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Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular System. Hematology. Cardiovascular System. Connective Tissue: Blood. Formed Elements [cells] Erythrocytes Leukocytes Platelets Ground Substance Fiber. Composition. Plasma. Composition Function Hormone Control Problems. Plasma Proteins. Albumin Function.

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Cardiovascular System

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  1. Cardiovascular System Hematology

  2. Cardiovascular System

  3. Connective Tissue: Blood • Formed Elements [cells] • Erythrocytes • Leukocytes • Platelets • Ground Substance • Fiber

  4. Composition

  5. Plasma • Composition • Function • Hormone Control • Problems

  6. Plasma Proteins

  7. Albumin Function

  8. Blood Chemistries

  9. Formed Elements of Blood

  10. Blood Formation Pathways

  11. Hematopoiesis Pluripotent Hematopoietic Stem Cell

  12. Bone Marrow Smear

  13. Red Bone Marrow

  14. Red Bone Marrow Sampling

  15. Hematopoietic Cell Lines

  16. Blood Use

  17. Erythropoiesis

  18. EPO Source and MOA Juxtaglomerular Apparatus in Renal Cortex

  19. Hemoglobin

  20. Heme Group

  21. Sickle Cell Anemia

  22. Incomplete Dominance: SS, Ss, ss

  23. Sickle Cell Anemia

  24. Pernicious Anemia

  25. Iron Deficiency Anemia

  26. RBC Poikilocytosis

  27. Hemoglobin Recycled

  28. RBC Morphology and Function • Size • Shape • Color • Number • Functions • Gas Transport • O2 • CO2 • Buffer

  29. RBCs

  30. RBCs

  31. Blood Tubes

  32. Blood Smear Prep

  33. Cytology Stains

  34. Hematocrit

  35. Hematocrit Equipment

  36. RBC Problems: Anemia

  37. RBC Problems: Parasites

  38. Genetic Factors for Major Blood Types • Blood Groups are due to CH20 on RBC surfaces • Co-Dominant Inheritance pattern of alleles A, B, i • Carbohydrates • A allele  galactosamine • B allele  galactose • AB alleles both sugars

  39. ABO Antigen groups

  40. Blood Type A: Subtypes A-2 A-1

  41. Plasma Antibodies

  42. Plasma Antibodies

  43. Agglutinins & Agglutinogens

  44. Agglutination

  45. Blood Typing

  46. Blood Typing Individual Results

  47. Blood Typing Results Compared

  48. Rh factor : D antigen

  49. Blood Transfusion

  50. Blood Donors and Recipients

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