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Immigration Issues

Immigration Issues. Christian Adams, International Student Adviser. Immigration Issues. International Student Support I mmigration Advice Service Visa Corrections Visa Extensions Schengen visa for travel in Europe Working in the UK. International Student Support.

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Immigration Issues

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  1. Immigration Issues Christian Adams, International Student Adviser

  2. Immigration Issues International Student Support Immigration Advice Service Visa Corrections Visa Extensions Schengen visa for travel in Europe Working in the UK

  3. International Student Support • Level 3, Sherfield Building • www.imperial.ac.uk/international • international@imperial.ac.uk • Tel 020 7594 8040

  4. International Student Support can help you with… • Visa renewals • Dependent visas • Correcting Entry Clearance mistakes • Travel visas • Checking permission to work • Family visits

  5. Specialist Immigration Advice • The International Student Support staff are the only named College immigration advisers • Trained to government standards

  6. Student Entry Clearance Rules • The applicant needs to prove that s/he: • Has been accepted on to a full-time course • Has the ability and intention to follow the course (CAS number 30 points) • Has adequate finances (Bank statements or scholarship letter 10 points) • Total: 40 points

  7. Student Visa Rules • Enrolled on full-time course (no part-time study) • No ‘gap’ years • Degree level course OR 15 day-time hours/week at ‘bona-fide’ college • Enough money without needing to work

  8. 5 Year Cap • Students cannot spend more than 5 years studying at degree level in the UK (UG course + Masters) • Includes study under Tier 4 and under previous old Student visa rules

  9. 5 Year Cap exceptions • Exceptions • 4 year degree / 2 years to do Masters • Excluded courses eg Medicine • PhD / more than 8 years no further extensions

  10. Points Based System - implications • Upload Passport and visa to Student E-service. Tier 4 visa must be linked to Imperial • Keep your contact details up to date (e-service and PRC) • Attendance monitoring (if you miss classes / exams/ coursework deadlines because of illness, tell your dept!) • Try not to fail exams!

  11. Protecting your immigration status • Keep copies of all important documents: passport, visa, BRP (if you have one), PRC (if applicable) • Keep evidence of your journeys to / from the UK • Make a note of your visa expiry date (+ 4 months before start planning) • Ask your bank for paper bank statements (by post) and don’t throw them away!

  12. Police Registration • Only certain nationalities: check your visa • Within 7 days of arriving in the UK • Overseas Visitors’ Records Office, • 180 Borough High street, SE1 1LH • Take your: passport • £34 cash • proof of address & registration • Tell local police station each change of address

  13. Entry Clearance Correction Scheme • Did you get your student visa overseas? • Does your visa have the correct expiry date for your course? • Correct expiry dates: • Undergraduate student visas should expire in late October in the year that the course ends • MSc students – end of November 2014 or end of January 2015?

  14. Entry Clearance Correction Scheme • The International Student Support can request a free correction for you and your dependants • We can also request permission to work if your visa is valid for more than 6 months but says ‘No work’ • Bring your passport (and any dependents’ passports) to the International Student Support office in November

  15. Student Visa Extension • Write visa expiry date in diary • 3 months before it expires: • Visit the International Student Support office during Quick Queries for advice on preparing for your application • Collect & photocopy your supporting documents • Book appointment / attend a visa clinic in the International Office to get your application checked

  16. Three ways to apply • Using the International Student Support Student Batch Scheme - cost (£406), added support of College • By post independently - cheaper (£406) but slower) • In person at Public Enquiry Office, Croydon -fast but expensive (£781)

  17. Travel to Europe on a Schengen Visa • Latvia • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Malta • Netherlands • Norway • Poland • Portugal • Slovakia • Slovenia • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Austria • Belgium • Czech Republic • Denmark • Estonia • Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Hungary • Iceland • Italy

  18. Schengen Visa • Check embassy website to see if you need to apply • Make application well in advance of proposed travel date • Book appointment at appropriate embassy • Application form, fee, passport, photos, bank statement, trip details (flight, accommodation, invitation letter / conference details), medical insurance, Statement of Attendance from Hub

  19. Permission to Work • Work /Business as in Tier 4 Rules • Work 20 hours max in Term-time • No recourse to public funds • Work (and any changes) must be authorised • Limited Leave to remain in the UK. No recourse to public funds. Able to work as authorised by the Secretary of State.

  20. Working in the UK • Non EEA students can work: • 20 hours per week in term time • Unlimited hours in holiday time • PG students – 20 hours max during dissertation • Official course end date=end of course • Special rules for Romanians & Bulgarians

  21. Any questions? • More information at: • www.imperial.ac.uk/international • or contact • international@imperial.ac.uk

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