prior to first time use: • Process must be well tested in advance (from setup to scan/swipe)

  4. Access Pass: t.Res Setup • Create an activity for Access Pass (one time): TK.ACTIVITY.E (Maintenance>Event Templates>Activities)

  5. Access Pass: t.Res Setup • Create an Access Pass Season TK.SEASON.E (Maintenance>System>Season Status)

  6. Access Pass: t.Res Setup • Create Access Pass Price Type in each “real” season that will use Access Pass TK.PRTYPE.SEA.E (Maintenance>Event Templates>Price Types>Season) F12

  7. Access Pass: t.Res Setup • Add Access Pass Price Type to ‘real’ season Event Price Tables ($0 price) TK.PTABLE.SEA.E (Maintenance>Event Templates>Price Tables>Season) F12

  8. Access Pass: t.Res Setup Create Access Pass Item for the Access Pass Season TK.IAPASS.SEA.E (Maintenance>Event Templates>Items>Season>Access Pass) • Use unique item in each Access Pass Season (ex. AP12, AP13 - not AP). • Date from and Date to – take into account all seasons and the first/last event dates • Price Type – map to Season(s) and price type you have setup

  9. Access Pass: t.Res Setup • Multiple Access Pass items can be created in the same access pass season to segment customer groups (for example: students, donors, clubs, credentials) • However, it is very important to understand that every AP item will be processed exactly the same for event entry; Access Management does not distinguish among access pass types and apply different validation rules during an event • It is not possible to accept one Access Pass customer but reject another based upon their access pass item

  10. Access Pass: t.Res Setup • Modify Season Configurations to incorporate Price Level and Areas for Access Pass usage TK.CONFIG.SEA.E (Maintenance>Facility Templates>Configuration>Season)

  11. Access Pass: t.Res Setup • Season Configuration setup rules for Access Pass seats: • A dedicated Price Level is recommended • Access Pass usage can only be allocated to a Price Level with general admission seating (seating type G) • If multiple Price Levels with general admission seating is included in the Facility/Configuration setup, the Access Pass Price Level must appear FIRST in the Price Level order • Seat status must be O (OPEN), no user hold codes • If a Price Level is dedicated for Access Pass, the total number of seats in the underlying Area/Sections must be >= than the max number of Access Passes allowed per event • If a Price Level is not dedicated for Access Pass but includes regular tickets, the total number of seats in the underlying Area/Sections must be >= than the total of the maximum Access Passes allowed plus the maximum non-Access Pass tickets

  12. Access Pass: t.Res Setup • Set up Access Pass in Events TK.EVENT.SEA.E (Maintenance>Event Templates>Events>Season>Internal)

  13. Access Pass: t.Res Setup (one time setup) SYS.OP.E (System Functions>Operators>Operator Access)

  14. Access Pass: t.Res Setup (one time setup) TK.OP.E. (Maintenance>System>Operator Access) TK.HCUST.E (Customer>Entry>House)

  15. Access Pass: t.Res Setup(one time setup) TK.CONTROL.E (Maintenance>System>Control) Default IFORM and CA should be in Immediate Mode system will open new batch as needed

  16. Access Pass: tRes Setup(one time setup) AM.SETUP.AG.E (File>Access Mgmt>Maintenance>System>AG Setup) Add Access Pass Selling Control

  17. Steps for Adding Orders to Access Pass Season • Adding Access Pass item to eligible patrons: • Bulk update MSID (Magnetic Stripe Id) in PD.PATRON using either TK.IN.SLOAD (Student upload process) or PD.PATRON.IMPORT • Learning Center Series for these processes are available on the PSO • TK.REQUEST.E: Create a Select List of customers eligible for an Access Pass item to be used in TK.ADD • TK.ADD: Bulk create orders and add Access Pass items in the Access Pass Season for select list that was created. • TK.APASS.STATUS: Activate Access Pass orders (updates Access server) • .

  18. Adding Orders to Access Pass SeasonCreate Select List • TK.REQUEST.E: • Ex: Select students with a specific item purchased if they do not already have an order in the current Access Pass Season • Selection criteria will vary for what you are selecting

  19. Adding Orders to Access Pass Season: TK.ADD Bulk update orders in AP Season with process TK.ADD (Orders>Bulk Processing>Additions)

  20. Adding Orders to Access Pass Season: TK.ADD Review Potential Errors that display at end of process: Bad data in MSID MSID is not in PD.PATRON AP order exists already

  21. Adding Orders to Access Pass Season: Selling Controls Update selling controls in TK.CONTROL.E with the Access Pass Season to add an Access Pass in TK.SELL manually Adding access pass is Not recommended on game day

  22. Adding Orders to Access Pass Season TK.CUST.APASS.E (Access>Access Pass> Entry) New Access pass order is created with status IU

  23. Activate Access Pass on Access Server TK.APASS.STATUS(Access>Access Pass> Status Update) Run prior to game day to update statuses and update access server

  24. Updating/ Changes to MSID Two processes to manually add or change the MSID PD.PATRON.E (Patron Database>Patron Entry) PD.MAGSTRIPE.E (Patron Database>Access Passes>Magnetic Stripe ID

  25. Updating/Changes to MSID TK.APASS.NUMBER(Access> Access Pass>Number Update) Resends MSIDs to access server: Important when MSIDs are changed or replaced

