welcome to admitted students q a n.
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Welcome to Admitted Students Q&A PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Admitted Students Q&A

Welcome to Admitted Students Q&A

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Welcome to Admitted Students Q&A

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  1. Welcome to Admitted Students Q&A

    Presented by the Office of Graduate Studies, International Affairs, and the Council of Graduate Students
  2. Meet Our Presenters Dr. Venkat Allada Vice Provost for Graduate Studies Gene Beyer Assistant Director for International Affairs Elaine Light Program/Project Support Specialist – Office of Graduate Studies Ravi Akella President, Council of Graduate Students
  3. The Goal: Our goal is to improve communication with prospective students to better serve them. This webinar is one of the methods we are using to provide information to our future students and to learn more about what is important to you.
  4. Dates to Remember August 11, 2009 - International Student Orientation August 24, 2009 – First Day of Fall Semester
  5. The next few slides contain some frequently asked questions and their answers. They are grouped into the following categories: Assistantships and Fees Travel I-20s Other Please feel free to ask any questions you think of as we go along and we will be happy to answer them.
  6. Assistantships and Fees

  7. Q: How can I find information on assistantship, fellowship and scholarships? A: All funding decisions are made directly by the academic departments, so I encourage you to contact the graduate staff person in your department for further information on how they make those decisions and what steps you should take to be considered for financial assistance.  In addition, visit the following link for non-university based fellowship opportunities.
  8. Q: When are my fees due each semester? Can I pay a semester early without penalties? A: International students will register for classes when they arrive on-campus in August so they have two options.  One, they can wait for the bill which would be produced during the August 25th billing cycle due September 15th or they can make payment at the Cashiers window after they register.  I would suggest the latter simply because of the 4 week hold on international checks. 
  9. Q: Typically, how much should I expect to spend my first semester at MST? A: Please check the following link for more information regarding the amount to be paid: 
  10. Q: How should I pay my tuition and fees: check, cash, money order etc? A: We recommend international students coming to Missouri S&T for the first time bring a demand draft (DD).  A demand draft is just a check drawn from their foreign account and should be made payable to Missouri S&T.  The check would be applied to the student account and any overpayment would be refunded to the student after a four week hold period.  We place a 4 week hold on all refunds generated from foreign checks.  
  11. Travel

  12. Q: What is the earliest arrival date I can come to Missouri S&T? A: 30 days before International Orientation, which is July 13.
  13. Q: How long should I expect the trip to be? A: You will be flying into Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, MO. Rolla is about an hour and a half drive from St. Louis.
  14. Q: What airport will I fly into? A: Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, Missouri
  15. Q: How Will I Get from St. Louis to Rolla? A: You have several options: 1. Greyhound 2. Taxi Service 3. USA Express Please visit the India Association’s website for further information. They are more than willing to assist students from all countries.
  16. I-20

  17. Q: When will I receive my I-20? A: See Chart Below
  18. Q: Do I need an additional I-20 for my family? A: Yes. Please contact the International Affairs Office and they can assist you.
  19. Q: Can I pay my SEVIS fee without my I-20 with me? A: No
  20. Other Questions

  21. Q: How many credit hours should a master’s student take their first semester at Missouri S&T? A: This is a decision your advisor will help you make after you arrive. To be considered full-time you are required to take 9 credit hours in the Fall and Spring semesters.
  22. Q: Do my immunization requirements need to be complete before coming to Missouri S&T or can I take of that after I arrive? A: All of your immunizations can be administered for free at our Student Health Center after you arrive. If you choose to get them before coming to the United States please bring your shot records with you so we can verify that you have received them.
  23. Thank you for attending today. If you have other questions please send us an email at