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waterproof Handlebar Bag

ooking to upgrade your riding gear? You’re at the right place! World of Wheelz is India’s first one-stop destination for a wide range of high-quality cycling products on offer by global brands at competitive prices! Additionally, on offer are replacement goods with easy returns, as well as technical support provided by our team of experts and cycling enthusiasts.

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waterproof Handlebar Bag

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  1. 1/31/2019 WORLD OF WHEELZ Bicycle Touring vs Bikepacking https://www.worldofwheelz.in |

  2. Going touring on a cycle requires you to carry your luggage on your bike. You could, of course, have a vehicle trailing with your luggage. But that wouldn’t quite provide you with the freedom that cycle touring gives. Today if you go online or to a cycle shop to buy best bags for your cyclists, buy bags for your bike, you will have two broad genres to choose from, traditional rack and pannier or modern bike packing. So what’s your choice? Here’s a quick comparison for you to make your choice! Weight and Volume The bags themselves weigh more or less the same, but once you factor in the weight of the racks required for panniers, then bike packing wins! This victory comes with the cost of volume; there is noticeably less amount of space for your luggage with a bike packing setup. This is good and bad, good because you only carry the essentials, bad because there are many things you ‘want’, but are forced to forego. https://www.worldofwheelz.in

  3. Ease of Packing It is much easier to pack and organise panniers. Bike packing bags require a bit more mental experience! Even fixing and removing panniers is substantially faster. It takes about 20 seconds to remove panniers off the racks, while the other requires considerably more time, and also a number of straps attached! Ease of Cycling The bike packing bags shine in this area. There are no racks, therefore no bolts to loosen on bad roads. The centred weight of the frame bag aids handling dramatically. The overall lighter setup makes it easier to climb and ride rough trails confidently. The bags are in-line with the bike and as such are more aerodynamic. On terrain where riding is impossible, it is much easier to push your bike, panniers tend to keep hitting your legs while walking your bike. There is also no clatter-bang sounds which panniers tend to make on bad roads! Freedom A bikepacking setup allows you to venture down trails you would otherwise think twice about on a pannier equipped cycle. This gives the rider a lot of flexibility when choosing an adventurous route. https://www.worldofwheelz.in

  4. Cost The cost of good quality bags of either type from a reputed manufacturer is approximately the same. The additional cost on a pannier setup is for the racks. A bike packing setup requires ultra light gear to really work well, and if there is one thing which the cycle market teaches you, Light + Strong is not cheap! Tents, sleeping bags, mats, stoves etc. cost a pretty penny as you try to shed kilos and then grams. Bicycle A pannier setup requires a dedicated touring cycle or at the very least a bike with the capability of carrying loads and eyelets for racks. Bike packing isn’t restricted by the type of bike you already own. You can practically strap your bags on to any bike capable for the terrain and head out. Even on carbon! We understand the thrill of discovering the world on your own two wheels. For us, its not about the money –it’s about the ride. Gain your miles with World of Wheelz! About Us World of Wheelz is an initiative of avid cyclists with a singular mission – to cultivate the sport of cycling in India. As we explored the country on our wheels we realised the severe lack of quality equipment in India for cycling enthusiasts. To bridge this gap, WOW has partnered with leading global cycling brands to provide high-end quality products in India at competitive rates. We are dealing with the products like Bicycle pump online , co2 inflator cartridges , waterproof handlebar bag , Magicshine Bike Lights , MTB Handlebar grips etc. You can visit our website and shop by brand. Conatct us at:- Basement Floor, Plot No.16, Sector-33, Gurgaon-122001 Email:- customer.service@worldofwheelz.in https://www.worldofwheelz.in

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