  26. ACCESS Pass Game Day • When cards are swiped or scanned on game day, t.Res files are updated in the current season (order/odet/trans/seat/barcode) • If cards swiped OK, but t.Res orders did not get updated, there is a probable setup problem • Review TK.MLOG.I for errors (Maintenance/System/Message Log) • Error Examples: • Can't find PT for Access Pass Item (Price Type not in the event price table) • Seats not found for Event (because seats are not Gen Adm, or no Open seats)

  27. Student Delivery ID • Allows for a reserved/gen adm admittance to event by scanning/ swiping student card • Patron record must contain the MSID • Order is placed with disposition code with type of Magnetic Student ID • Review with Access Team or Customer Support prior to first time use

  28. Student Delivery ID Create a disposition Code to be used only for Student Delivery ID TK.DCODE.E: (Maintenance >Other Parameters>Dispositions) Type = Magstripe Student ID (Must be Magstripe Student ID at time of order!)

  29. Student Delivery ID MSID must be in PD.PATRON before adding order TK.ODET I.DID field is updated with MSID

  30. Student Delivery ID TK.BC.I: (Allocations > Inquiry> Bar Code Inquiry ) Upon printing, Delivery ID is updated in TK.BC D.ID field

  31. Updating / Changes to MSID MSID changes for replaced (stolen or lost) cards: • Updates to PD.PATRON MSID will not change delivery ID (TK.ODET I.DID) in existing orders • Review orders to identify changed MSIDs (updated in PD.PATRON.E) and are no longer the same as in order • Use Request to compare PD.PATRON MS.ID to TK.ODET I.DID prior to event • Item must be voided and ordered again for new MSID to be updated to TK.ODET I.DID field, and printed again (not reprinted) to be scanned successfully; or can be reissued with a disposition other than STC

  32. Updating / Changes to MSID

  33. Season Ticket Cards • Enable season tickets to be delivered to a card, referred to as a Season Ticket Card (STC) • Each order detail line that is designated for STC delivery is first printed and then assigned a delivery ID which is used by the Access Management system to validate entry to the event by scanning or swiping • The back office extracts the data to a specified format (for ex. CSV or Excel) and sends the data to vendor for printing, or prints on a special barcode printer - Barcode Type I2OF5 (an Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode)

  34. STC Combo Item Setup TK.COMBO.SEA.E: Format must be XX; a physical ticket is not printed - order is updated as printed STC is available only for Combo Items Seating must be marked for “S”ame seats - even if Gen Adm

  35. Type is traditional STC Disposition Code Create a disposition Code to be used only for STC TK.DCODE.E: (Maintenance >Other Parameters>Dispositions)

  36. STC Disposition Code Orders must include the STC disposition

  37. Creating the STC Numbers TK.STC.CREATE: (Access>Season Ticket Card>Create) One delivery ID number is generated and updated in each event’s barcode for the seat associated with the combo item Orders must be printed first!

  38. Barcode Inquiry TK.BC.I (Allocations > Inquiry> Bar Code Inquiry ) Delivery IDs are 12 numbers long, all starting with 000

  39. Barcode Inquiry Same Delivery Id for all events

  40. TK.REQUEST – info for printing card Format: Excel, must add back leading zeros that Request/Excel strips out Format D device, can use export options A VL Q - C:\file.txt for a delimited file YOU ONLY NEED TO INCLUDE 1 EVENT STC (D.ID) numbers begin with 000! Add additional fields to display as needed. D.ID must be included! TEST YOUR SEASON TICKET CARDS IN ADVANCE!

  41. View Unmasked Delivery ID Operator printing the request needs access to View Unmasked Delivery IDs • SYS.OP.E (System>Operator Access) • STC is encrypted unless operator has access to View Unmasked Delivery • For PCI compliance View Unmasked DID is valid only for the active session

  42. Season Ticket Card Number Status Change Season Ticket Card Number Status Change TK.STC.E: (Access>Season Ticket Card>Update) Change status for STC number to invalid (if lost or stolen) for all events You can invalidate the STC number without creating a new STC replacement and then designate a different delivery method in TK.SELL YOU MUST BE ABLE TO PRINT A NEW CARD WITH NEW STC **

  43. Season Ticket Card Number Status Change The STC is invalidated for all events, past or future - for ex, event S01 has past

  44. Season Ticket Card Number Status Change/New STC Created Only future events are included in the new STC delivery ID

  45. STC with other Processes TK.RETURN – Can return events out of the combo as long as one event remains in combo to keep STC valid Internet Transfer – Can transfer events as long as one event remains in the combo to keep STC valid TMP – Can sell events as long as one remains in combo to keep STC valid TK.TRANSFER - Marks delivery id invalid. This means you can’t print STC to an inventory account and transfer out to accounts as sold!

  46. AM Monitor AM Monitor> Find Ticket Enter delivery id to return all barcodes linked to STC or Student delivery

  47. AM Monitor/STC AM Monitor> Find Ticket Enter the barcode to findSTC delivery ID

  48. AM Event Setup Allow Card Barcode – turn on when scanning barcode on card (not swiping)

  49. AM Event Setup /Access Pass Allowed and Entrance Limit :Defaults from tRes (back office) event

  50. AM Monitor/Access Pass AM Monitor> Find Ticket Enter the patron to view access pass status