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Days ‘til Christmas

23. Days ‘til Christmas. REGUALR VERBS. They end in –ed which has a special pronunciation. SIMPLE PAST. She wash ed her clothes last weekend. IRREGULAR VERBS. They suffer a dramatical change. He swam in the ocean last Saturday!. CONJUGATION. Regular Verbs. T D ID.

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Days ‘til Christmas

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  1. 23 Days ‘til Christmas

  2. REGUALR VERBS They end in –ed which has a special pronunciation SIMPLE PAST She washed her clothes last weekend IRREGULAR VERBS They suffer a dramatical change He swam in the ocean last Saturday! CONJUGATION

  3. Regular Verbs T D ID Admire Ask Attend Book Brush Calculate Care Check Collect Describe Decide Live Include Remember Start

  4. ? EXCUSE ME?... The other day, Mandy got a very confusing e-mail from a friend to do a final school project… __ _ __ __ Hi Mandy, ru ok? To remind you about the project, imo it is too boring, afaik, the teacher wants to cover some extra pages, he hates When people lol, but I cyr ofis to agree on your part. Plz 4gv me, I will send you the copies this afternoon. Cu l8r, Diego  A__ y___ ok? In my o________ … As f_____ as I k______... C_____ your o_______... P______ f________ me. S____ you l________... L_______ out loud (is everything all right?) (I think…) (To my knowledge…) (Telephone work) (I am very sorry…) (Good bye for now) (Ha, ha, ha!) • RU OK? • IMO… • AFAIK… • CYR OFIS… • PLZ 4GV ME • CU L8R • LOL re ou pinion ar now all ffice lease orgive ee ater augh

  5. TOO & ENOUGH This is tooexpensive! What did you buy? These are expensive enough! they were on sale! This food is tooplain! What in the world is it? This drink is sweet enough! I like it! TOO: Exaggerating ENOUGH: Sufficient

  6. DEBATE EATING OUT DURING THE WEEK CRAVING FOOD Eating junk food is terrible, you should find the time to cook healthier! There is no time to cook with all the activities we have to do now! It is terrible! Your body won’t metabolize food at night! There is nothing wrong with craving food when hungry!

  7. QUANTIFIERS When we need to give an approximate in the quantity we have countable uncountable There aresome eggs. There aren’t ANY onions Are there ANY tomatoes? Yes there aresome. No, there aren’t any There is some milk. There isn’t ANY beer! Is there ANY coffee left ? Yes there is some. No, there isn’t any Checking if you have or not How many eggs do you need? I need a lot of (2kg) I need a few (2) I don’t need any (0) How much milk do you need? I need a lot of (5 liters) I need a little (half liter) I don’t need any (0) Calculating quantity She is under a lot of stress! Today she doesn’t have any patience. Note: This is not necessary exclusive for food. We can calculate the quantity on anything just respecting if is countable or uncountable.

  8. Let’s play! STOP! C A R G E F I P The letter is...

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