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The Best Female Hair Thinning Treatments PowerPoint Presentation
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The Best Female Hair Thinning Treatments

The Best Female Hair Thinning Treatments

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The Best Female Hair Thinning Treatments

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  1. The Best Female Hair Thinning Treatments

  2. If you are a female and losing your hair, you know it can be devastating. There is nothing worse than losing your hair that you worked hard to keep healthy and strong all of these years. There are many reasons why female’s hair can start to thin out. Below I am going to go into some of these reasons and also the best hair thinning treatments that you can do to combat your hair loss. It’s time to get your hair back on track! Reasons Behind Thinning Hair 1.) As a female, you are fully aware of how crazy out hormones can be at times. Hormones can play a large role in how healthy your hair is, especially when carrying a baby. Pregnant women oftentimes lose their hair either during or postpartum pregnancy. This is because your hormones are reacting to the child you are carrying and trying to account for the different lifestyles. Most women experience hair loss postpartum because the hormones retreat to the regular levels they were at before the pregnancy term. When this happens, the natural hair loss a woman is supposed to experience during the hair loss cycle can all happen at once. With this being said, a woman can lose a substantial amount of hair at one time. Luckily, this hair loss should only be temporary. It should grow back within a couple of months.

  3. 2.) A woman’s thyroid can also be a big reason behind hair thinning. If you have ever heard of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, you know that it can be linked to hair loss. This again has to do with hormones. If your hormones are disrupted by an over or underactive thyroid gland, you can begin to lose your hair across the scalp. Again, this hair loss is usually temporary as long as you get the right treatment and medications. 3.) Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that can affect hair growth. This is also known as female pattern baldness in a woman’s case. The hair growth phase also is known as the anagen phase, is slowed down or can completely stop altogether. This can be linked to both genes and hormones. Typically, female pattern baldness will occur after menopause, so later on in the life of a woman. This condition can also be passed down from one generation to the other through genes. Chances are if baldness runs in your family members, you may experience it too.

  4. 4.) A woman’s diet can also play a large role in hair health. If a woman is deficient in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and iron, they can experience hair thinning no matter the age. It is important that you are conscious of the foods and supplements you are feeding your body so that you know your hair is getting the appropriate foods it needs to survive. To combat hair thinning because of these deficiencies, try incorporating a daily multivitamin into your routine and also focusing on eating healthy foods that contain protein and iron. These consist of foods such as meats, fish, nuts, vegetables, and seeds.