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  1. P I N T E R S Y S T E M S Pointer Systems Nig. Limited

  2. P I N T E R POINTER FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM S Y S T E M S Pointer Systems Nig. Ltd is the only organization that offers an Online Fleet Management System that works on GPRS DATA and not SMS. The Pointer online web application is an efficient and friendly tool for tracking, real time monitoring and reporting for the new and the advanced fleet manager in the information world of today. The Online Fleet Application enables maximum utilization of the system at minimum cost. Maximum utilization of system resources also includes the fleet manager's precious time. Pointer online saves the fleet manager's time.

  3. P I N T E R Pointer Systems Nig. Ltd. is a collaboration between EMI Systems Limited and Starcom Systems Ltd. S Y S T E M S • Starcom Systems Ltd. Develops, Design and Manufacture wireless & wired solution for GSM and CDMA networks • Starcom is an international company which have 10 Years of experience in the telematics market • Starcom keeps on going Research and Development for hardware and software as well as a fact that it hold ownership for the technology • Starcom A-team coordinate electronic engineers and software programmers side by side with experienced staff which established more then 25 centers and operations world wide. • Starcom’s Mission is to Continually Improve the technology and to provide top solutions with a Marketable Price

  4. P I N T E R Pointer Systems Nig. Limited & Starcom Systems supporting Turn Key Solutionwhich allows the local operator to reap revenues quickly with minimum risk and minimum expenses: S Y S T E M S • We supply technical and operational staff Training • We supply full technical support • We consult and help to create the installation network • We consult and help to create the enforcement team and the connections with the local police/security forces • We are able to consult how to market the product using our world wide marketing experience.

  5. P I N T E R Starcom Worldwide Operations . . . S Y S T E M S

  6. P I N T E R System Communication Flow . . . S Y S T E M S

  7. P I N T E R FLEET APPLICATION S Y S T E M S • A Real time Tracking On-Line up to one minute interval • An Ability to build the vehicles Work Plan includes; the vehicle daily route schedule, execution of an abnormal operation and more. • Real Time transmissions to the fleet managers Mobile Phone, of alerts on deviation of vehicle/driver from the defined work schedule • A Full Geo–Fencing tool: detect automatically when the driver entered or move out from specific area as well as when the driver didn’t arrive and/or didn’t leave a waypoint. • Mileage reading by the GPS: up to 97% accurate!

  8. P I N T E R S Y S T E M S • Online tracing of your fleet. • “Zoom-In” on a specific car or event. • 24/7 surveillance including parking and maintenance. • Monitoring down-to specific vehicle route. • Follow-up fleet schedule and procedure. • Time consumption, Car abuse and Petrol theft, maintenance performance and others. • Cross reference reports of cars and drivers.

  9. P I N T E R BENEFITS OF POINTER SYSTEM S Y S T E M S • Online Fleet Management System that works on GPRS DATA and not SMS. • With GPRS you can track the vehicle with a very high frequency of transmissions only when the vehicle is on the IP network (GPRS), to reduce SMS costs. • GPRS Receiver: External GPRS receiver connected to the unit, allowing real-time tracking and onboard location-based analysis. • 2 GPRS Indications: GPRS indications sent to the center includes the time of the last valid location, and current operating mode of the GPS. • Miles by GPRS: Advanced algorithm to calculate the vehicle's mileage based on the GPS, without any external connections to the vehicle's odometer..

  10. P I N T E R BENEFITS OF POINTER SYSTEM – Cont. S Y S T E M S • Last Location Saving: Saving of the vehicle's last position, in case of going out of GPS coverage. • In the situation that the vehicle is out of coverage area, the LCU 500 unit has the ability to memorize 150 reports, which is being transmitted (first in first out )immediately it enters into coverage area. • Pointer System offers car recovery within Abuja in the case of theft. • Pointer Systems Limited is working on approval and license to be able to recover vehicle anywhere in the country • MASTER KEY SYSTEM:Pointer System offers the option of a Master key system; this is a system whereby an organization can break down the management and monitoring of their fleet from zone to zone and can at the same time have all the fleet managed from one zone.

  11. Can see all the cars of the organization Kano Branch Transport Supervisor Ibadan Branch Transport Supervisor Port Harcourt Branch Transport Supervisor Enugu Branch Transport Supervisor Organization Transport Manager Can see only the cars of PH branch Can see only the cars of Ibadan branch 155 cars 50 cars 35 cars 30 cars 40 cars Can see only the cars of Kano branch Can see only the cars of Enugu branch P I N T E R MASTER KEY SYSTEM • MASTER KEY SYSTEM: This system enables the Transport Manager of an Organization to Monitor and Manage all the vehicles that belongs to the organization. Other branch of the organization can monitor the vehicles in their region, but only the head office can monitor the vehicle in its own region and the other regions. Diagram below S Y S T E M S

  12. P I N T E R Contact Us: S Y S T E M S EMI SYSTEMS LIMITED ABUJA: No 58, LOBITO CRESCENT, WUSE II – ABUJA Tel: 234 -09-4130625, 4618461 Fax: 234 – 09-4139941 LAGOS: 4A, LAWRENCE ROAD, P.O.BOX 52533 , FALOMO, IKOYI. Tel. 234-1-2673099 , Fax .234-1-2670137 THANKS FOR YOUR TIME