home for fun and adventure rides for families n.
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Home for Fun and Adventure Rides for Families PowerPoint Presentation
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Home for Fun and Adventure Rides for Families

Home for Fun and Adventure Rides for Families

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Home for Fun and Adventure Rides for Families

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  1. Home for Fun andAdventure Ridesfor Families

  2. Joy rides cannot be categorized for kids only but pertains to every age group and brings out happiness in all. There are many parks and resorts in almost every city with adventure rides and water rides and wonderla is one of the amazing places to be. It is a strong belief that every city should have such fun rides as a part of entertainment because it brings families and friends together enjoying thoroughly. The kind of enthusiasm and thrill instilled in the adventure rides and fun rides cannot be compared to absolutely anything. The joy rides play a monopoly part in the field of entertainment and thus people want to see it flourish and advance from time to time.

  3. Wonderla is equipped with the highest level of adventure rides one can imagine such as Equinox in which there are suspended seats meaning that the riders’ legs dangle freely, and each seat has an individual shoulder harness with a lock sensor.

  4. Another is Insanity which is amongst the joy rides as being a four-armed giant of a robot with ‘four fingers’ to each arm and each fingers has two capsules into which rides are safely harnessed. The machine moves each arm and each finger independently, turning, twisting, and swiveling in every direction possible, giving an adventure ride of a lifetime and one that’s sure to drive the people insane, and so many more that can make a person want to try the adventure rides again and again. Dry rides under the fun rides are a work of magic such as the Crazy cars, Musical Fountain and laser show, Sky wheel and so much more. They even have the Cine Magic 3D which will leave the people coming for joy rides totally delighted. To elevate the joy rides, wonderla has a whole different number of water rides to let the ball rolling for those who love water. That is not all rather fun rides for kids are a totally different section too and thus enabling all age groups to enjoy to the ultimate level the best joy rides.

  5. One of the best joy rides of wonderla is the Giant wheel which stands above a clock and give the aerial view of the whole park with people being able to view every fun rides within the park. Another is the Wonder Splash which as a fun ride makes people have fun with the water without actually being under it. All of the joy rides all together would make anyone coming here remember and cherish the moments forever for all the fun they had.

  6. Besides all the wonderful adventure rides and the fun rides, wonderla has its own resort for the ease of their customers coming in for to spend a good weekend. The rates of the entrance and the adventure rides as well as water rides are reasonable and for those wanting additional attention can go for the fast track tickets of the adventure rides. Moreover, they have different rates specified for the school going kids and college students so that all can enjoy the fun rides at a fairly good rate. Special offers are made to the people with also an option of having a privilege membership card. For the ease of the people wanting to come to wonderla for the epic joy rides, it also takes in online booking for all rides and resort. Every other information is provided by the wonderla’s website and just by viewing it each has to be enthralled to visit the place to enjoy the adventure rides and all the other fun rides at the amusement park and resort.

  7. Wonderla Bangalore Wonderla Holidays Private Limited 28th km, Mysore Road,Bangalore – 562109Tel: 080 22010333Fax: 080 22010324Email: Wonderla Kochi Wonderla Holidays Private Limited Pallikara, Kumarapuram P.O,Cochin - 683 565, Kerala, IndiaTel: 91 - 484 - 2684001 – 2684007Fax: 91 - 484 – 2682908Email: Web: